Idaho Republican Party Calls Out “Corrupt” FBI

Just Announced:

In a surprising and unprecedented move, the Idaho Republican Party has taken a strong stance against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), by passing a resolution a condemning the “corrupt government agency” and calling for its abolition if it is deemed that the agency cannot be reformed.

Article: https://www.idahotribune.org/news/idaho-gop-unanimously-passes-resolution-condemning-the-fbi-calls-for-abolition-of-corrupt-government-agency?fbclid=IwAR2aVx0DVr899Zq5h3YIuNF5sCEaP0QXn3x4ViJrOj7pc44BfaTjIbQ6g0c


Boundary County Watchman’s thoughts:

The U.S. Attorney, DOJ & FBI hosted an event in CDA (11/17/22) with the Human Rights Task Force… I want to know if they told the HRTF to either stop or continue creating a “Hate List”????

The HRTF is NOT trained, qualified or authorized to be labeling citizens as domestic terrorists.

Did we not learn from Nazi era about how neighbors did this to the Jews which ended in the death of millions. Are we repeating history?

Where are the HATE CRIMES IN NORTH IDAHO? Is this like Ruby Ridge where situations are exaggerated by the media? Are certain people and organizations on some sort of “high” to find extremism in North Idaho? Is the Hate Crime really out of control or just a few cases a year?
Myself and many others who supported the Library Recall were targeted by members of the HRTF as Taliban, Christian Fundamentalist, Extremist and so forth last year. Why, to crush an election process (a recall is under Idaho Statute Title 34 Elections). Yes this is election integrity and this is how the Progressive are fighting…dirty!

Local Conservatives need to get active:

Run For Office
Attend Board Meeting
Attend Republican Central Committee
Write and email your leaders
Talk to your family and friends to get them engaged


Adrienne Norris
Website: www.BoundaryCountyWatchman.com

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Also library update Website: www.boundarylibrary.org

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