The Mike Weland That You Think You Know


This article shows how an immature, abusive, diabolical little man acts, in order to make himself feel bigger and more relevant than he actually is.

Mike Weland has been running a Marxist “news” outlet for many years in Boundary County. Weland often uses his platform to attack individuals in the community, in an attempt to destroy their character, just because he decides he does not like them. He has been doing this, for years, with zero accountability. 

Vulgar Comments

Weland has also been trolling Boundary.News ever since it came online in December of 2022. He has left several comments that were filled with vulgar filled tirades and personal attacks on our readers. I deleted most of Weland’s comments from Boundary.News, due to their extremely vulgar nature. 

Here is one that I actually approved:

“I look forward to the time you and your friends make a damned lick of sense. God amighty, boy! Play pussy, child …. Feel at home, coward. You would be pissed those you fear shit in your driveway. Play pussy, son. Don’t ever assume you think you intimidate me. Go take a nap.”

Threatening Emails

Several people have also forwarded me emails that Weland has sent them. This particular email threatens the person’s life, threatens sexual assault on the person’s wife, is vulgar, and insulting. Here are some snippets from one of the emails that Weland has sent to someone. I have included quotes below:

“So glad you concern yourself with me, boy. Play pussy, you insipid cunt, get fucked. Be glad I haven’t fucked your wife yet.

Come on over, boy. I won’t kill you, I promise.  (NOTE: Weland made a comment in another email that he would kill this person if this person showed up at his door)

I have no idea why I try to be polite. Guess I was just brought up that way. I have no idea why such execrable assholes as (name scrubbed) insist on playing pussy.

He just comes off looking stupid.

Instead of talking bullshit, boy, you ought be happy I’m not fucking your wife. ill graciously and without remorse splatter your miniature dick right out from betwixt your chicken legs, and I will smile and look you square in the face as I do it.  Do not fuck with me, son. You will be fucking with your life. And your life is damned cheap, boy. (Weland is clearly threatening the life of this individual)

Mike Weland

Publisher, 9B.News

(208) 295-1016

P.O. Box 1625

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805”

Manipulative and Unethical Behavior

Last week, I wrote an article about election issues in Boundary County, on Boundary.News. You can find that article here: Election Anomalies and Corruption in Boundary County

Shortly after I wrote the article, Adrienne Norris (AKA the Boundary County Watchman) received a call. The caller complained about my article, and scolded the Watchman for daring to share the article. Shortly after this call, I received an email from Mike Weland. On the surface, the email appeared to be a sincere attempt to get information for his attempt to rebut my article. I kindly and professionally responded. The next thing I knew, people were sending me links to an article written by Mike Weland, slamming my email response and the facts I presented in my article, in addition to personal attacks against me.

Here is the email from Mike Weland:

“From: Mike Weland <>

Subject: Election Anomalies and Corruption

Message Body:


I read with interest your recent article, “Election Anomalies and Corruption in Boundary County,” and I am working on an article of my own refuting, if I can, your contentions.

I’m writing to ask if you could provide clarification of the data you used and the statistical method used to arrive at the conclusions cited.

Also, if you could tell me a little of your qualifications, background and education in either election administration or statistical analysis, I would be grateful.

If there’s anything I haven’t raised you feel I should know or look into so as to write a fair, accurate and unbiased account, I would again be grateful.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mike Weland

Publisher, 9B.News

(208) 295-1016

6619 Kaniksu St., Room 19

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805”

My response was:

“Sent: Sunday, March 17, 2024 8:48 AM

To: ‘’ <>

Subject: RE: Boundary.News “Election Anomalies and Corruption”

Hello Mike,

Thank you for respectfully reaching out. I do appreciate your interest; please understand if I am skeptical of your intent.

The data sets I used are publicly available.

First, I received several pieces of information from a team of people that I work with.

Next, I ran queries against the data sets to get the numbers that I was looking for.

Next, I talked to a colleague who has a Master’s Degree in statistics, to answer questions, and provide direction on statistical anomalies.

Next, I followed up on the items that were discussed with my Statistics expert.

Next, I pulled archives from different public sources to verify key points.

To answer your questions about my education and expertise, here is the following:

As a reporter, you should know that reporters are not literally experts in every story or topic they write. Asking about my “qualifications” is nothing more than a set of “gotcha” questions; we both know this is the case. That said, I am willing to entertain your questions.

My background is a high-tech consultant. You can readily find my resume on LinkedIn, if you want to see my general qualifications. For the most part, I am a self-taught expert in many things. I am one of those people that find an interest, become an expert in that topic, and then move along to the next. I often rely on my professional colleagues to assist me in becoming skilled in this or that. I happen to have a professional history as an Analyst, among other things.

The most important thing I have learned, is to surround myself with people who are smarter and wiser that I am.

To be honest, I do not need a background in education, election administration, or statistical analysis. I did my research, ran my numbers, consulted with experts (when needed), and provided my findings.

Truly intelligent people do not use certifications, degrees or titles to prop themselves up and give themselves a false sense of accomplishment. As a hacker in the mid-90s, I went to college. What I found was that most of the teachers simply did not understand the real-world applications of the topics they had degrees in. They often lacked actual technical experience, and simply did not understand the methodologies that people actually use. I often found myself having to write papers on concepts outlining why the teachers were wrong. Note that I am not suggesting that colleges offer nothing of value. There are actually some very good teachers out there; there are simply not enough of them. Degrees literally mean nothing, today. They once meant a great deal, but not anymore. My first real mentor was the head network security architect for the Swedish Stock Exchange. He taught me very important lessons about how to use my skills in the best ways possible. Thanks to him, I came back the US and applied the lessons he taught me. This is how my career began.

On a side note, I have never seen you write anything that required actual investigation, or that is unbiased. My team and I are the first writers in this community that actually investigate problems in this community. Your responses to my writings thus far, have been nothing more than bashing sessions, or regurgitations of something already written by Emily. I have seen the pattern of you two literally copying one another.

One last thing to consider, in the past year or two, you were being badgered online from several individuals on social media and email. For some reason, you assumed those individuals were me. You then took it upon yourself to write several “articles” bashing me. You used your news platform as a weapon to attack me, for no reason. As it turned out, I was not the one who was badgering you. In fact, I was unaware you were being badgered. You see, when you attack the innocent, you bring serious problems upon yourself. I have never done anything to you.

In the last precious days that you have left, I would encourage you to repent, and start writing actual truth. Several people who have known you for decades have told me about how you have slowly descended from someone who was once decent, into the lifeless waste of humanity that you have become. Please understand that this is not me trying to attack you. I am just trying to encourage you to do some actual soul searching.


Mark Moseley”

Unethical Abuse of His Platform

In the article he wrote on his so-called “news” outlet, you can see that Mike Weland left out of his article much of my response to him. He cherry-picks things, in an effort to deceive the reader.

Mike Weland is guilty of these unethical behaviors as a “writer” / “reporter”.

  • Unethical Journalism – Mike Weland violated journalistic ethics. His actions are a form of unethical journalism. This is because it involves deception and a breach of professional courtesy, as well as intentionally misrepresenting my intentions and words.
  • Betrayal of Trust or Professional Betrayal – On a more interpersonal level, Weland’s actions are a betrayal of trust/professional betrayal, especially since I expected the exchange to contribute to constructive dialogue or accurate reporting rather than become the basis for a public attack.
  • Misleading or Deceptive Practices – More broadly, Mike Weland engaged in misleading/deceptive practices, particularly when there was an implied or explicit understanding that the request for clarification was in good faith and not for the purpose of personal attacks.
  • Ambush Journalism – While traditionally associated with confrontational interviews or surprise encounters to catch subjects off-guard, “ambush journalism” can be applied here. Mike Weland’s actions in using my honest responses as fodder for personal attacks, especially since he took my words out of context and misrepresented, make it a form of ambushing.

Each of these terms highlights different aspects of the behavior and its ethical or professional implications. Mike Weland has zero integrity. He perpetually goes against the rules of journalism. Either he does not understand the rules of integrity, or he simply does not care.

Mike Weland has a long history of slandering people, while using his “news” outlet as a weaponized platform to do so.

Weland also uses his disabilities as a weapon against those who should dare speak out against him. People are afraid of the backlash they may face, if they dare speak out against a disabled individual. He also likes to abuse his “veteran” status. I know a lot of really good people who are Vets; I also know some really evil individuals who are vets. Just because you are a vet, does not give you good status as a human being.

I also find it interesting that Weland wrote his hit piece very shortly after the the phone call. Circumstantial evidence suggests that someone put Weland up to writing the hit piece.

One last thing to note is that Mike Weland is now living in the Boundary County Community Restorium. It would be worth finding out if a single tax dollar subsidizes the facility. If so, I am wondering if it is legal for Mike Weland to run a business out of his room. His email signature shows his actual room address. It suggests that he is running his business from this location.


People in this county need to understand that Mike Weland cannot continue attempting to use his “news” platform to attempt to destroy people’s social standing, or character. He also cannot be allowed to threaten people’s lives, or threaten to sexually assault their wives.

We have several other key disturbing facts about Mike Weland that I have left out of this article. If required, at a later date, I may release this information. For now, it will be kept confidential.


    • Dave….what does being a registered republican have anything to do with this article. After all, he is just a man with no dignity. In my opinion, Weland is an useful idiot, whose strings are pulled by city officials, while living off OUR tax dollars.

      • I think Dave was making a point tying the previous article about the Subversionists. Weland is most certainly a prime example of a Marxist registered as a Republican.

        • Ok. I understand. Thanks. I never really liked the labeling, Republican-Democrat. It’s like MLK said….judge a person by their merits.

    • I’ve been one since I voted for Reagan while serving in the 82nd Airborne artillery in Ft. Bragg, NC, in 1980. I think it’s pretty pitiful they’ve been taken over by such a bunch of idiots calling themselves patriots and conservatives when ya’ll haven’t a clue about either, but what are you gonna do? Gonna be fun seeing how all this turns out.

      • Was that your pencil pushing time at Ft Bragg? Hard to imagine you getting out from behind a desk to train. You’re still no patriot.

      • Let’s see…..
        Two failed marriages
        Two dead children by suicide
        A cripple with no friends
        A useful fool
        Living off tax payers
        a homosexual
        yup, you have accomplished a lot…..

  1. Mr Weland wrote a column on his website dated August 10,2023. The closing line was ” If they (Trump Republicans) win the election, the last best hope of Earth shall have been destroyed from within, and there will be no remedy short of violence.” Can you image if a conservative made that remark about Democrats winning the upcoming election? The FBI would definitely look int the author as a potential domestic terrorist.

  2. Well put, Mr. Perez. That column by Weland in Aug 2023 pretty much says it all about his mentality, which has gotten worst.

  3. I think Mr. Weland does not realize what is best for our country. He appears to be letting his bias get in the way of what’s best for humanity. Maybe he believes the WEF will save him.

    • When I read 9B articles by Mike Weland, I see a two sided situation. One side comes across as clownish. The other side is mean, hateful, despicable and bias for no legitimate reason. Over all, it kind of coincides with what’s going on in our country. When a person is to scared to even debate about any given issue, that is indeed telling.

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