Mark Sauter: A disappointment, but certainly not a surprise


Representative Mark Sauter: A disappointment, but certainly not a surprise

by: Jeanine Betsher

Moyie Springs, Idaho

Granted, he had some big shoes to fill, and we knew he wasn’t the person who could do it, but a lot of folks voted for Mark Sauter for Representative and here we are: the legislature has been in session only a few short weeks, and already Mr. Sauter appears to be a tax-and-spend RINO.

Regrettably, the House passed HB24, Governor Little’s Launch Grant Program, with the help of a few Republicans like Rep. Sauter who joined all the Democrats to support this new taxpayer giveaway to big business. This program expands government spending, subsidizes corporate training programs,
and allows unelected bureaucrats to decide which jobs or careers are essential.  Rep. Sauter voted YES.  Final votes: 36 YES, 34 NO.

Fortunately, the House passed HB58, a bill to eliminate the March and August election dates for school bond and levy questions and recall elections. This passed the House, but without Mr. Sauter’s help.  
Rep. Sauter voted NO.  Final votes: 43 YES, 26 NO.

Thankfully, the House passed HB71, a bill to protect children from unnecessary, life-altering medical procedures by prohibiting medical providers from performing sex reassignment surgery on minors or prescribing puberty blockers to them.
Rep. Sauter voted YES.  Final votes: 58 YES, 12 NO.

It is important to remember that our elected officials represent us.  They need to hear from you, whether it is to thank them for a vote that aligns with our principles, or when they vote contrary to those principles.

Reach out to Rep. Sauter at msauter@house.idaho.gov and reach out to our other representatives as well.

You can follow all bills and votes at https://legislature.idaho.gov/.  Or, if you prefer to track how your representative votes on each bill in comparison with other legislators, you can easily do so at https://index.idahofreedom.org/.


  1. I think classifying Mark Sauter as a RHINO is very generous.
    I see him as a Democrat posing as a Republican.

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