Personal Notes on the BCSD101 and the Neglect of School Facilities Just to Extort More Money From Taxpayers

Name: Kirk Dixon
I recently read an article in the Herald stating that the State is coming to Bonners Ferry to inspect Valley View. She (Teresa Rae) mentioned that getting the Kindergarten kids from across the street was difficult. I was on the safety board for a period of time (early 2000) and was at a meeting with Ron Smith.(at Valley View) That topic came up. I mentioned to him that common sense tells me that why not establish a building on the same side of street, seeing that there was plenty of space behind the school. He just glared at me and said that that just can’t be done. I replied with….why not ?. He could not answer that. Humm Now he’s sitting on the City Council. Humm It appears that outside opinions just might not matter much.
My question is….even back in 1996, when we had that intense amount of snow fall and the roof was a concern then, why didn’t that issue get dealt with in 1997-1998? Why did the repairs, “AKA” concerns take so long to embrace?
I would think that common sense would tell the school district to think ahead, rather that wait till the last minute. Which leads to taxing us taxpayers in extremely financially difficult times.


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