Should all of the corrupt officials and politicians be exposed, regardless of personal relationships or feelings?


Should all of the corrupt officials and politicians be exposed, regardless of personal relationships or feelings?

Politics can change a person. Unfortunately, in this day and age, in the US, it seems to change people for the worse. Good people that run for office, or a political position, often turn to the dark side, and become some of the worst people in the world.

We have testimony from several people that have watched someone they thought they knew well, that turned out to be someone completely different, once they were elected/appointed to a position.

This leads to the question of, “Is it our duty to expose those in election positions as corrupt, if we have proof of their corrupt deeds, no matter what we think of them, personally?”

Some contributors at Boundary.News have possession of secret audio and video evidence, where individuals who were elected and/or appointed to positions, have exposed themselves as being corrupt. Some of this evidence is certain to be “career killer” in nature.

I happen to know individuals that are close friends to some of these “elect”. These individuals have said that the audio/video evidence does not represent the character of the person(s) in question.

Boundary.News’ purpose, is to report on the corruption, provide proof of our findings, and allow the reader to process the facts and make up their mind on their own.

Should we report on evidence that we have, regardless of friendships? We believe it is our duty to call out the corruption when we find it. We also care about your opinions.

Please share and comment with your thoughts on this topic.

Thank you for your readership, and input.





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  1. This information should absolutely be shared with the public. I encourage any other victims to come forward with their stories.

    My family has been directly impacted by the corrupt officials in Boundary county. My personal experiences have exposed corruption in the Boundary county school district, Bonners Ferry police department, Boundary county sheriff’s department and the Boundary county district attorney. Basically the entire Boundary county government establishment.

    I have a few recordings of corrupt officials myself. I’m willing to release them as needed.

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