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“It’s time for the billboard to be changed” says one of the local residents and Trump haters in last week’s Herald. Well, I disagree. The correct time to remove the billboard identifying this as Trump country is when the owner of the sign wants it removed and not a minute before. It’s a private sign owned by a private individual on their own private property and expresses sentiments of their own which no one else has to agree with. As a matter of fact no one even has to read it.

The right to freedom of expression as well as the Press is another one of those pesky God-given rights that those heroic soldiers of the American Revolution fought and died for. And by the way they ended up with a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy as the author states. While inappropriately praising democracy as being the reason the United States turned into the greatest country in the world he conveniently ignores the fact that it was the most fraudulent election in recorded history. ie. dead people voting, non-existent people voting , illegal aliens voting, ballot box stuffing ,ballot harvesting, polls remaining open long after election day and the list goes on and on and on.

It’s a small wonder then that more than 70% of the Republicans and at least 30% of the Democrats  agree that it was a stolen election. To believe otherwise reminds me of the man who was caught in a fond embrace with the maid. He turned to his wife and said “Now are you going to believe me or are you going to believe what you saw?” I think we should all believe what we saw. Has anyone ever noticed that it’s always the lovers of ” democracy” who are the first to become lovers of fraud when things don’t go their way?



  1. Thank you for this article! More times than not, when I drive by there are people stopped to get a picture with the TRUMP billboard. I’m glad the farmer thought the world needed to hear his opinion regarding the privately funded billboard, even though it is seems to be far less popular than the Trump Billboard.

  2. Exactly! If you don’t like the concepts of private property ownership, freedom, and free speech … then go find a country without those things and move there … when you come back, you’ll have a much better understanding of how important these things are.

  3. In reading Mr. Vickaryous’s article about the Trump Country sign and 2020 election, I agree with him 150-percent. Does anybody really believe that Joe Biden got 70 million votes. If you do, I bet you’re happy with the direction our republic is headed. Higher prices on everything. The dollar is close to being just a piece of paper with absolutely no value. As far as the sign goes, God bless the owner for using their God given right to express themself. After all, there is still such a thing as free expression. It make me happy to know that this sign pisses the never Trumpers off and can’t do anything about it, except to complain like spoiled children.

  4. Remember what going WOKE has done to Budweiser and when Trump gets back into office then perhaps the property owner can put up a far bigger sign to really get the tears flowing from the eyes of the anti Trumpers.

  5. At least now the Leftys are coming forward and exposing themselves. Remember how the Left kept saying all the criminal activities that have happened and is continuing, is a wild conspiracy theory. The Marxist are now feeling emboldened and saying and doing whatever they really were hiding before. When the SHTF and Trump is re-elected. The Commies, Marxist, pediphiles, cartels, race baiters and the person that said the Trump sign should come down will be hiding in the shadows again scheming, lying and trying to cheat their way to control us again. We all need to be much more vigilant and willing to say no more!

  6. Every time I see the Trump sign, I am proud of the community I live in. It brings a smile to my face as it does when I see other positive political signs. God , family, and the right to protect ourselves are all things I cherish.

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