Boundary County Commissioners & Planning and Zoning Board Flooding Boundary County with ESG Companies and Organizations


Boundary County Commissioners & Planning and Zoning Board Flooding Boundary County with ESG Companies and Organizations

Boundary County Commissioners (including former Commissioner Dan Dining), Tim Bertling, and Wally Cosart, alongside Planning and Zoning (chaired by Caleb Davis), are systematically flooding Boundary County with ESG companies and organizations. These people are only interested in their own power, and do not have this community’s best interest in their plans. If Boundary County is going to stay conservative, these people must be purged from their positions, and decent people with morals should be put in these positions. We cannot allow megalomaniacs to continue to hold positions of power in this county.

The following information proves that the County Commissioners, and Planning and Zoning (chaired by Caleb Davis), have sold out this community to the United Nations Agenda 2030, and the “Environmental, Social and Governance” (ESG). They are systematically leading us into Agenda 2030, and ESG, which is the total enslavement of Western Civilization.

Kootenai Tribe / Sturgeon Station / Sonic Drive-In

The Kootenai Tribe owns the Sturgeon Station truckstop that is currently under construction at 3-Mile. According to an official document published by the Idaho State Bar called “The Intersection of Environmental Law and Tribal Nations“, the Kootenai Tribe has officially adopted the ESG business model, in addition to other United Nations Agenda 2030 directives. This document was a PowerPoint slide show produced for an Idaho State Bar event on February 23, 2023. The following screenshots from the slideshow show some of the ESG proof, in addition to the author who wrote the slides.

Sonic Drive-In

The “Sturgeon Station” truckstop is being built with a Sonic Drive-In fast food franchise. Although Sonic has yet to publish an ESG report, they are listed in the ESG directory as a company to watch for a report from. It is safe to assume that the Kootenai Tribe added Sonic to the Sturgeon Station truck stop, in part because Sonic is also an ESG company.

Dollar General

The Dollar General store is also being built next to the Sturgeon Station. The Dollar General corporation is also an ESG company. Their Annual Report 2022 clearly outlines how they are pushing hard to promote and follow the ESG business model. A screenshot from that report can be found below.

Tractor Supply

The Tractor Supply corporation has recently been in the news for distributing livestock feed that harms animals, and causes chickens to stop laying eggs. There are several articles that can be found about this topic, from internet sources. In addition to this, it is well known that the Tractor Supply Co is dedicated to the ESG model and globalist agendas. There are several ESG documents on their website. Here are just a few:

Please, for the sake of the residents of Boundary County, share this information with everyone you can. The residents of this community need to understand how Caleb Davis (Planning and Zoning), and the County Commissioners are actively turning this county over to the United Nations slavery directives. These people are not Conservatives. They are Subversionists.


  1. I’m not a fan of these particular corporations, the commissioners, or ESG. But this “news” site seems to be in the habit of making vague associations and alarmist claims without any meaningful investigation.

    The fact is, large publicly-traded companies with the financial resources to buy up land and open redundant retail outlets are generally adopting ESG. The financial institutions have all but required it of them if they want to feed their unending addiction to revolving debt.

    I advocate not buying from or working for these toxic giants. I think your sentiment is correct on that front. But you haven’t provided any proof of a conspiracy by the commissioners or the planning board to woo them here.

  2. I simply could not leave your website without expressing my admiration for the consistent information you provide in your visitors. I anticipate returning frequently to peruse your new postings.

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