World Economic Forum Global Risk Report Creating Perfect Storm of Crisis’s

World Economic Forum Global Risk Report Creating Perfect Storm of Crisis’s

to Further Enslave Us

The psychopathic megalomaniacs at the WEF has come out with a report that details what they have orchestrated, for the sole purpose of the further enslavement of everyone in the industrialized world. The luciferians are again telling us exactly what they have in store for us.

This report includes a chart that outlines their 2-year and 10-year “risks”. The term “risk” really means “goal”.

2-Year Projections

The following model includes the 2-year projections of the top engineered crisis’s/goals of the WEF.

Cost-of-Living Crisis

Our government(s) (The USA for this example) has been taxing us into oblivion while spending dozens of trillions of dollars on anything and everything to cripple this nation as a people, while building itself up as a tyrannical, unstoppable entity. The cost of living has gone up 300% over the last ten years, while the dollar drops in value to all-time lows.

Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather Events

Some speculate that these are man-made by our government(s). Others say that if you look at history, you can see a pattern of natural events of Biblical proportions.

Geoeconomic Confrontation

This is the weaponization of economic policy between globally integrated powers. In a nutshell, trade-wars. Just look at what the west has attempted to do to Russia the past year. This will be happening more and more with other nations, as this plan unfolds.

Failure to Mitigate Climate Change

The WEF wants you to believe the term “climate change” has something to do with the weather. However, it actually means “you”. This is a war against humanity.

Erosion of Social Cohesion and Societal Polarization

This is literally the media (movies, TV, news agencies, etc) creating strife and division among the people.

Large-Scale Environmental Damage Incidents

These might include chemical spills, radiation leaks, etc

Failure of Climate Change Adaptation

This is more terrorizing the people into believing that some natural “climate” event is going to kill us all, if we do not capitulate to their directives.

Widespread Cybercrime and Cyber Insecurity

This is more terrorizing the people into believing that there is going to be some group of people that is going to cause this. We all know that they are the ones orchestrating this. Just look at how FTX was used to funnel money to Ukraine, and then back to the politicians in the US.

Natural Resource Crises

The government has been destroying the oil industry for years. Then, they call shortages and price increases a “crisis”. Just remember this is actually caused by our own government.

Large-Scale Involuntary Migration

Technically, migration is done by free-will. Involuntary Migration is actually when people are being forced to march, get onto trains, etc, to go to a place, forcibly by someone else. Pay close attention to these terms. Language is important.

Here is their (the WEF’s) official definitions of these terms:

Here is an interesting video by Analyst Neil McCoy-Ward that gives an interesting perspective on this report here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCAKc7J1e9A

We encourage you to read through the entire document in PDF format. The report contains several interesting charts, to show you that crisis’s they are forcing upon us in the near future.

The official link to download the report in PDF format is here:  https://www.weforum.org/reports/global-risks-report-2023/

You can also view the report embedded in this page here: WEF_Global_Risks_Report_2023

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