Election Anomalies and Corruption in Boundary County


There is a trend in Boundary County Elections, where the elections are decided from the Absentee ballots. We have tracked this trend over the past 6 elections. This trend, alongside other anomalies surrounding our elections, the voters, and the people who are in charge of counting, has become, at minimum, a statistical improbability, and more likely, a statistical impossibility.

The following information was gathered by multiple individuals, independently. We will combine their findings and present a summary.


  • Signature Verification – Witnesses have come forward to say they have intentionally and unintentionally submitted different signatures on the voter registration form, and the ballot. These inconsistencies were overlooked or not checked by the County Clerk.
  • No Residence – Our investigators found several voter ID’s address that contained no residence, or dwelling.
  • Registration Dates – We found that there were voters that voted before they registered to vote.
  • Invalid Addresses – We found addresses that were nonexistent.
  • The number of Registered Democrats vs Republicans is vastly outside of normal parameters.
  • Absentee Ballots – Absentee ballots swing the election to Subversionists
  • Universal Mail-in Ballots – The 5/19/2020 election was the covid election, where Governor Brad Little  implemented universal mail in ballots. Our record shows that 100% (except one vote) was recorded as absentee. One of our investigators showed up in-person and voted normally that day. Many others also showed up to vote in-person. No desire to fix the record was offered by the County Clerks office.

Other Issues

The County Clerk’s office should be properly analyzing and updating the detailed records of registered voters. However, due to corruption, laziness, and/or incompetence, they have failed to do so. In fact, it has been the hard work of a few citizens that have taken it upon themselves to do the work. It took the citizens roughly 10 months and 100 email exchanges with the Clerk’s Office, to get the Clerk to do her job and provide a revised, “comprehensively updated election data set”. This new data set has 1900 names of voters that have been removed from the list. Here are some of the categories of voters that were removed from the list:

  • Deceased – 344
  • List maintenance purge – 719
  • Office correction – 14
  • Challenged – 201
  • Moved out of State/ County – 94
  • Duplicate voter – 57
  • Under conviction of felony – 17
  • Merged – 21

It is important that we point that our investigation has not found that any of the 1900 voters removed from the list were used for illegal vote casting.

Registered Republicans vs Democrats

In Boundary County, we have roughly 9639 registered voters. Statistically, it is impossible that legitimate Republican voters vs Democrat voters should have such a vast margin.

  • Republican – 6806
  • Democrat – 663
  • Libertarian – 91
  • Constitution – 71
  • Unaffiliated – 2008

The percentage of Democrats vs Republicans is:

  • Democrat – 9.7%
  • Republican – 89.3 %

As you can see, the percentage of Republican vs Democrat is an incredible margin. This is a statistical impossibility. So then, how do we explain this statistical impossibility?


The fact is, Boundary County was once a largely Democrat majority. Over the years, Conservatives have moved here and Conservative values have been slowly creeping into the County, over decades. However, this does not explain the huge marginal differences between registered party affiliations.

In order for the leftists to keep control over this county, the Democrats have conspired to switch their party affiliation and register as Republicans. By doing this, they knew that most people would see the “Republican” label and treat them as such. A simple action to switch parties by the Democrats has allowed them to undermine the very fabric of honest elections in Boundary County.

The leftists have managed to accomplish Total Subversion of the Boundary County political structure. They have taken over almost every elected position, and public service positions. Every organization from the Boundary County Republican Central Committee, County Clerk, Commissioners, City Council, Library Board, School Board, Planning and Zoning (and others) have been completely saturated with these Subversionists. They are literally running every single committee and public services department.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The Solution

1: Anonymous voting should not be allowed. Right now, votes cannot be properly validated by independent resources, due to not having access to the names of the individuals and the votes that were cast.

2: Stop Using Electronic Voting Machines. These machines are far too easily hacked using low-tech and electronic means

3: The County Clerk has proven to be, at minimum, incompetent in handling absentee ballots, or verifying signatures. The Clerk should be trained on these tasks, and then the Clerk should train anyone who asks, on the exact processes for these tasks

4: Identify and remove all Subversionists from all boards and positions. Conservatives need to get up, run for office and get on the boards


We need all of you to share this article and spread the word about these problems. We have reached an Apex in this county, where everything will be lost to the globalists and leftists, if we do not start taking action.


  1. This article nails it perfectly. This political faction here in Boundary County is on the road to ruin and taking the good people down with it. The corruption is huge. Face it, we the good people here have been taken for a ride. If you have been paying attention, you would have seen the slow demise of it. It’s kinda what’s going on with the federal govt., only on a smaller level. I’ve lived here long enough to witness the gradual downward spiral. Please think very carefully about the “person” you vote for. Vote as if your life depends on it. Because it does. Vote in person….period. It’s harder for them to cheat. I’ve tried to get rid of the tabulators, but this county clerk seems to worship the two they have. I part with this….
    GOD BLESS AMERICA and Boundary County

  2. Here is another consideration. As a nurse and a daughter of a Mother with Alzheimer’s, there is tremendous abuse going on in this country by children of those with Dementia. If they are in a nursing home, their children are voting “for them” or the social worker talks to the children to vote for them as their parent would vote.
    Unfortunately this “honor system” is being abused by children who never agreed with their parents political views.

    Anyone who has been declared incompetent to handle their affairs, should be removed from all voting rolls.
    As a nurse since 1982, working mainly with elderly, only elderly with dementia or brain damaged citizens should not be voting. If they cannot grasp and understand the issues or party changes, or discern differences between candidates they should be removed from voting rolls.
    Yes- I have seen abuse taken place.

  3. There are several court cases across the United States,MI,GA,AZ, NV,MA including one at the SCOTUS involving election Integrity and vote machines, Fair warring Boundary, County Should have a “plan B” to have and alternate way to vote. I believe vote machines will be so discredited in the near future and Public trust will be so damaged that the vote machines will be cancelled and we will be hand counting.
    BTW Boundary County hand counts municiple elections all the time. We only use the tabulators for federal elections

  4. Well, today is May 22, 2024. AND another election has been decided by Absentee Ballots! I find this very interesting. My husband and I both have had to vote Absentee for years, due to our disabilities. Yet, just about everyone, every time we vote, loses!
    We wonder… If Absentee Ballot Votes, (like ours), predominantly go against the ESTABLISHMENT & RINO’s up here, do those ballots end up lost or in the “circular” file?

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