Why Clark and Wilson are the best choice for Library Board Trustee


Clark and Wilson are the best choice for Library Board Trustee

On May 16th our community has the opportunity to exercise our rights as citizens and taxpayers. We have the opportunity to vote for new leadership for our library.

Our publicly funded library is one of the largest taxpayer funded entities in the county. However, in the last two years have seen our library embroiled in controversy due to a lack of leadership and oversight by the current board of trustees. Additionally, when these serious, legitimate issues were brought to the attention of the board by concerned citizens, their response was to initially deflect then dismiss, and ultimately lobby the media in an effort to discredit the taxpayers of this county. Contrary to their narrative, the turmoil surrounding the library was not the fault of the taxpayers of this county. It was a direct result of the coordinated smear campaign that they ran in the news media to discredit those who opposed them and their agenda.

The current board members who are running for re-election have already shown us what they are NOT capable of.

On May 16th, vote for competent, responsible leadership. Vote for the two most qualified candidates. Vote for Lewis Clark (Zone 3) and Mary-Esther Wilson (Zone 5). We the citizens, patrons and taxpayers of Boundary County deserve better.

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  1. I wonder….by discrediting news media, could that be 9B News perhaps? He is good at it……

    Great article !

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