Why We Should Not Re-Elect Incompetent Library Board Members Aaron Bohachek and Lee Colson



Ever since Bohachek and Colson were appointed to the Boundary County Library Board, both of these individuals have been responsible for the degenerate downfall of our library. Let’s start by letting you know that all but one library board member were appointed. According to the current TORT against the library, all but one member got their seats by being appointed by the Sandy Ashworth, illegally. You can also see that all but one of the board members were appointed on their very own website here: https://www.boundarycountylibrary.com/contact-board-info

Since being appointed, the board including Aaron Bohachek and Lee Colson have:

  • Been responsible for the events outlined in the TORT against the library
  • Appointed the leftist, marxist train wreck director that resigned under pressure from concerned citizens
  • Weaponized the board meetings and hid behind attorneys
  • Abused E911 services by calling 911 and having police show up at several meetings for no reason but to intimidate members of the public
  • Allowed attorneys to speak over and run the public meetings
  • Used the attorneys to verbally abuse and threaten members of the public during public meetings
  • Aaron Bohachek insulted members of the public during public meetings (video below)
  • Jeopardized the ICRMP insurance policy, because they were encouraging the new director Kimber Glidden (she, her, hers) to bypass the board and make illegal-unilateral decisions on her own without oversight
  • Allowed a library employee to use the Facebook group in which she shared videos to children of her pole dancing routines while semi-nude. She has been re-hired and is now in charge of the Fab Lab, and she will be allowed to be with children behind closed doors
  • Failed to make sure internet content filters function properly (ongoing)
  • Refused to abide by state and federal law regarding pornography access to children
  • Re-hired employees that are directly related to the TORT filed against the library
  • Sat by and did absolutely nothing about an employee who was viewing porn on Fab-Lab computers

We encourage all of you who are reading this, to download the TORT and the Supporting Evidence.

The TORT can be downloaded here: TORT CLAIM AGAINST LIBRARY

The Supporting Evidence can be downloaded here: SUPPLEMENTARY EVIDENCE

We have testimony from a source that claims she went to the library and was on a computer. She performed a simple, routine search while using a computer, and porn sites popped up. She had to cover her children’s eyes.

It is important to note that this library board, which includes Aaron Bohachek and Lee Colson, fought to include the books that contain the images you will see below, and explicit stories in our library. In addition to that, they fought and are still fighting to make this smut available to our children.

Is this really people you want to continue running our library?

William “Lee” Colson

According to CNN, Colson is a Marxist Democrat who, allegedly according to his own words, says that the gender queer books that contain graphic images of children sucking the penises of children “are not pornography”.

Colson has been fighting hard to make sure sexually explicit material is readily available to children, in our library. His position on this is “the kids have a Constitutional right to have access to anything they want”.

In addition to this, The Boundary County Watchman said this:

“William “Lee” Colson (Zone 5) representing the Boundary County Library Board of Trustees while being interviewed by CNN (9/2/22). He states the library would bring PORN in if requested. These books teach children how to do different sex positions, how to use sex tools, teaches 4-year-old about sex, how to find drugs in medicine cabinets and what the names of the prescription drugs are, how to commit suicide, teenagers raping other teenagers, adults molesting kids, siblings wishing their daddy would molest them instead of their sister and much more. WE HAVE SEVERAL OF THESE BOOKS IN THE LIBRARY, BY ELLEN HOPKINS (Crank, Perfect, Impulse). Verify on: http://booklooks.org/book-reports

Here are just a few screenshots that we received from some of these books that Lee Colson allegedly believes is not pornographic, and has been fighting to give our children access to.

NOTE: We had to redact the graphic and offensive portions of these images.

Colson can be seen here sitting with other leftists that support exposing our children to pornography and explicit material.

Aaron Bohachek

Aaron Bohachek was once a reporter for a local marxist media outlet. Although Bohachek is not the chairman of the board, he acts as the board chairman. Every meeting, Bohachek sits in the middle, and runs the meeting. He is the mouthpiece of the Library Board. We encourage you to watch any series of library meetings, and you will see this.

Aaron Bohachek has been a primary cause of the lack of accountability of the Boundary County Library. His actions show his incompetence, and his obvious desire to be the center of attention of the library board. It is because of Bohachek’s “leadership” that the Boundary County Library Board continues to drag their feet on implementing sound, responsible policy changes that have been proposed by their very own committee.

Bohachek hates the Bible and has stated that he would rather remove the Bible from the library, instead of restricting children’s access to sexually explicit material. (Yes, he really said this several times.)

Aaron can be seen here insulting a member of the public at the August 2022 meeting. It is also important to note that during the testimony from this person, the Sonic Wall internet filter was and still is not functioning properly. https://youtu.be/2kk6XaHojTk?t=1049

Mismanagement of Sonic Wall Content Filter

The Library eventually purchased a Sonic Wall Content Filter. However, although it has been licensed since 2021, it has never been properly deployed. In fact, to this day, it is not being properly managed. The board has been dismissive, when this topic has been brought up. In fact, they have even lied about it on several occasions with claims that the Sonic Wall is simply plug-and-play and needs no management. I happen to be an expert on this topic, and can tell you that the library board have been lying about the Sonic Wall ever since it was licensed to the library. The only time I heard the truth, was from former employee Derrick Grow. When Derrick Grow was the IT employee for the library, I asked him about the content filter and firewall situation. He said that he had no idea how to properly setup a firewall or content filtering system. He also told me that he knows nothing about firewalls or content filters. This is the person that the Library Board and Director hired to be the IT person. Incompetence breeds incompetence.

Here is my testimony on January 19, 2023 regarding the Sonic Wall content filter. https://youtu.be/ppHZrZxI5PE?t=25

Here is the Sonic Wall Corporation reinforcing what I said regarding how Sonic Wall works, and what is required for it to work.



Remember this one thing.

Aaron Bohachek and Lee Colson are directly responsible for the scandals that our library has had to endure. They have proven to be incompetent, lack integrity and lack the moral compass, desire, or skill to properly oversee the library. We also encourage you to keep a watchful eye on the ones who support them.

Here are some resources that you can read, to get a better understanding of how important it is for us to protect our children from sexually explicit materials.

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  1. Boy-O-Boy…..the propaganda is over flowing on 9B News. The good ol boys & girls really don’t get it. What makes them think that there are people here in BF that don’t care about this library. What is wrong with the idea that some people, other than them, just don’t want any sort of perverted material available in this library. Libraries all across the US are making material containing pedophilia and perversion available. When I was a kid, such a thing was NEVER heard of. Why now? Well, we’re living in different time in history where evil is more present than anytime before. Believe it or not, some people are aware of this and want to stop it before it gets out of hand. In my opinion, this controversy would not exist if the past people in charge of this library had been more responsible of their positions. Sounds like a lack of common sense to me……..

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