About My Mother

To whom it may concern,

I’m writing this in regard to my mother’s application as library trustee.

Mary-Esther is more than qualified for this position within the community. She has resided and been involved in the community for 10+ years. If its time spent in a library, then she more than qualifies. Throughout my childhood the community library was utilized by my parents for schooling material and resources.

Her education level is a cherry on top of many personal achievements. Included but not limited to her managing the 2nd busiest Applebee’s in the nation, New York city being the only contender. Raising 3 successful/motivated adults, just to turn around and start raising 2 more infants. Shes tender, understanding, and helpful. I’ve witnessed her mastery of working well with infants and adults with great efficiency.

Her willingness to embrace a life of less modern comforts foreshadowed her great mental strength. My parents left Logan UT to move to Naples ID to chase a dream of less reliability on others. The challenges that come with their living situation can’t be simulated. It calluses the mind and creates a person of many strengths.

This is my Mother…

Thank you very much,
Matthew Wilson

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