Bonners Ferry Turning into LGBQ Haven

Some people are going to agree with me and some are not. To the ones who don’t…I COULD CARE LESS !! My question to this community is, why would anybody in this community want to celebrate an anti- Christian event such as a three day pride event.
Personally, I could care less if you are gay, want to become a transgender, lesbian or just plain queer. My point is, why do these people feel the need to subject other people to such an immoral event. YES I SAID IMMORAL event.
I’m sure that that kind of behavior has been going on for a long time. My point is still the flaunting of it is a slap in the face of God fearing Christians, such as myself. In my opinion, that kind of behavior should best kept to who ever it pertains to and NOT subjected people of moral beliefs.
I also believe that for the Pearl to support this kind of event speaks volume of the lack of dignity and self worth which it was meant to provide. After living in this fine community for 30 plus years, I never would have imagined that such a thing would happen here. It is truly sad to that this community has lowered its standards and dignity to such levels.
I’ve read articles after articles complaining about the newcomers moving here and wrecking the good this community has to offer. Well….if this kind of thing gets a foot hold here, I promise you there will be more to come. Please wake up people!!!!
God Bless the Christians of this community !!!


  1. Kirk,
    You ask a very important question… why
    This is a family friendly gay hook up event advertising for new recruits.
    I don’t know of any gay bars around here nor do I go looking for them.
    Why else would this be so publicized? JUST LIKE PUTTING PORN IN THE CHILDREN’S SECTION AT THE LIBRARY.

  2. There is a large group of older lesbians in Bonners Ferry. They get together for lunch at various locations in town. Easy to spot driving Subaru wagons with lots of leftist bumper stickers and butch haircuts.

  3. I heard that if this pride situation at the Pearl goes well, they plan on putting up a sign on Peterson Hill stating” Queer Country” or :Greatest Gay Town in North Idaho”.

  4. Is it not sacrilegious enough that they turned a church into a bar with sleezy entertainment and tarot card readings that they have to go and hit an all time low pushing this homosexual agenda upon the good people of this town. When you support the Pearl Theater, this is the crap you are bringing into our community.

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  6. After some research, I learned that the Pearl Theater is directed by none other than a possibly gay director whose name is Mike Weland. With that in mind, why wouldn’t Mr. Weland approve of this kind of activity in our community. After all, doesn’t he have the right to promote anything he wants, just because he operates a bias news website that censors apposing views, he is in control of a one sided point of view. If you are a citizen of this community that disapproves of this kind of thing, I’d recommend emailing him at mike@9B.news or just call him at 208-295-1016 or cell# 208-217-1316.
    Enclosed is a link listing other people involved with the operation of the “Recycled church”.

  7. It has not been a church in 60+ years. Once the congregation leaves the building it is no longer a church. Please do your research before posting your ignorance. The building is just a building.

  8. Mr Weland did have a gay pride flag flying in front of his office recently. I believe Mr Weland is simply trying to ” Stir the pot”, to get reactions. I don’t believe he has any agenda, other than offending his neighbors. A spoiled child that demands attention, whether positive or negative. And long-winded to boot.

    • MP…..There’s more to Mr. Weland’s story than meets the eye. Let’s just say that there is a reason why Mr. Weland is supportive of gay pride.

  9. It is time that we get a campaign to get rid of Mike Weland…….he does nothing but promote his anti-family agendas. His reporting is always biased. He is not only the director of the board of the Pearl Theater but promoting his homosexual agenda at the Pearl Theater and his paper……it would seem to me that there is a conflict of interest here (the Pearl being a 501C3) perhaps the law should look at this, but ignoring integrity has never been a problem for Mike. If the citizens of Bonners Ferry would start contacting his advertisers and letting them know how you feel about this… if they knew how we in Bonners Ferry feel about this, they would drop their advertisements. This is the only way to get rid of this man, his paper and his hidden agendas he puts out there to the gullible in our community. It’s time we take back our community and send Mike back to his Washington state……….

    • I agree with you Mr. McCollum. An other issue with Mr.Weland is he’s living off tax payers dollars at the Restorium. The Health and Welfair Dept. has been contacted. As per that conversation, there presently are no rules saying that a business can not be run out of an assisted living entity in Idaho. I believe that that situation is wrong. What’s needed is a good legal council. The editor of Boundary News might be willing to arrange a meeting of minds in order to get a campaign together. An other idea is to protest the pride event. I think it’s still a right to protest.

      • Mr. McCollum….Although I agree with you as far as getting a campaign together, what do you suggest are steps to put something like that together?

        • Let’s see….MikeWeland approves of Joe Biden. (that’s what he has actually said) Joe Biden likes to sniff and feel children up. Joe Biden liked taking showers with his daughter at a young age.(per her diary) Joe Biden is a known pedophile. Mike Weland is director of the Pearl that is to putting on a three day Pride event. Humm

        • It’s very simple, just call his advertisers, and let them know that supporting the 9B news and the Pearl Theater is supporting Mike Weland’s anti-family, homosexual agenda in our small town pointing out that Mike’s paper is supporting a queer party at the Pearl Theater which Mike Weland is also the director of the board of the Pearl Theater. Make no mistake, it is Mike Weland that is bringing this crap into our community. Hitting Mike in the pocket book will get rid of him and his biased 9B news. I am sure most of his advertisers don’t even know that this is going on. It is a simple matter of picking up the phone and making a few calls and encourage others in the community to do the same. Go get him girl ……..

      • I admire your courage but nowadays most people get arrested and treated unfairly who come against the gay agenda. The foxes are in the hen house in our government and they control our cops and the Constitution doesn’t mean much anymore. “Remember Couer d’alene and that queer event”. ………

  10. Per the Bonners Ferry Herald, one of the sponsors of the event is the Union Pacific Railway. The railway has a website, and I would suggest all concerned citizens contact the company in a respectful way and voice your opinion.

  11. I’ve been wondering. Since a lot of people have spoken up against this event at the Pearl Theater, why would the director still put this event on? Since this is the only event, that has been objected to, does the Pearl Theater people not care about anybody else’s opinion other than their own? From what I’ve learned about the director, it does not surprise me that he would proceed with it. Yes, to keep that business going is one thing, but to purposely let it proceed is a complete disrespect for what this community is meant to represent.

    • What is the matter with the director and people who run the Pearl Theater? Appears to be self serving.

  12. To put it very simply, to support this pride event, is to support the moral decay of this community. The people who support this event are more than likely the same people who approve of exposing children to inappropriate material in the library.

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