Idaho News Media Outlets All Run by LGBTQ+ Extremists


Hagadone is a monstrous company that owns almost 100% of the news and media outlets in North Idaho, Western Montana, and Eastern Washington. (including the CDA Press and dozens of other outlets). According to the Idaho Tribune, “The Hagadone Media Corporation owns almost every paper from Whitefish to the Tri-Cities, with some notable exceptions in Spokane, but the effect this has on the region cannot be understated. One man, Clint Schroeder, has full control over what these 16 newspapers choose to print, or not print, and his bias is showing.”

Hagadone also owns our local “news” outlet “The Bonners Ferry Herald”.

The new President of Hagadone Media Group is an extreme leftist LGBTQ+ by the name of  Clinton “Clint” Schroeder.

So, when you pick up that copy of the Bonners Ferry Herald, or read an article on their website, just remember who is behind it. There is a saying of “Trying to pick up a turd by the clean end”. 

The full story can be found at the Idaho Tribune here: FULL STORY HERE


  1. Imagine my shock……hahaha After living in Boundary County for over 30 years, the Herald has only gotten worst. Kinda reminds of another local news site.

  2. Emily Bonsant with the herald has sabotaged her article about my tort and several others as well. She cherry picks information to suit the leftists she’s trying to protect.

    Mike Weland refers to his opposition as “c*nts”. ProX advertises on Weland’s site. Myself and others have complained to ProX. ProX couldn’t care less and continues to advertise on Weland’s fake news site. We need to stand together and quit giving our hard earned money to these leftist companies.

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