Considerations Regarding War

Events are being planned to honor US veterans. While I appreciate being honored I would like to make a few comments on the misuse of our military which is responsible for so many veterans.

Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex and his concerns have been proven valid. He said” The potential for disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” All we have to do is follow the money and see who benefits to understand why we have perpetual wars in the name of peace. We are always told of course that our military is being used to promote “freedom and democracy” when the exact opposite is true.

With the exception of Donald Trump every administration from Lyndon Johnson’s to the present has been doing the bidding of this cabal which is the military industrial complex. While I recognize that Just War principles do exist and should be followed by all Nations ,it should also be understood that since the creation of the military industrial complex the military ¬†is used to commit legalized mass murder for the purpose of profit and control. Our recent involvement with Ukraine and now Israel is no exception. It’s War for the sake of war with no end in sight, with our Congress thumping on the Bible to justify looting the public treasury to commit more mass murder.

It’s time to say enough to this madness by letting our Congress know that you have had enough of illegal unconstitutional warfare. Foreign aid is in violation of the Constitution. Appropriating money with no congressional oversight ¬†without first securing our borders is criminally insane.

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