Mike Weland’s Biased Reporting

In reading 9B’s article of the continued witch hunt to keep Trump out of the running for 2024, Mike Weland fails to mention the fact that Joe Biden has also had classified material stashed in his Delaware garage next to his corvette and his son had access to them while he was dealing with China. All we heard where crickets……
Mike Weland sadly shows bias in his so called journalistic ability or reporting. (but them again, we all know it) It is again sad to see that some people won’t see the direction our country is headed now, in relationship to where we were 2-3 years ago. At least we were respected then, as we are not now. Hummm


  1. So I am to understand that in Weland’s World, a departing Republican President may not take classified material with him, but a departing Democrat Vice (and I use that word very deliberately in Joe Biden’s case) President CAN, and never face criminal prosecution. And the Left piously tells the Right that “no one is above the law”?
    I have long said that Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion also applies to political discourse. Either Mike Weland doesn’t know this, or he doesn’t care. He should care. In his numerous anti-Trump and other anti-conservative screeds, he’s playing the role of a professional wrestling heel who trash-talks against political figures held in high regard by the strong majority of Boundary County voters. The more Weland churns out vituperative anti-Trump attacks, the stronger Trump’s support, just as pro-wrestling crowds would boo Jesse “The Body” Ventura and cheer the good guy in the ring being jeered by Ventura.
    Trump garnered 78.6 percent of the Boundary County vote in 2020. Thanks to the likes of Jack Smith, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Mike Weland, I expect that percentage to get a lot closer to 100 percent in November 2024, assuming Trump wins the primary.
    Many people have to find certain things out the hard way. There is no arguing or reasoning with Weland or similar individuals. I no longer frequent 9B.News. Why get angry, depressed and discouraged in doing so? To me, it’s not worth it, even if I miss out on information about regional events.

  2. He maybe registered as a Republican but he is a Democrat. Most of our
    elected officials are the same way. The problem is they don’t know the
    differance between the two. They are only puppets who do what they are

  3. I’ve been reading how Mike Weland is a major supporter of Bidenomics. I wonder why Trump filled our oil reserves for $20 a barrel and Biden drains it and wants to replace the reserve with purchasing oil at $75 a barrel. Wow…..Thanks to Mr. Weland for being an economical genious….

  4. I’d like to know when 9B News “Mike Weland” is going to stop bitching about politics he can’t do anything about and stick with reporting local events only. It’s like he enjoys hearing himself grandstand.

  5. In reading Mr. Weland’s letters and “opinions”, in 9B News, I’ve noticed that he always has a negative comment about conservatives, MAGA supportors and Donald J. Trump. He mentions how Mr. Trump lies and is a fraud, without any viable proof. I’d like to hear from Mr. Weland stating proof that Joe Biden has done a better job as president, when he has been on vacation for 40+% of his first term as president. Plus, why he hasn’t taken control of our southern border, as it’s gate are welded open. Now it’s being told that train loads of people are coming in. With MSM promoting the same propaganda that he spews, maybe he should get his information from more reliable situations. In reality, could Mr. Weland’s time as a reporter, and I use that label on purpose, seeing as how he is not a journalist, be less relevant?

  6. I agree with Naomi Smith. I read in 9B News Facebook that Mr. Weland said himself that he would support AOC for president if she were to run. I’m confused as to why he admires such a tyrannical govt.

  7. With Mr. Weland constantly throwing hatred out toward President Trump, when is there going to be proof to back up his claims of lies, fraud and overall injustice? He likes to throw the hatred out like a misguided fool. I guess that at this stage of his life, it’s all he’s got. It’s indeed sad.

  8. Mike Weland’s opinions are more and more appearing to be tyrannical and communistic. With him being a veteran, he has lost his patriotism and gone to the dark far left side.

  9. A lot of people have been asking me if Barb Russel has taken over 9B News and that Mike Weland is nothing more than a figure head. I can’t help but wonder where and why people would be getting that idea. Maybe is due to the possibility Mr. Weland has been diagnosed with Dementia.

  10. I just read Mr. Weland’s 1/23/2024 article. It appears to show his continued failings in his hatred for Trump and the United States of America. With Biden’s handlers(Obama) taking this country down, and him praising Biden for doing such a good job,(in his words) shows even more that he has lost any sort of patriotism. Sad to witness such a waste of his time in reporting of negative opinions.

  11. I’m glad to hear that Mike Weland is fading out of 9B News. His political opinions and rants sure come across as traitorous.

  12. 1/26/2024
    In reading 9B News article pertaining to “Freedom Caucus says America is being Invaded” the wording would suggest that the author thought he or she knew what they were talking about. Although it was labeled that Mike Weland published it, I wonder if he is mentally capable of composing it. I can’t help but wonder who might have co-wrote it. Who ever truly came up with such dribble must be Democrat, or Rhino, or just plain anti-American. I find it disturbing that who ever wrote it would go out of his or her way to post an article just to bash it. Also, what’s with the constant Trump Bashing? Maybe it’s due to mental deficiency.

  13. I agree with you Mr. Schwartz. Mr. Weland and Joe Biden have one thing in common. They both have handlers pulling their strings.

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