“Old Boy Network” of Boundary County Egocentric Megalomaniacs?


Have you ever noticed that the same locals are on a lot of the boards and committees in this county? And they’re not content to just sit on one board. Not only do I find this quite close-minded, but it also seems rather incestuous (incestuous: ‘involving only a close or limited group of people who do not communicate or do business with people outside the group; characterized by a relationship of interrelation, often one regarded as unproductive’).

The former library director was (and may still be) on the KVRI board, as is a county commissioner; the chairman of the RCC is also the chairman of Planning and Zoning; a member of the RCC has announced his intention to run as a commissioner when the incumbent doesn’t run again next year; and yet another member of the RCC appears to be on 3 or 4 other boards / committees. I know of one person who holds a seat on one of the fire boards who’s also on one of the water boards. And on, and on, and on. And I won’t name names, but several of these folks (library board, city council, etc.) should have chosen not to run again a long time ago as they are well past the point of being effective. Kind of makes you think of Senator Dianne Feinstein (among others), doesn’t it?

I’d like to give these folks the benefit of the doubt and assume they just want to make a difference in the community. But I’ve attended these meetings and I’ve seen these folks in action. Instead of seeming civic-minded, they come across as petty and vindictive bullies, determined to maintain control, not accept any new ideas, not think outside the box, but simply keep the status quo and exclude anyone else. But at what cost? This is to the detriment of our community.

I grew up in a large city, and I spent my career in another large city. I have to say that I felt much more welcomed in those places than I have in this community. The locals here have divided this community with their lies and their ‘us vs. them’ mentality. They seem so fearful of newcomers, ‘outsiders’ who’ve been here less than a lifetime, that if anyone else tries to get elected to anything, they close ranks, get defensive, and outright lie about their opponent– to win at whatever cost! I can’t imagine wanting something badly enough to blatantly lie. But then that’s a tactic regularly used by those who feel threatened.

What are they so afraid of; Losing power?


  1. VERY WELL PUT !!!!!!!!
    Sad but true……..
    Kind of reminds me of the govt. only on a smaller scale……humm

  2. Simple, because most of business are mason’s where they make sure they control the county to keep Boise and the federal government happy. How are you going to shut the mason’s down?
    And they say the john Birches are extremists, at least their pushing American values, where the mascon’s are pushing anti American values, pretending to be nice and caring, while the county is destroyed by wokeness.

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