9b.news Trump Bashing (not to be confused with Boundary.News)

Name: Kirk Dixon
Message: Hello……I have a question…..am I the only one who is tired of a certain person on 9B News ranting about Donald Trump? Yes he was not perfect, but things were better then than now. I believe that person hides “behind” the constitution, when that person would be better to have a true understanding of what it represents. Thanks


  1. Hello Kirk,
    We certainly have noticed the rhetoric spewed by Mike over at 9b.news. His writings are more like those of Karl Marx, than a journalist.

    Boundary.News was developed, because of the dishonest and corrupt “news” platforms in this county. We will never distort the facts.

    Thank you for reading, and please share with your friends!

    • When Mike Weland gets his dirty little panties in a bunch, and gets fixated on an individual, he goes into a frenzy of slander against them.
      Look at what Mike did when Owen Benjamin ruffled Mike’s frail little pink feathers.
      The same thing happened with others in this community.
      Mike is not a journalist. Look at his awful website. He is so lazy and useless, he has not even updated his website in over a decade.

  2. Absolutely true Chris…Mike Weland is a divider and wrong for this community. He spews hatred and negativity. Why he goes back to his past as a child over and over is a waste of everyone’s time. Journalism is not in his vocabulary. I wonder if Mike Weland suffers from a lack of security. It’s not hard to copy what is printed in the Herald. He uses lies to gratify himself. Just ask my wife. He used her to make himself look and feel righteous. What kind of a person would do such a thing? You are correct Weland, I don’t have to read them, so what do you hope to gain by putting out such trash? Maybe you are to busy hiding behind what you think the Constitution represents and not what it truly means…..I personally look forward to when 9B News is a thing of the past.

  3. Kirk, I look forward to the time you and your friends make a damned lick of sense. God amighty, boy! Play pussy, child …. Feel at home, coward. You would be pissed those you fear shit in your driveway. Play pussy, son. Don’t ever assume you think you intimidate me. Go take a nap.

  4. Mike Weland responded with a vulgar-filled rant that our content filter denied. I just wanted to let you know that we read it, but it did not get posted for public view.

    Frankly, it really shows just how immature, and out of control Mike Welend is when it comes to his emotions.

    • Thank you so very much…..He’s called me every name in the book. It’s a sticks and stone thing. It’s truly sad to see someone in his mental condition operate a platform where some people rely on him for local news. Wonder what happened to the golden rule….

      • Hi, kids!

        I just changed my profile picture, and I wonder who can tell me who the man on the right is, what country he served? Can anyone explain why he isn’t a hero, here in this nation that seems to admire such “heroic” miscreants as Donald Trump, Paul Gossart, Lindsey Graham, Lauren Boebert, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and more … or who look up to and/or elect such Idaho stalwarts as Dorothy Moon, Raul Labrador, Ammon Bundy, Heather Scott and Scott Herndon, just to name a few?

        Tough question, I know. Deplorable.

        We live in interesting times. Times in which we the voters are prone to ever hear the abject lies our “leaders” and re-elect the weak and blighted instead of our best and brightest. We seem willing to ignore those who honestly merit respect and trust in favor of those sycophants who sing the tune they think we hope to hear, even if we know they lie and make light of every value we hold in esteem?

        I do not deny that Donald J. Trump was the 45th president of the United States of America. He was honestly and fairly elected. But how can an enlightened portion of the electorate of a nation such as ours walk back, without question, 40 years of honesty and trust?

        I do aver he and his MAGA faction, including Kirk Dixon, Anony Man and all associated with this fine “unbiased news” publication, are blowing unmitigated dense smoke square out your gazebo … and confusing freedom of speech with protection against libel.

        Damned boys.

  5. My goodness kids! Honestly not surprised at your vindictiveness as you have such an acute propensity to read what you believe rather than what is written. Chris Mayhew, did your mom read and believe the Weekly World News and you dad pamphlets rather than newspapers serving your community?

    Accusations and assumptions aren’t news.

    Instead of stirring ill content, what would happen if we acted as neighbors? Yeah. We’d be liberals.

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