Political Tactics and Labels


I have sat by somewhat Idly watching decent folks running for political office being attacked, labeled or falsely accused of things of which they are not guilty. Unfortunately, I can honestly say ”I know what its like”. Regarding this, I’d like to share a story (a true story)…

717 years ago, my great grandfather 19 generations back (Robert) found himself under attack… His wife and daughter kidnapped, his brother hanged. .

Robert was no stranger to attacks and labels and had been “labeled” similarly to what were seeing today. Contrary to labels, Robert subsequently proved his adversaries wrong and as history would have it, his leadership lead to deeply held respect by his people and prosperity of his country (Scotland). Those who had been busy labeling, found themselves on the wrong side of history.

Like Robert those many years ago, today in Idaho we have decent folks in local state positions of power labeled and or falsely accused of things that are untrue.

In my view, Senator Scott Herndon is precisely one such person. In truth, his actions as Senator clearly demonstrate he is loyal to his oath (his promise) and trustworthy.

I implore my fellow citizens to research facts on his actual track record and “all” context of each item he voted for or against and precisely “why” he voted that way.

To Senator Scott Herndon and other State reps who have been continually attacked “thank you” for choosing to serve and standing for reason and truth.

Citizen John Miller.


  1. Thank you Boundary.news for not only posting my story but most importantly “for not altering it” It is exactly as I had written it. Again, thanks, John Miller

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