Boundary County Watchman – BCRCC Meeting March 6th, 2023

The following was written by the Boundary County Watchman

Boundary County Watchman – BCRCC Meeting March 6th, 2023

Mark Moseley was elected by voters to be the Copeland Precinct member for the Boundary Republican Central Committee. On Monday, March 6, 2023 four out of the nine committee members (Caleb Davis, Sue Larson, Erik Olson and Danielle Arhens and possibly Dave Wenk and Les Pinkerton) tried to “indefinite suspension” Mark. Please find the attached Agenda notice that was only shared to the Committee and not published to the public like they usually are. While Dave Wenk and Les Pinkerton were not present at the meeting, it was obvious they were made aware considering their emails were attached to the shared Agenda notice. Since the room had a fire code capacity I notified what I thought would keep us under capacity. The room was packed to support Mark’s 1st Amendment rights and a few people spoke up during prayer and public speaking time. Chair Caleb Davis tried to claim this was about Robert’s Rules and not the 1st Amendment. He tried to claim we were all confused, but we all knew better and stayed to be a witness! It was quite obvious that six out of nine committee members wanted to violate Mark’s 1st Amendment right and also not allow him to be the voice for the Copeland voters.

I have been recording their meetings since November because I was concerned with how they didn’t support the republican winners from the primary election (May 2022). Their bylaws state that it is their duty. They should have made sure the Primary winners made it to the finish line in the general elections (November 2022). But it seemed that six out of the nine committee members were more worried about their friendships than doing what they were elected for. Mark and a few of us have been telling them to do their job. Mark has never been out of line except for the fact that they do not like what he says. It is all recorded and you can watch the playlist on my Youtube channel “Boundary County Watchman”. You will see he has been stern and direct with them, but so has a handful of public commenters. You can also see how they keep shutting him down. We are mad…We do not want our state turning blue. It is happening down south. So here we have a group of elected precinct members who are not taking their job seriously. Some people have a hard time looking past friendships to do the right thing. This human flaw is why our country is in trouble right now. sigh… I am attaching the link to the meeting so you can see what happened for yourself.

The part I did not release to the public is when the Executive Session was over and the public started to come back into the room. As we entered some of us (I recorded it) witnessed Danielle Arhens assaulting Mark Moseley. Mark handled himself perfectly and pulled away and went to sit down and wait for the police. Oddly, Erik Olson tried to point and direct the police to Mark (captured in the recording). It was very obvious last night that some of the committee members do not like Mark and wanted him silenced. The problem is the only way to silence an ELECTED PERSON is through a recall, don’t re-elect or maybe something criminal???.

Sheriff Dave Kramer has been in some of the meetings when Mark was telling the other committee members to start doing their job or confronting these members to stop the rumors and lies. I would assume if Mark was out of line the Sheriff would act… but he doesn’t.

I find it interesting how the Good Ole Boys want everyone to keep issues private, yet they can go around and start rumors, call people extremist, wackos, taliban, nazis, etc.. Buuuuut……we have to take it, shut up and sit down!!!! I am shocked and saddened by what I witnessed and felt compelled to let Boundary County know. In my opinion we all need to start researching who we elect and quit listening to our buddy’s recommendation.

What I am witnessing in this county is a group of people who believe anyone who speaks out of turn, tries to run for office or attempts to make a difference is ganged up on by bullies. It is very much like high school immaturity and it is time to pull mirrors out!

March 6, 2023 meeting:


Watch this playlist of all the recordings of the committee’s meetings for proof. Try to watch chronological series so you can understand what led up to the last meeting:


Here is Mark’s camera view. It is 5 minutes long. I am withholding my recording that shows in detail Danielle Arhens assaulting Mark Moseley. I gave a copy to law enforcement and Dorothy Moon (State RCC Chair).

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