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Previously, a contributor wrote an article regarding the use of county, state, and national government insignia, seals, and logos.

That article can be found here: Boundary County Officials Cry Wolf on Use of County Seal

The Boundary County Commissioners complained about the use of the County Seal by the public. Boundary.News showed the laws and demonstrated use and availability of county, state (including Idaho), and national seals.

The Boundary County Commissioners had an opportunity to make the County Seal available to the public, instead of trying to be self-proclaimed “gate keepers”. I guess this gives them some false sense of power and makes them feel more important than they really are.

Inside the Commissioners’ office, there are two County seals. One sits above the Commissioner seats, on the wall. This one is attached to a piece of wood, and looks nice. This version of the seal looks professional, from a distance.

The second seal is mounted just in front of the general public seats, and is incapsulated in-between two pieces of plexi-glass. The plexi-glass appears to be damaged.

There is also a photo of “the seal mounted to to a street lamp post” on the wall just outside the Commissioners’ office.


Recently, someone contributed some decent quality versions of the Boundary County Seal to Boundary.News. Although these images are not ultra-high quality vectors, they are better than what the county offers to the taxpayers who own this seal. We still encourage the County Commissioners to release a usable version of the Boundary County Seal to the public, just like the State of Idaho and many other counties and towns do. The “overlord” mentality of these people needs to stop.

Here are the two versions that were given to us. Feel free to use these in an unofficial capacity. Please do not attempt to use them illegally.

Click on the Images to download the full sized image.


Again, we encourage the County Commissioners to release the seal to the taxpayers, just like the State of Idaho has done with its seal.

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