The Shadowmen


Our name is “The Shadowmen”,

We stand in the shadows watching, listening, and waiting. We have watched so many things happen in the last few years here in Boundary. Many times we laughed at some of the situations brought up in the county meetings, and elections. We laughed not because they were funny, but because the people here believe that what is taking place is an acceptable practice. We have met many people here, decent people from all walks of life. Many had 1 thing in common, GOD led them here. They moved here because GOD was leading them, and they sold their homes quit their jobs, and moved here. We are talking about people from all walks of life, Police Officers, Firefighters, Nurses, and Doctors as well as business owners did you know there are 44,000 retired military folks who have moved to North Idaho in the last few years? Surprising isn’t it, not to us, like we said, they all have one common denominator, God had led them to this place.

It has come to the attention of many in the county, the recent BCRCC meetings and since last year things were nothing but a good ole boy system around Boundary County. It is also apparent they want to keep it that way.  Last year people were told the BCRCC could not endorse a candidate unless they won the primary, well they refused to do that and instead endorsed the candidate that lost. Steve Fioravanti won the primary fair and square. Yet the BCRCC elected to forsake the Republicans of Boundary County and crap on their parade, and when it was brought to their attention they laughed and made jokes to shut down the public voice.

And now this year you have the crap feast led by Caleb Davis Jr. Where intimidation, assault, and assault & battery are part of the proceedings, where elected representatives for the people are shut down, as well as people who speak on behalf of that elected official in order for him to speak.  Caleb Davis Jr we thought you were a man of GOD? We see the Godliness in the meetings you chair. We see who you represent, We see the truth and righteousness you seek by YOUR actions. Caleb when the word gets out like it is flying, that you are not a true leader for the people and just a representative for your friends, we will show them the ways of your leadership. All those new true conservatives that you are supposed to represent that have moved in over the last few years and left states that were far more suppressive than Idaho and were told by the good ole boys who to vote for, you will be done.

We’re waiting to hear if there will be lawsuits filed, this could get interesting. Who has to pay if a lawsuit was filed against the BCRCC, the county? Or were the representatives sued? Does an elected official have civil Rights? Can they violate someone’s civil rights? What happens if the DOJ was called in? I wonder what they would find? What has been done to one official there is wrong, you know, we know, and the people are finding out know it.

I hate to see it, but sometimes such drastic measures must be taken in order to save the people from those who actually were elected to serve them.

Tick Tock

We are always watching, we are watching all of you!

The Shadowmen


  1. Amen! What bothers me is the lying they spew. I have been at a few of these meeting
    and nothing has happened like they say.

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