MUST READ! Boundary County School District Property Tax, and Promoting Indian Religions


Boundary County School District Forces Another “School” Tax Vote on March 14th

The Boundary County School District (BCSD) is relentlessly forcing more votes on the issue of more (a lot more) taxes on property owners.

The BCSD has been intentionally letting the school facilities in Bonners Ferry and Naples rot, for years. While doing this, they keep deceiving to you about how much a new tax (they call it a levy) will cost property owners, if this huge tax passes.

The BCSD like to say “this is an existing levy”. Their website says this: “We are requesting a renewal of the current levy amount of $2.4 million annually in order provide the level of education and services our students and families deserve.” (they forgot to include the word “to” after the word “order”)

If this is a “renewal”, nothing should change, right? Logic would suggest no additional property tax increases. So, this is a flat out lie/deception to make you think it is nothing new.

They tell you the tax will be roughly $105 per year, per $100,000 home value. They fail to mention that if the county declares your home to be assessed/valued at 1 million dollars, then your tax will be an ADDITIONAL $1050.00 on top of your existing property tax, regardless if you paid $300,000.00 for your home.

It is interesting to note that Mt Hall Elementary found funds to do a near-complete remodel of the school, without a new tax.

Some citizens came forward and said that only property owners are allowed to vote on school taxes. According to the IDAHO CONSTITUTION, Article 1 Section 20, it appears to read that property owners are the ones who should even be participating in this type of election. Although, this wording could suggest that the Legislators would stipulate this. It is interesting, at the very least.

Section 20.  NO PROPERTY QUALIFICATION REQUIRED OF ELECTORS — EXCEPTIONS. No property qualifications shall ever be required for any person to vote or hold office except in school elections, or elections creating indebtedness, or in irrigation district elections, as to which last-named elections the legislature may restrict the voters to land owners.”


Your current taxes are going to ridiculous things such as “Virtual Calming Rooms”. Since when were our schools supposed to be in the business of instructing children (or adults) on how to cope with emotional and mental issues?


Why are our schools used to promote things such as yoga? Yoga is a major part of an east Indian, pagan religion called Hinduism, that our Boundary County schools are promoting to our students. You can find some basic information on this topic by clicking on the screenshot below.

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