Lies and Retaliation Perpetrated by Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Valenzuela


Corrupt Sheriff’s Deputies in Boundary County

Sheriff’s deputy Mike Valenzuela commits perjury on his reports, and falsely files charges against people, in retaliation when citizens invoke their right to not speak without an attorney.

On November 9th, 2022, Mike Valenzuela called a law-abiding citizen, and began threatening the citizen with felonious theft charges, because the citizen did not allow a thief to enter their property, to remove a shipping container that is owned by the thief.

The citizen invoked his right to have an attorney present, after the deputy made verbal threats. The deputy responded with, “So, that is the game you want to play.”

This shows a serious character flaw, gross lack of training, and a complete demonstration of ignorance by Mike Valenzuela.

Any officer of the law should never say, or believe that a citizen invoking their rights is “a game”.

The citizen hung up the phone, and assumed that the issue was done.

Over the next few weeks, the citizen worked with the owner of the shipping container, to have it removed from the property, by a third party. The removal was successful.

Then, the citizen received a summons to appear in court on felony theft charges.

On the paperwork, Mike Valenzuela swore that he had probable cause to file charges against the citizen. Note that the citizen never said that the shipping container would not be removed from the property, or that they were withholding the item. So, there is zero probable cause.

We have obtained a copy of the report. This deputy indeed lied on the report, and perjured himself. He  should be fired.

Additionally, we have seen transcripts of the calls, and text messages between the citizen and deputy, and between the citizen and owner of the shipping container.

Boundary County faces a possible civil rights lawsuit regarding this incident.

Corrupt individuals such as Mike Valenzuela should be removed from all positions related to policing, court of law, and government as a whole.

The following is on the homepage of the boundary County Sheriff’s website. Let’s hope that the department will uphold their pledge.


  1. No surprise here. This is a deputy who was precociously employed in Bonner County and has killed in multiple situations where it was uncalled for, unwarranted. Mike Valenzuela should be fired and never should have been hired. Then he should stand trial for murders.

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