“Some” of the Leftist Subversion in Our Community

An Article by Adrienne Norris

Leftist Manipulation in Our Community

It is time to tell ~ We have leaders and well know people in our community who are trying to apply their left leaning ideals to our local government, churches, schools, families, etc.. It is not all of our leaders, but some.

They hide behind terms like nazis, smart growth, extremist, love, human rights and volunteerism. All these terms have been rebranded or hijacked for their cause. They are the ones who name call to discredit, shun people, decline applicants for job positions that the applicant was qualified for & boycott businesses. This tactic was working well for them. Most people didn’t want this to happen to their family or business so they kept their heads down. One of the mottos was if you have an issue take it privately. Unfortunately, this only benefited the leader who was at fault. Many of these filed complaints in our town have been stuffed in the drawer and forgotten about. This included legal issues (according to many testimonies told to me). Sex offenders have been given little to no punishment and many were not even made to be put on the sex offender’s list. Leaders cover up for their buddies all while many churches won’t speak up.

Another issue is Bonner County Clerk Michael Rosedale admits Democrats are registering as Republicans. I personally can attest that this is true and going on in Boundary County. Interestingly, the County Clerk states the Republican Central Committee usually poll watches on election day. This doesn’t happen in our county. Our local John Birch Society has been doing all the work. (SEE VIDEO IN COMMENTS)

Some have started Political Action Committees (PACs) so they can influence elections. Right now, the two PACs that are sending out flyers and paying for ad space in Boundary County are:

Nine B Strong (aka 9B Strong)

Started by Dave Anderson who is a former Mayor and commonly known to lean left. His wife Laura Anderson sat on the library committee to update the collection policy. Her and William Lee Colson believe sexually explicit materials in the children’s section is a 1st Amendment issue. BUT the library’s own lawyer told them at the first meeting this was not a 1st Amendment issue. Child porn or pediphila is not covered by the 1st Amendment per the Federal Obscenity Law & Idaho Law. No person of any age can possess child nudity/sex. Additionally, adults cannot give children sexually explicit materials with adult actors, (videos, writings, drawings, etc..). Per the Law, this stuff should not be in the children’s section.

Here is an example of what I have asked to be moved upstairs to the adult section. Right now this book is shelved downstairs in the children’s section in the Young Adult which the library recommends for 12 years old. The title of this book is not sexual and doesn’t not have a warning or age rating.



Nine B Strong (aka 9B Strong) is funded by left leaning republicans like Jim Woodward and organizations like QUANTUM CONCEPTS, LLC/North Idaho Voter Services (NIVS or NIVSPlus). They are running around town telling people that outsiders have come to take over. This is hogwash. The truth is people that have moved here want to get involved and keep what they fled from out. This is not a joke. There isn’t extremist moving in… it is people who want to make a difference! They also are noticing that this state was controlled by the democrats a few years back and when our state turned red many of these democrats changed their party to red and tricked the voters. So, they go around town creating fear with the locals and start calling the newcomers extremist, nazis, etc… Fear mongering. Honestly, I believe they are having a difficult time dealing with the change that comes when new people move in.

North Idaho Voter Services (NIVS or. NIVSPlus)

Owned by Diana L Dawson, of Sagle, who also owns QUANTUM CONCEPTS, LLC.; chooses to not be part of a PAC and instead funnels her money through as a business owner to influence all of North Idaho.

These organizations are run by left leaning Republicans, etc… Make sure you look at the bottom of the ads, flyers or signs to see who paid for it… you will be shocked at how many of your flyers and ads are paid for by interest groups and people who are trying to sway the vote!!!

I get this is hard for some people to swallow. I understand that many people don’t research who they are going to vote for… the voter just goes to the polls and votes for candidates with an “R” next to their name. Or votes for who their buddy said he was voting for.

Democrats have realized this and now are telling their left leaning buddies to change their party from Democrat to Republican. Then at the polls, these false flagged Republicans, can get a Republican ballot and vote for the fake Republicans. How do you think people like Rep. Mark Sauter got voted in? Look around we have many more playing this game. Last year Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad did this and got caught while trying to fill out a governor candidate form. He was registered republican, but took donations and ran on a democrat campaign… Shelby forgot to change his republican voter registration in time. A few newspapers wrote about this last year.

These are concerning times when lies and money are the primary influences of our future. Please, do your own research on the candidates and vote smart. We have 4 sexually explicit books in the children’s section for ages 12 years and up. I have been asking for 3 months for the Board to move 3 of these books out of the children’s section. The fourth one was requested recently. They told me to wait… There was no urgency. They do not care about the damage that these books do to young impressionable minds and their families. Also, the library still has multiple legal cases pending.


I am my own person with NO ENDORSEMENTS from any entity.

I am voting:

  • Lewis Clark
  • Mary-Esther Wilson


by: Adrienne Norris


  1. EXCELLENT article !!!!
    Should Mr Colson & Mr. Bohachek win the votes and nothing changes for the better, I say…SHUT THE LIBRARY DOWN…..

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