Letter to Senator Chuck Winder


The following letters were written by local political activist, Steve Fioravanti. Steve, and a very small handful of people in Boundary County have been working for years, to make a difference in our community. Unfortunately, it is only a handful of people who actually try to make a real, righteous impact on our community. Thank you, Steve, for your efforts.

The 2024 Idaho election season is officially underway.  Idaho Senator Chuck Winder, President Pro Tempore, has drawn first blood.  The link below will give you a quick recap on what Winder and his cronies are up to.


Each citizen of Idaho has a choice.  You can ignore this egregious behavior from this megalomaniac, which will only embolden him to continue to act as a petty tyrant.  Or, you can give him a piece of your mind.  I chose the latter and I’ve included a draft of my letter to him in this communication to you.

There is a concerted effort underway to flip our great state permanently to the Left.  The question is, what are you going to do about it?

November 19, 2023

Senator Chuck Winder
5528 N Ebbetts Avenue
Boise, ID 83713

Dear Senator Winder:

I have read your letter to my representative, Senator Scott Herndon, dated November 6, 2023. In your letter you requested that Senator Herndon apologize to all the members of JFAC regarding an article he posted.

Before I launch into my feelings over this matter, I would like to personally thank you for your past service to our country as a naval aviator. I have learned through my career that it is always best to lead with a positive before addressing any behavior that needs correction.

With that said, I would now like to address your actions. First, Senator Herndon is my duly elected representative. He has represented the citizens of our district in a very professional manner. Secondly, it is his God-given right to exercise his First Amendment. The simple fact that you are attempting to micromanage what one of our representatives can or cannot say is quite simply an egregious abuse of your position. Let me remind you that Senator Herndon is my representative, not yours.
Since my first draft of this letter, I have also learned that you have targeted Senators Zuiderveld & Lenney by removing them from their respective committee leadership positions. As President Pro Tempore, you have obviously allowed your leadership position to go to your head and you are now acting like a petty tyrant dictator.

Since we are entering campaign season, it is blatantly obvious what you are doing in your attempt to smear the good names of our elected representatives. You and the corrupt establishment running our state legislature are complicit in these crimes against the good citizens of Idaho. All one must do is look at who is filling your campaign coffer to understand who you are beholden to, and it is not the citizens of Idaho.
I am calling for your immediate resignation as you are no longer capable of upholding your oath of office. Should your conscience impel you to make the right decision and resign, I will be one of the first to send you a congratulatory retirement greeting card.


Steve Fioravanti
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805


  1. Thanks Steve…..It was my understanding that Mr. Winder(whiner) forgot his commitment to abide by the constitution of Idaho and United States. The 1st Amendment guarantees free speech. I agree with you, he needs to resign, due to his complete ignorance of peoples rights.
    God bless Scott Herndon !!!

  2. Senator Winder’s ego may not let him abide by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or any Amendments therein. Winder actions are those of a weak leader who is very out of place in that leadership role. He is a cut and dried follower who would fail a proficiency examination, due to his lack of knowledge, of the first amendment. Scott Hearndon speaks for his constituents. How dare Senator Winder silence me and fellow citizens in north Idaho.
    Senator Winder’s resignation as a dictatorial leader should be tendered immediately and be sentenced by the Senate to actually read the first amendment out loud, concurrent with immediate written apologies to Senator’s Hearndon, Lenney and Zuiwederfeld.

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