The American War Machine

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To the editor.

Let’s talk about war. Why are we constantly engaging in it? Who benefits? What is the military industrial complex?

The names of companies that might come to mind are Ford Motor Company ,International Harvester, Caterpillar ,Boeing aircraft and perhaps hundreds of others. But what about the Russian military industrial complex? Who built the factories in Russia where  the tanks, guns ,trucks and aircraft are made that were used to kill American soldiers in Vietnam and Korea and now Ukrainians? Would you believe they are big names like Ford Motor Company ,International Harvester, Caterpillar, Boeing aircraft ,and of course DuPont as well as hundreds of others? A side note .

A pilot interviewed during the Vietnam war after bombing the trucks on the Ho Chi Minh trail stated “Those trucks looked just like Ford trucks,” Surprise surprise. The Russian Kama River plant built primarily by American firms has the capacity of producing more than 100,000 heavy ,multi-axle trucks per year. This is more than the capacity of all of the American heavy truck manufacturers combined. All of this and more is detailed in a book called “National Suicide Military aid to the Soviet Union” by Anthony C Sutton.

These factories also produce tanks, guns ,aircraft ,munitions and other material used in Modern Warfare .According to Colonel McGregor ,who you can look up on YouTube ,they have enough munitions stockpiled to last for a 30 month war. If you think provoking a war with Russia is a smart and responsible thing to do you might want to take a body count in the cemeteries of Ukraine. All of that Soviet aide was supplied under  the guise of peaceful purposes. Indeed graveyards are very peaceful places.


Robert Vickaryous

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