A Library Should be Free and Moral

A nation cannot be both ignorant and free nor can it be immoral and free.

Our Public Library could and should be an Institution for promoting both morality and freedom. I keep hearing that we have a great little library and President Bush said so, which gives it credence and preserves the status quo. While I agree that it is a good Library there is plenty of room for improvement. For instance a good Public Library does not close its doors to the public without any explanation as to why it has done so. Nor does it have material which undermines both morality and freedom, when there are plenty of books which promote morality, freedom, virtue, wisdom and understanding, as well as Christian beliefs history and philosophy to fill the shelves. Even a book about George Bush and his lifelong promotion of a” New World Order “would be ¬†advantageous.

Let’s work together to make a good library a better library by electing some new blood.

Please support Mary Esther Wilson and Lewis Clark for trustees in Zone 3 and 5.

by: Robert Vickaryous

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