County Commissioner Tim Bertling Supports UN Agenda 2030 Goal 2

by: Bob Vickaryous

To the editor:

Goal 2  of agenda 2030 which Commissioner Tim Bertling says he supports is to end hunger worldwide. Who could be opposed to that? answer: Only those who have done their homework. Proponents of this UN sponsored  scam want to lock up a full 30% of all of the land by the year 2030. Growing less food is somehow going to give everyone a full belly. To add insult to this injury the 2030 agenda supports banning or restricting commercial fertilizers forcing farmers to produce less of everything including beef and pork.

If you’re not sick to your stomach yet take a look at the menu which is being proposed for little people like you and me. INSECTS! Doesn’t that sound yummy? You see cows exhale CO2 dubbed a greenhouse gas by the 2030  proponents. But in the real world it is known as the gas of life. Plants need it and can’t live without it.

Now back to the menu; Instead of eating beef or pork how about trying a maggot burger or some cow fly soup. Uncooked red worms could be fun too .You could watch them squirm after you cut them in two and try to wiggle off your fork. Meanwhile over in Davos Switzerland the world Oligarchs are making  plans for world population reduction.

Bill Gates who has invested heavily in Pharmaceuticals has stated that we can reduce the world’s population by 10 to 15% with the use of vaccines. Combine that with abortion  contraception  transgenderism and wars and you have the UN’s recipe for combating hunger. You simply have to reduce the amount of eaters to match the amount of available food if you’re going to solve the problem created by the World Oligarchs of too little food. For more on Agenda 2030 visit your local Bottom Dollar Store or go to JBS,org.


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