If You Tell Mentally Ill Kids that People Disagreeing with Them is “Genocide,” Eventually They’ll Pick Up Weapons


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There is something very dark and evil brewing within the transgender community. As it stands now, the trans movement is plagued by confusion, mental illness, manipulation, and a demonic spirit that’s festering like a rancid boil. But things have gotten even worse, thanks to media, politicians, and celebrities who are pushing this notion that “disagreement” or “debate”on this controversial issue is somehow akin to literal “genocide” against trans people. This messaging has propelled this already disturbing movement into a whole new and violent direction.


If you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ll have noticed the subtle transformation from so-called “victims” to “terrorists” that’s taken place within the trans community.

We’re starting to see a lot of very agressive and violent marketing campaigns from the LGBTQ. For example, the “Trans Rights…Or Else” movement showcases mentally and emotionally unbalanced people, literally threatening the public with guns.

Accept us, or else…

Or else what?

Well, the shirts they’re wearing leave little to the imagination.

These t-shirts transgender activists are pictured wearing are a text book example of “domestic terrorism.”



But it gets worse…

Next week, on April 1st the LGBTQ community has a Trans Day of Vengeance planned.

And again, there’s the word “genocide.”


Will this group still go through with this violent/vengeful meetup after yet another “trans shooting”?


After all, these angry, confused people are proud of being “radical.” It’s actually part of their name in some cases… and this is about so-called “genocide,” right?


Furthermore, the media loves these gun-toting trannys. They’ve been fawning and cheering on these “vengeful” transgender groups for eons. So much so, that Tucker finally called them out just a couple of days before this latest transgender school shooting.

The timing was eerie, to say the least…


And quite predictably, all this vengence and hate has resulted in the bloody mass shooting at a Christian school by a transgender girl, masquerading as a boy.

Audrey Hale plotted a twisted and deadly murder spree at her former school, slaughtering 3 innocent children and 3 adults.

NBC News:

A sense of “resentment” might have played a role in a 28-year-old’s deadly attack on the private Christian school they once attended, Nashville police said Monday.

The shooter, Nashville resident Audrey Hale, had no previous criminal record before opening fire at The Covenant School, killing three children and three adults, authorities said.

“There’s some belief that there was some resentment for having to go to that school,” Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake told Lester Holt of NBC News.

Follow along for live coverage here

Hale had carefully planned the attack with detailed maps and surveillance, police said.

While the shooter might have targeted The Covenant School, Drake stopped short of saying Hale was going after any specific people. There were also indications that Hale had planned to target other locations, Drake told NBC News.

Covenant’s head of school, Katherine Koonce, 60, was among those killed.

“She targeted random students in the school … whoever she came in contact with, she fired rounds,” Drake said, referring to the shooter.

Hale shot open a locked door to gain entrance to the school, officials said.

The former student is alleged to have left behind writings being studied by local and federal investigators.

“We have some writings that we’re going over that pertain to this date, the actual incident,” Drake told reporters hours after the shooting. “We have a map drawn out of how this was all going to take place.”

He said Hale was transgender.


She was killed by police on the scene.

Warning graphic.


And what about all of this so-called “violence” being perpetrated against the trans community?

The “genocide”…

Many are saying they’re not seeing it. All they see is strong, righteous pushback from conservatives who are hell-bent on saving minors from having their genitals lobbed off.

Real violence is tangible, and sadly, we see it from the trans community all too often.

For example, the 2022 Colorado Springs shooter identified as “non-binary.”

NBC News:

The alleged shooter facing possible hate crime charges in the fatal shooting of five people at a Colorado Springs gay nightclub is nonbinary, the suspect’s defense team says in court filings.

The 2019 Denver school shooter identified as transgender.


A Colorado transgender teenager who admitted to taking part in a shooting at a Denver-area charter school last year that left one student dead and eight others wounded was sentenced on Friday to life in prison plus an additional 38 years.

The 2018 Maryland Rite Aid shooter identified as transgender.

Daily Mail:

The transgender woman who went on a shooting spree at a Rite Aid distribution center in Maryland had been diagnosed with a mental illness in 2016 and used a legally purchased gun in the deadly rampage.

Snochia Moseley, 26, shot dead three people and then herself at the Enterprise Business Park in Aberdeen shortly after 9am Thursday.

And of course, the recent Nashville shooter was also transgender.


To any sane/normal-thinking person this signifies a huge problem within the trans community. Women don’t usually run around committing mass-murder like this.

Who is radicalizing these kids?

That’s what acclaimed journalist Glenn Greenwald would like to know.


And filmmaker Mike Cernovich artfully pointed out that no other group, per capita, is committing more violence than Transgenders are.


So, what gives – what’s really going on here?

Marjorie Taylor Greene asked a darn good question recently  that could help answer why we’re seeing so many women become “mass shooters” suddenly.

Is it hormones?


But instead of answering this question like responsible adults, the media and the left are hysterically throwing around words like “transphobe” and “bigot,” and suggesting anyone who asks questions are promoting LGBTQ suicides.

This is just their way of silencing you. Don’t fall for it. Ask the questions even louder.

The shameless and inhumane lengths the left will go to in order to protect their politics is disgusting.

And that’s because the trans movement has become a cornerstone of the lefts twisted and perverted ideology.

It’s no surprise that marginalized, mentally-ill young people are attracted to something like the trans ideology. A movement such as this validates their estrangement issues and inability to fit into society

It also fills a void by creating a sense of purpose; as if they finally belonging to something.

This is often what occurs when societal rejects join a cult.

Most of these trans people have likely been outcasts their entire lives for a whole array of different issues. This movement gives them the power to unleash revenge and vengeance against the people who didn’t accept their festishes or weird quirks.

This is where the violence, threats, and murder come into play – and as a result, we’re now entering a phase of this dark transgender movement that’s extremely dangerous. And what’s even scarier is that as this horror plays out, the media and left-wing politicians will work feverishly behind the scenes to hide the truth from you.

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  1. The domain of trans is a substack of population reduction from the invisible hand.
    Vectors flow and pass through technology and culture.
    Primary targets prone to these levels of psychological warfare are children who have inherited trauma or who have been subjected to it without the tools or capacity to resolve.
    Once the trauma is experienced it spiritually then psychologically acts as a catalyst to freeze and paralyze the human flight or flight response. (A protracted paralysis state of PTSD.)
    The trans domain uses tech, drugs, culture, and occultic programming to exploit these unresolved pockets of fear. Exploitation drives those both susceptible as well as programmed to both take and manifest the most radical responses. these range from school shootings to attacks against anti gender activists- all based on unresolved fear.

    All human movements that enslave human minds know that when there is fear the human spirit and psyche are susceptible to being easily driven to hatred.

    The same degree of fear is what drives individuals to hide behind masks so as not to expose true agendas.


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