Jim Woodward – A Leftist Subversionist Registered as Republican


Jim Woodward is a former Idaho Senator from district 1. He is an enemy of the Conservatives of Boundary County. 

Although currently a registered Republican , Woodward is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is a registered Republican solely because his chances of success are significantly higher than running as a Democrat in North Idaho. The last election, Woodward lost to Scott Herndon, because of his disgraceful, leftist voting record. Woodward is running for office again, against Scott Herndon. He keeps saying things like “Herndon does not reflect Idaho values”. However, Woodward never actually goes into detail what he means by these comments. It is easy to understand someone who is a deceiver, if you carefully pay attention to what they say, how they say it, and what they leave out. Pay close attention to Woodward, and you will see that he is a true leftist.

Here is some of Woodward’s voting record, while he was previously in office:

  • VOTED to FORCE people to get COVID vaccines. VOTED NO on a bill that would prohibit vaccine requirements for COVID-19. He basically voted YES to force people to get COVID-19 vaccines. (bill S 1381). Here is the link to the bill that Woodward voted AGAINST https://justfacts.votesmart.org/bill/32498/84945/179702/prohibits-vaccine-requirements-for-covid-19
  • VOTED YES on a bill that appropriated 67 million dollars to the State Board of Education in 2022
  • Voted YES to give leftist Governor Brad Little more power to declare emergencies, and use the National Guard as he sees fit. (We all saw what happened with Brad Little and his abuse of power)
  • Voted NO on a bill that Specifies Voters Must be Issued a New Ballot of the Same Type they Originally Requested. 47 Republicans voted YES and 11 Democrats voted NO. (This encourages voter fraud)
  • VOTED NO on a bill that would Expand the Advanced Opportunities Program to Nonpublic School Students. This basically blocked private school and home-schooled students from gaining access to the same funds that public school students have access to. (Woodward obviously has disdain for families that home school their children, and believes that public school children are more important)
  • VOTED NO on a bill that Prohibits Transgender Female Students from Sports designated for Females. Basically, he voted FOR “transgender” men to participate in women’s sports. (H 500)
  • VOTED YES to send a bill to committee that would give illegal aliens access to get drivers licenses.
  • ABSTAINED from Voting on a bill that would exempt mothers who are breastfeeding from indecent exposure laws. (H 448). This is literally an attack on mothers.

We have audio of Jim Woodward literally saying that he does not care what his constituents think about his voting record, and that he will vote how he sees fit, regardless of what his constituents want. This comment literally means that he does not believe that he is there to work for the people. He is after his own interests, when he votes. During the conversation, Woodward goes on to say that if the people decide to vote him out, that is just fine and he has other things to do, anyway.

The audio, was recorded at an event back in 2021, in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. NOTE: There is also a transcript of the audio available.

Here is a link to that audio file:


Recently, Woodward sent out a mailer. You may have received one just like you see here. The mailer says absolutely nothing about his campaign, or beliefs.

Notice that this flier is literally saying that they are going to have meetings to tell people how to:

  • Change Party Affiliation – This is clearly to tell people how to change to Republican, so that all leftists can become subversionists.
  • Absentee Ballot Use – Note that there is a big problem in Boundary County, where the absentee ballots often “magically” win elections for the degenerate “good ol boys” of Boundary County.
Latest Woodward Mailer

There is a recent article published by a local Marxist newspaper that fawns over Woodward. If the local Marxists are promoting a candidate, then you can be sure that that candidate is not on the side of righteousness, or doing what is right.

It is important for all who read this article, to tell your friends to NOT vote for Jim Woodward. He is part of the “Good Old Boys” of Boundary County, and is a Subversionist Leftist that is only a registered Republican because he working to change Idaho back to the Democrat state it once was.

One final note… The Boundary County Republican groups are all run by subversionists. These groups are NOT run by conservatives, or God-Fearing people. Many of them are associated with Luciferian, Freemasonry organizations, or other groups.

Warn your friends about Jim Woodward. He is not on the side of light; he is on the side of darkness.


  1. This article is spot on!! I’ve lived in North Idaho long enough to witness his voting record. In my opinion, he has been and still is one of the most corrupt and disingenuous person I have seen in politics. Saying that he is a “good ol boy” is an understatement.

  2. I am astonished over the lies and insults directed toward Jim Woodward. What horrible experiences has Mark B. endured during his life to create such a bitter and hateful person? Does he actually believe that everyone that has lived in Boundary County for decades is a good old boy or girl?
    I feel sympathy for his family members. Imagine the negative effects on his children if they read his negative letter. Mark B. is in desperate need of psychiatric treatment.

    • Jim Candnum,
      That’s interesting, considering that you are Woodward’s father in-law.
      Your comments are idiotic and shows your bias.

    • Your comments are typical attacks on someone who wrote an honest article. You obviously have the mental capacity of a fit throwing teenager. People like you are a dime a dozen in this county.
      I recall seeing you explode into an uncontrollable fit of rage in the BCRCC because someone dared call your precious son-in-law a leftist. You came unhinged and started screaming at the person who said it. You did this even though Woodward was a public official at the time.
      All of this, and yet you call me troubled? Considering your uncontrollable temper in public, I am willing to bet that your violent temper carries over into your private life.

  3. It is obvious that exchanging insults is not beneficial to either of us. Therefore I am quitting in engaging in this conversation.

    • Mr. Cadnum…It’s like that old military saying, You can tell when you’re over the target when you start getting flack. The left doesn’t or can’t debate the truth. Nice to see you know when to bow out.

  4. Mr. Nealy, I am confused over your message.
    I bowed out because Mark and I were not gaining anything anything by exchanging insults. You said that the left can’t debate the truth. I don’t understand why you mentioned the left because I am not a liberal. I am a normal conservative, not a right wing extremist.

    • Someone that uses terms such as “right wing extremist”, is most certainly not a Conservative.
      Leftists such as yourself use these buzz-words in an attempt to give yourself some sort of false credibility, or “leverage” in a conversation.

      Just because you call yourself a conservative, does not make you one. You support a leftist politician/son-in-law.

      Just by the language that you use, it is obvious you are a leftist.
      You people are so easy to identify, it is almost comical.

  5. Mr Cadnum recently posted “Many Republicans are fed up with Trump and wont vote for him”. Need I say more.

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