Bonners Ferry Fly Through – Our Mother’s Day Gift to You

Hello All,

On Mother’s Day, someone took the time to fly through Bonners Ferry using a drone.

This was very early in the morning, when most people in the town were just getting up or having their morning coffee.

The sun is as low on the horizon as it can be, in the morning. The colors are mystical. The original footage was dark, but it was slightly enhanced to help show the details of our little piece of heaven.

This is video one in a series of three videos that were made on that morning.

We hope you enjoy this little gift from us to you.

Here is a link to watch the first video of our little town: BONNERS FERRY FLY THROUGH

Please let us know if you would like to see more posts like this one. We want to bring positive things to our community, and not just reports on corruption.


The staff of Boundary.News

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