Registered voters in Boundary County need to know about major problems in the way our elections are managed.

Here, I describe two issues that one voter experienced.

  1. Back in 2020, when the tyrants were forcing people to wear masks, if they needed to go into the courthouse, many people simply avoided the courthouse, if at all possible.

Voting day, in November, many voters did not receive the proper ballots in the mail. One family described how they were lied to by the County Clerk, Glenda Posten. We will call this family, “The Smiths”. The Smiths did not receive the proper ballots in the mail, so that they could vote. They called the Clerk’s Office to find out if they can just show up at the polling station, and have a ballot issued, so that they could vote. The Clerk told them that they had to come into the Clerk’s office, to get a ballot, and that they would not be able to be issued a ballot at the local precinct polling station. This posed a problem for this family. Due to their religious convictions, and health reasons, they were unable to wear masks. This means that they were literally blocked from voting, by the tyrants running the courthouse, and the County Clerk.

The Smiths went to their precinct, in an attempt to vote, regardless of what the Clerk told them. When they arrived at their local polling station, they shared the situation, and the kind ladies who were working there, were able to help. It turned out, that voters could, in fact, have a ballot issued on the spot. It took a simple phone call to the County Clerk’s office. The Smiths were issued their proper ballots, and they voted.

The problem here, is that the County Clerk literally lied to the Smiths, in addition to several other families. It is unknown, how many other families did not go into their local polling station, based on the lies being told to them by the County Clerk.

This County Clerk should be fired, for their conduct.

  1. On election day, in November, 2022, one voter discovered something quite disturbing, within their local polling station. In an effort to do their duty, this voter filled out their ballot. Upon completion of their vote, this individual stepped up to place their ballot into a ballot box. Unfortunately, they were told that they had to put their ballot into an electronic counting machine. This posed a major issue with this voter. They remembered all of the problems with electronic voting machines, and voter the fraud that was attached to them all over the country. This voter wanted their vote to be tallied and counted by a human being. The supervisor at this polling station said that the only way to process votes, was through the electronic voting machines. The supervisor also stated that there were no ballot boxes on site, and voters would have to drive into town, and drop their ballots off at the County Clerk’s office, if they wanted their ballots to be processed by a human being. This polling station was a 30-minute drive into town.
    The voter placed their ballot on a table, and politely told the volunteers that were managing the voting process “There is no law that states that ballots must be tallied and counted by an electronic machine. Additionally, there is no law that requires voters to put their ballots into one of these machines. I have done my duty, and voted. I do not give anyone authorization to place my ballot into any machine. since you have not provided a ballot box, I am placing my completed ballot on this table. It is up to you (the supervisor) to make sure my vote gets processed according to law.” The voter then placed their ballot on the table, and left.

It is disturbing, and absurd that voters are being forced to use electronic voting machines. The supervisors should make sure that there are proper ballot boxes at their precinct polling station. It is the County Clerk’s office to make sure that the ballot boxes are provided.

My questions is this…

Why are voters not concerned about what happens to their ballots? This is a serious question, that deserves a serious answer. Voters have a duty to care enough about their votes, to ask these questions, and demand their votes get processed, properly.

Wake up, people.

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