Voting Tabulators in Boundary County

by: Bernard Schwartz

With all the evidence coming out that voting machines’ “tabulators” are hackable, why does Bonners Ferry, Boundary Co. still use them? To my understanding, this county really doesn’t warrant them. I’m sure that there are enough people that would be more than happy to take the time to count paper ballots by hand. Why can’t Glenda Poston revert back to paper ballots.?


  1. Because she is told what to do. Until you get rid of those that run this county,
    you will get no decent results. Run for public office and make a change.

  2. They use the machines because it’s almost impossible to cheat with paper ballots. There have been multiple complaints against the elections clerk, yet they never get investigated. It’s a vicious cycle, since you can’t vote out people that rig elections.

  3. To bad someone doesn’t run against the corruption of Pluid, as she is still running as unapposed, she is damaging the judicial. System daily. With her cronyism and other. Means to get her plea bargain are seriously questionable to say the least. My head will be on the chopping block again. For sure saying this but people should know, the city PF and some officer at least, who run to her and her family and other relatives every whim and attack the younger generations ruthlessly.
    I can only pray that she gets exposed and tossed from being prosecutor and all her minions.

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