Is the New 9b Going to Continue to Censor Conservatives?

It has come to my attention that 9B News has been sold and has a new editor. Congratulations. I’m wondering if the new owner is going to censor people as much or worst than Mr. Weland did. A person I know recently commented about an article by Clarice McKenny. (1-18-2024), as of this time(1-20-2024), still no posting of it. Is this to be expected? That person stipulated concerns about the invasion happening to our country. With the borders wide open and millions of people being let in, it’s just a matter of time before it effects Boundary County. Canada is already felling the negative impact.


  1. If it’s true that 9B has been taken over, why hasn’t it been announced on 9B. I sure hope it won’t be politically bias like it was when Mr. Weland had it.

  2. You just can’t make this stuff up. There is now an ongoing contest between Mike Weland and Clarice McKenny, trying to see who can out do one another in being the farthest leftist Trump hater. As of 1/31 it’s a tight race for first place. It may come down to who is first to come up with a two page article. Now it’s a stand-off with one page each. Jim Jones is in a distant 3rd place. For him to gain ground, he needs to start hating Trump more and stop hating Dorthy Moon. With this being an election year, the trash talking should ratchet up relentlessly. Stay tuned.

  3. Sorry, kids … no change at 9B News. Clarice sends me articles on occasion. You might be thinking of kvt.news, which I walked away from a couple three years ago. Joe Knight asked me if I had any claims to it as he had some ideas; I told him I don’t and wished him well. As far as the comment I didn’t publish, I do my best to publish as wide a variety of thoughtful and reasoned comments and letters as come in, but I won’t regurgitate MAGA propaganda or any of the conspiracy theories in circulation. When MAGA organizations or folk in power send me such drivel, such as Moon, Herndon and any of the “freedom” clubs, I run it on occasion just so the folk not in your cult see what the idiots or up to … when it’s just too stupid, I’ll write a response so no one misses anything. As to your friend’s letter on Clarice’s article, as I recall, it was not only hokum, it had nothing to do with her article. You see? The media doesn’t censor, it maintains its standards through active quality control. Ask Moseley. If he had anything resembling good sense on here, you folk who read it would run away.

    • Mr. Weland….What’s with this “Sorry Kids crap? Who do you think you are to speak down to someone in this community? It appears that just because you have a news outlet, you have the right to look down on your fellow citizens. You sir are no better than any of us. Your condescending attitude only show a moronic personality. It only shows more clearly that you have become a dark self serving person.

  4. It appears Mr. Weland has inched ahead in the Trump/MAGA bashing race. I can’t help but wonder what makes Mr. Weland hatred for Trump and Conservatives never ending. Who is he to pass any kind of judgment on anybody? Does he think he’s better than everybody else? There’s only one person that can judge, I’m sure Mr. Weland will never have the opportunity stand before him. (being he’s a self proclaimed heretic and atheist. Since he still controls 9B News, I guess we’ll still receive the same old bias reporting.

  5. It seems that Mr. Weland has lost all perspective about what is right and what is wrong. He’s nothing more than a leftist Democrat spewing political nonsense. His time spent on his platform could and should be spent on less traitorous topics.

  6. Update…..as of now Weland has inched ahead slightly more in the race. His holier than thou article pertaining to Musolini and Dorthy Moon and the Idaho GOP is quite Marxist. More crap with no solution to his false problem. Too much time, on his part, spent on topics he has no idea of the true nature of.

  7. Good news. There is another leftist queen that has entered the the bias race. Mary Ollie is not new to the bias articles to be posted on a site not to be named . She’s currently in 3rd place. Just ahead of Jim Jone. Atta girl Mary. Keep throwing the propaganda and “no body cares” stuff out there.

  8. Well…well….there appears to be a newcomer in the bias BS race. RSO Higgs has entered the race coming in 4th place with his usual moronic dribble. Remember him? He’s the idiot who wanted to take down the Trump Country sign. ( 1st admen. issue). Weland is in first place as of now with his latest crap on facebook. . A close second is Ollie, with McKenny in a distant third. Stay tuned, it’s only going to get more interesting as this year progresses.

  9. I’ve been reading Mike Weland’s opinions in 9B for several years. When I read how much he hates MAGA Patriots, it makes me proud to be one. When he continually references Hitler and the Nazis, I can’t help but wonder if he isn’t praising him in one form or the other.

  10. With the title of this being “What’s next for the Marxist propaganda newsletter 9B?” I wonder how many people realize that since Mr. Weland moved to the Restorium in Aug. of 2023, he has been operating his 9B News from there. The Restorium is a tax based entity controlled by the Commissioners here in Boundary County. Your taxes that are collected in Boundary County are subsidizing his business. The Restorium is for assisted living, not to support a business operating from there. This is outrageous. It looks like the Good ol Boys looking out for one of there own. What is wrong with this picture……

  11. Well…well…..here we are, only to realize Reverend Mike is still reporting for 9B News. The bias never went away. But of course nobody really believed it would. The ramping up for the elections from the leftist is pure comedy. I still find it comical that the Reverend is going ahead with this pride event at the Pearl, but again, what can one expect. Take note of the source.

  12. Worry not. Now Mr Weland says 9B news has been hacked and he is begging for donations. The man and the site are evidently circling the drain.

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