Hatred and Intolerance is Not Just in the Cities, but Here in Our Community


Some of you know about the incident that occurred during campaign season a couple of years ago – my husband and I were accosted by an unhinged leftist nut (a retired local teacher!) while we were installing signs in town (at the property owner’s request). He spewed hatred and spittle while threatening and poking his finger in my husband’s chest, and we had to call the police.

Recently, a small group of about 10 of us stood outside Rep Sauter’s town hall, exercising our rights, quietly holding signs stating our dissatisfaction with his voting record. At one point a woman purposely barreled right into me, spinning me around.
I said: “What the heck?!”
She came back, put her hand on my shoulder, with a smirk on her face and in the most insincere voice said: “I’m sooooo sorrrrry.”
I said: “Get your hands off of me.”
She said, still in a totally disingenuous tone: “I was JUST apologizing.”
I said: “Don’t ever touch me.”

And did you see Rep. Heather Scott’s post on FaceBook last Sunday? She was returning south for this week’s session, flying from Spokane to Boise. As the guy who had sat behind her during the flight deplaned, he started to verbally assault her with extremely insulting comments. That is, until she turned on her camera and started recording!

These folks are very emboldened and want to get in your face. And as you know, there is no discussion, no civil discourse, no debate; it is either their way, or no way.

My point is that we are under attack, in a battle for everything for which we stand.

I bring these things to your attention so you are aware (in case there was any doubt!) that the hatred and intolerance is not just in the cities, but here in our community. Be safe out there.


  1. Thanks Jeanine…..It’s all the left knows how to deal with the fact that they don’t have a clue to how to deal with the truth, reality and God. Their like the bullies from when you were a kid that never grew up. It’s just a matter of time till their day of reckoning comes.

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