WEF Claims Farming and Fishing Are “Ecocide” and Demands It Be Recognized as a “Serious Crime”

They Want to Starve Us to Death

WEF Arrives in DAVOS


In recent years, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN) have been the subject of growing scrutiny and criticism. Their agendas, often promoting the takeover and destruction of humanity, have raised concerns among conservatives and libertarians. One such proposition that has sparked outrage is the call to label farming as a “serious crime.” This article delves into the anti-human agenda of the WEF and the UN, examining the implications of such a declaration and the potential consequences for people, food production, and individual liberties.

Boundary County Commissioner Tim Bertling Supports the UN and WEF Agendas

It is important to note that Boundary County Commissioner Tim Bertling is a known supporter of the UN and WEF agendas. One of the mailers that his election campaign sent out shows how his opponent, Steve Fioravanti was “against” the UN, as if it was a negative thing to be against the UN and WEF. The UN Agenda 2030 heavily involves the WEF. The campaign flier criticizes Steve Fioravanti for being against UN Agenda 2030.  Here is the flier:

Bertling Flier

The World Economic Forum’s Summit in Davos

The annual meeting of the WEF in Davos, Switzerland, serves as a platform for unelected globalist elites to create and shape policies that impact various aspects of society. At the latest summit, Jojo Mehta, the founder of “Stop Ecocide Now,” made a shocking statement, equating farming and fishing to “genocide.” Mehta argued that these essential industries should be considered as serious crimes, asserting that it is immoral to profit from them. Her statement can be found here: https://rumble.com/v47k8au-wef-speaker-claims-farming-and-fishing-are-ecocide-and-it-be-recognized-as-.html

Schwab and Mehta at WEF

The Push for Ecocide as a Serious Crime

Mehta’s assertion that farming and fishing should be labeled as “serious crimes” reveals a deep-seated disdain for human activities that sustain our existence. Her argument stems from the belief that nature should be prioritized over human needs and the economic viability of agricultural and fishing industries. Mehta contends that our society has ingrained habits of neglecting the importance of preserving nature, emphasizing the need to address the alleged “mass damage and destruction of nature” caused by farming and fishing.

The Devil’s Argument

While human rights violations such as mass murder and genocide are internationally recognized as serious crimes, Mehta argues that there is no equivalent in the environmental space. She highlights the distinction between intent-driven crimes like genocide and the unintended side effects of activities such as farming and fishing. According to Mehta, the lack of awareness regarding the collateral damage caused by these industries necessitates the recognition of “ecocide” as a serious crime.

Demon at the WEF

Social Media Outrage and Criticism

Unsurprisingly, Mehta’s comments ignited a firestorm on social media, with many individuals expressing their outrage and skepticism towards her dark proposition. Critics drew parallels between Mehta’s call for labeling farming as a serious crime and the WEF’s broader agenda, which includes the anti-human concepts of “Net Zero” and “decarbonization.” These agendas promote anti-human sentiments and undermine the livelihoods of farmers, fishermen, and miners.

The Impact on Farmers and Food Production

Labeling farming as a serious crime would have dire consequences for farmers around the world. Agriculture is the backbone of societies, providing sustenance and ensuring food availability for billions of people. Treating farming as a criminal activity would not only stigmatize farmers but also hinder their ability to feed the global population. This dark proposition fails to consider the complexities of food production and the significant role farmers play in sustaining our communities.

Threats to Individual Liberties

The push to criminalize farming raises concerns about the erosion of individual liberties. Farmers have long been regarded as stewards of the land, providing for their communities. Criminalizing their activities would not only infringe upon their rights but also set a dangerous precedent for governmental control over individual rights such as food. Such measures could pave the way for further encroachments on personal freedoms and the rise of a nanny state.

Greta at the UN

The WEF and UN: A Question of Authority and Agenda

Critics argue that the WEF and the UN are acting beyond their mandate by advocating for anti-human measures like declaring farming a serious crime. Their increasing involvement in matters that infringe upon individual liberties and impose burdensome regulations is viewed as a self-imposed, illegal “authority”..

Hitler Schwab Hybrid at the WEF


The World Economic Forum’s proposition to label farming as a “serious crime” is a radical and evil approach to environmental conservation. The UN and WEF should be disbanded, and the so-called “elites” should stop interfering in the lives of everyone else.


  1. It is not only Tim Bertling but all those who supported him in the election! It was brought to
    their attention at a Boundary County GOP meeting that it was their duty to support the candidate
    that the people had elected. They chose not to and let the meeting be used as a campaign rally for
    him. This made Fioravamti having to run a race all over again for the second time. This is your Boundry County ‘s finest. Pay attention to whom you vote for. Home grown, hunting and fishing are not requirements to run for any office.

  2. Home grown, hunting, fishing and raising our own food and meat, is a way of life here. If they try and take that away from us, there will be major issues!!!

  3. I have no idea how I ended up here, but I thought this post was fantastic. I am uncertain of your identity, but if you are not already a famous blogger, you are surely on your way to becoming one. Cheers!

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