by: Marcheta Trowbridge

Subject: Plea for SOUND OF FREEDOM


This posting is a plea for people to increase their awareness of child trafficking and what is actually happening around the globe including, most definitely, in the United States.  In fact, the U.S. is unfortunately the number one market for the sick activities and content that drive this ugly machine.  Read that again.  How distressing and shameful this is in the country that was founded on human freedom and Christian principles and is supposed to represent the “shining city on a hill”.

An extraordinary movie that was actually finished almost five years ago is finally receiving a theatrical release at a most appropriate and significant time – the week of July 4th, America’s Independence Day celebration.  The history of the movie and the struggle to get it released it is a story in itself.  There are extremely powerful people in our society that have done everything they can to ensure this movie would never see the light of day in any way, let alone a wide theatrical release.  I submit that one of the most meaningful things you could do this Independence Day is make the time and effort to see this movie.

The movie is a true story based on the work of Tim Ballard, a former U.S. government special agent with the Dept. of Homeland Security, and the organization he founded, Operation Underground Railroad.  The group’s website states that they “exist to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation around the globe”.  Jim Caviezel plays the part of Tim Ballard in the movie.

Go here to view the theatrical trailer:

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There is a strong and understandable tendency among the general populace to turn away and choose to close their eyes to this issue.  A sick feeling in one’s soul and psyche materializes once one begins to understand that this is not a conspiracy theory or the rantings of a lunatic fringe, but an actual reality.  It’s extremely disturbing and traumatizing.  I understand that because, for a long time (too long), that was my reaction.  The subject matter is truly reprehensible and evil and no one really wants to know that this is in fact happening, and also the scale of the problem.  But denial serves no one except the evil people that wallow in this filth and/or make unbelievable sums of money perpetuating it, while causing unspeakable trauma to the future of humanity, our precious children.

I was blessed with two beautiful children (both boys) and they both died, seven years apart, from the same rare blood cancer.  The oldest was fifteen when he died in 2008 and the youngest was nineteen when he died in 2015.  I believe there is no more profound and unfathomable pain than the death of a child.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons I feel the trauma of this issue so acutely.  The circumstances are different but the pain is universal.  My children were truly my life, and I think this resonates with many people.

After the death of my children, I now realize that I kind of withdrew from society and found it increasingly difficult to “put myself out there” in any kind of public way.  Until now.

I got personal here to explain why, as silly as it may sound to some, posting this is really a challenge for me.  There is a line in the movie trailer that struck me like a thunderbolt and seared my soul.  The line is “when God tells you what to do, you cannot hesitate”.  God is not letting my conscience walk away from that statement, despite my natural reticence.

Because this isn’t about me.  It’s not about my children.  It’s about all the children.  My children are now beyond needing my protection on this earth.  Nor will I ever have the blessing of grandchildren.  But I truly care about other people’s children and grandchildren, and what is happening breaks my heart.

This issue transcends religion, politics, race, social standing, life circumstances ….. choose your division point(s).  Unfortunately, there are many.  But I have to believe that most people of conscience can unite on this issue.  We MUST.  This is a moral issue of essential human decency.  It trumps all of the others.  Children are intrinsically and uniquely innocent and vulnerable.  They have no choice but to rely on adults to protect them.  There is no greater calling, responsibility, or purpose.

We MUST do whatever we individually can to spread awareness of this issue and fight the evil powers that are perpetuating this despicable depravity.  In the spirit of that, I humbly urge you to get out of your comfort zone.  Educate yourself.  The information is out there if you doggedly search and don’t let “fact checkers”, censorship, or the compromised and captured legacy media dissuade you.  Talk to people in your sphere of influence.  Find it in yourself to be bold, stand up, and speak out.  Do not let fear or anything else cancel you or shut you down.

Truth often has a way of speaking to people’s souls despite all efforts to silence it.  That is true in this instance or this movie never would have seen the light of day.  The evil darkness that encapsulates this entire issue is hoping and counting on the fact that not enough people will care and persevere to discover the truth for themselves and help shed light into the darkness.

Most people have heard the quote that “all it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing”.  God is calling you, too.  There’s a reason he lead you to this article/post.  Will you turn your head and look away because the topic is unspeakable, and excruciating, and uncomfortable, and scary, and difficult?  Or will you answer?


There are currently many YouTube videos detailing background information about this movie, interviews with those involved, and peoples’ commentary about the subject.  All you have to do is go to YouTube and search using terms like “Sound of Freedom”, “Tim Ballard”, “Jim Caviezel”, “Angel Studios”, and “Operation Underground Railroad”.

Below are a few references if you choose to investigate them.  Please remember that although you may possibly disagree with some of the political or religious views expressed, please try to look beyond that to the central issue.  The dark powers are counting on division, not unity.

Jim Caviezel Reveals the Untold Story Behind ‘Sound of Freedom’ – A Journey of Courage and Hope:

Sound of Freedom: The Story Behind the Movie:

Transgender Movement and Biden Border Policy Aid and Abet Child Sex Slavery, Tim Ballard Warns:


  1. Dear Marcheta:
    Your analysis of this horrific issue is spot-on. I saw this film on the 4th of July and I was deeply moved. This film spoke to my heart about the evils of child trafficking and while I knew it was happening in our country, I did not realize to what extent.
    You so eloquently state the truth, “this issue transcends religion, politics, race, social standing…” “Most people of conscience can unite on this issue.” I believe people in our country will be outraged when they truly understand the evil being perpetrated on our children.
    Please make every effort to see this film. Because it was made independently outside the Hollywood establishment, it has a limited showing. You can still see this tomorrow, Saturday, July 8th at the Ponderay movie theatre. This is a true story and you will be stunned to learn what is happening to our children. We need to unite to save our children! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your comments, Steve, and for seeing the movie and helping to spread the word. I just checked and it appears that the film can be viewed through Monday, July 10th at the Bonner Mall Cinema in Ponderay. Advance ticket purchase is highly advised.

    Much thanks to Boundary.News for publishing this letter to the editor in its entirety, as submitted. I ran into an interesting situation while trying to get further exposure for the film and its message by posting this in an additional place. If you’re interested, I refer you to the below link to see what transpired.

    While I ended up lightly revising the article, it is largely what you have already read here (above). However, I added two additional, italicized paragraphs at the bottom which will explain what I’m referring to. I’m still wondering “what the heck really happened with this situation?” but any readers can draw their own conclusions.

    For those unaware, Medium is a blogging platform for writers, much like what YouTube is for people who post videos. All kinds of people publish articles about all kinds of things. Please be aware that articles listed/highlighted at the bottom of my article are not my recommendations, but those of the Medium platform.

  3. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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