Pornography Effects on Adults and Children



” Like other addictive substances, pornography floods the brain with dopamine. A consistent rush of dopamine traveling to the limbic system REWIRES the brain’s reward pathway and ultimately changes the make-up of the brain. This can result in an increased appetite for pornography.”

Uh oh! This quote is from a medical journal. They are making a statement here that references adults, mostly males, and according to church pastors, this is no SMALL number. With the advent of a wealth of pornography sites on the internet, just a few clicks away is porn heroin! It’s a growing industry!  Just like heroin or crack cocaine, the amount increases. The first hit is no longer sufficient, leading to more deviancy to achieve the high.

Do these addicted people, and they are everywhere (school boards, city administrators, council members, etc,), think their behavior is normal because more and more people have the addiction and the culture supports it via general moral decay thrown at us daily? So, one would ask, “Is it ok to put one’s mindset of being ‘ok’ with pornography on others, maybe our children?”

“Adolescent brains are in a period of development in which the rational, problem-solving frontal part of the brain IS NOT as connected as the emotional, reward part of the midbrain.” Because of this immature development, adolescents have a heightened sensitivity to REWARDING BEHAVIORS like illegal drug abuse, alcohol, pornography, gaming (video games) and bullying. They OFTEN need assistance with rational goal-oriented problem solving which does not occur as quickly AND the reward part of the brain overpowers the rational frontal part.

Should children under the age of 16, let’s say, have any of these stimulators available to them – like pornography at the library, crack cocaine at the vending machines, or alcohol served at the school lunch line – just because adults with these addiction problems think it’s ok? Maybe that would be “ok”if….

If these addicts were in charge of let’s say any location where there were children, like the schools, libraries or playgrounds, how comfortable would parents or even people who actively use rational frontal-brain thinking be?

The big question is really who are the people in charge of library materials? Are they to be trusted with allowing salacious materials for children in the library and do they think it’s ‘ok’ to have porn on the shelves?

When it comes time to vote, look at what they say on this issue and have them read aloud at the library board meetings the materials that they think are ok. Take a listen!

VOTE wisely.

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  1. Vote Lewis Clark & Mary Esther Wilson

    Lewis Clark is a retired police detective and church elder and youth leader

    Mary Esther Wilson sat on the citizen committee and worked hard to fix our policy to keep porn away from children

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