NATO Deploying Massive 300,000 Troops to Russian Border


The mainstream media is programming our minds with nonsense about Trump being arrested, TikTok stuff, January 6th railroading, banks failing, Ukraine propaganda, etc.

The government, mainstream media, and social networks are misdirecting you from what we need to pay the most attention to.

NATO is gearing up to deploy up to 300,000 troops along the Russian border. This deployment will also include equipment from 30 NATO members including training facilities, huge amounts of weapons ranging from small-arms such as firearms and ammunition, to heavy weapons such as tanks, missile systems, rocket systems, artillery systems and warplanes such as drones, fighters, transports, and bombers.

This deployment of troops and equipment is an act of war against Russia and its allies. Vladimir Putin has already stated something most Americans and Westerners in general really have not considered. Putin stated “The West needs to understand that they do not speak for the majority of people in the world. The west is vastly outnumbered by the rest of the world.

Putting this comment into perspective, shows just how serious Putin is about what the response might be, if NATO actually attacks Russia.

We encourage you to look at the facts, and not rely on the mainstream media outlets, or politicians. Look at other sources closer to what is actually happening.

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