Face Off / Good vs Evil

The election for two of Boundary County’s Library Board Trustee seats is Tuesday May 16, 2023. Mary E Wilson and Lewis Clark face off against incumbents Aaron Bohachek and Lee Colson. The library has been embroiled in scandal over the past two years while Bohachek and Lee were on the board.

An advisory committee of which Mary E Wilson was a member was organized to tackle the problem of the presence of obscene books in the Children’s Section of the library. Some of these books show children how to commit suicide, suggest drug use, and expose children to deviant sexual behavior.

The new policy which was developed, with the assistance of Mary E. Wilson, now states that the library will follow state and federal law on such matters and give the public a way to express their concerns regarding objectionable material. This policy was approved in March of this year.

There are rumors that the incumbents may return to the old policy if they are returned to office. The incumbents failed to fix the problem when it was first discovered. What would stop them from reverting to the previous policy once the election is over? We cannot risk our children’s future with the present bunch. Therefore I urge voters to make a change by voting for Mary E. Wilson and Lewis Clark for zone 5 and zone 3 respectively. Both love Boundary County and will do whatever they can to protect the children. For more information about pornography, click on the link below.


Anyone who exposes children or anyone else to this material bare some responsibility for the damage caused to these persons by their viewing it.

by: Greg Lamberty

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