Crying Out in Desperation: Urgent Appeal for Assistance and Exposure of Corruption in Boundary County

The following letter was sent to Boundary.News. We have condensed the letter and redacted it for privacy.

Dear Boundary.News,

I am writing to you today with an urgent plea for assistance in exposing the pervasive corruption of the Boundary County prosecutor. I have firsthand experience with the unethical practices employed by  Andrakay Pluid, and believe your commitment to truthful reporting makes you the ideal person to bring them to light.

Firstly, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your dedication to journalistic integrity. Your willingness to expose the truth is invaluable in holding institutions accountable.

As a citizen of Bonners Ferry, I witnessed disturbing realities within our police department and prosecutor’s office, particularly targeting individuals aged 20 to 30. A 2018 law change requiring pro se litigants to possess law school-level knowledge has created an environment where individuals are severely disadvantaged without legal representation.

Despite pursuing a law degree myself, I chose to use my skills to research and advocate for the legal needs of those less fortunate, especially young people unfairly targeted by the system. Unfortunately, my efforts to help others have been met with retaliation and false claims, culminating in the shutdown of my services.

This began with a simple request for press coverage for a hearing regarding my daughter’s false DUI charges. Instead of justice, we faced further harassment and intimidation from the very system that was supposed to protect us. This is just one example of how the legal system has become weaponized against individuals, often starting with minor offenses and escalating to felonies, sometimes leading to tragic outcomes. I personally witnessed the devastating impact of this on a young man who, unable to bear the relentless pressure and injustice perpetuated against him by these corrupt officials, tragically took his own life.

My services are being shut down based solely on fabricated claims and deceitful tactics, motivated solely by silencing my efforts to help others and expose the truth. I implore you to consider the accounts I can provide, including one involving Ms. Pluid’s dismissal of her cousin’s reckless driving admission and subsequent cover-up. My daughter’s dismissed charge still remains on her record, while the real offenders walk free.

Exposing this widespread corruption is crucial to ensure that justice prevails and that our legal system serves the people it is meant to protect. I urgently request your assistance in bringing this matter to light. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss these matters further. Your support in holding this system accountable is desperately needed.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(Redacted Name)


  1. I personally had a situation where an editor of a local news outlet broke the law of Idaho and United States. When brought to Ms Pluid’s attention, she turned her head. Thus, one of the good ol boys got away with a crime. Imagine that…..I have documentation.

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