Hatred by the Boundary County Cabal

Name: Kirk Dixon

The “Community Snatchers”are coming…
My wife and I were at Super 1 shopping. As we we strolling through the produce section, there they were. The “outsiders”. They were actually touching and inspecting the “local”tomatoes. If that wasn’t disturbing enough, we also saw them checking out the “local” canned goods. The “outsiders’s”children were even laughing. What was worst than that was, the parents smiled at us. It was just awful. How dare they walk amongst us. As we were waiting in the check-out line, the father”outsider” had the gall to say hello to us. It was indeed a weird feeling. As we were loading our car with the groceries, another “outsider” approached us and offered to help. My wife almost fainted. It took a lot of courage but I replied, no thank you. As we were driving home, we looked at each other with disbelief as to what had just experienced. To have this happen in ‘OUR” community was outrageous. It needs to stop. Next time we’ll call the cops on them. Just to prove a point…..
This is parody, but seems like more and more of this kind of crap is being spewed by “locals”. Seems like it shows up quite often in 9B News
It’s gotten so bad that on 3/13/2023 Mike Weland went as far as to use the term “right wing extremists” instead of “outsider”. I assume by his article, that it was time to tar and feather anybody he does not agree with and send then out of Bonners Ferry on a rail.
I’m wondering what the time frame is to fall under the label of “outside”…..a month…..1 year….perhaps 30 years. Humm

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