ESG and the Death of the Automobile Industry

Since the plandemic of Covid 19, automobile manufacturers have out-priced new vehicles, to the point where ordinary people simply cannot afford to purchase a new vehicle.

These price increases are mainly due to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policies. (See our in depth article on ESG here: ESG and the Enslavement of Everyone You Know )

The advertisement below shows the planned destruction of automobile ownership in the US:

ESG enslavement policies put businesses in the position to somehow implement and prove they are “taking steps to address environmental and social issues while improving their governance practices”.

Some of the latest ESG mandates in this industry sector are:

  • Electric vehicles (EVs): The shift toward electric vehicles has been gaining momentum in the automotive sector. Many major automobile manufacturers are investing heavily in EVs and have set ambitious targets for electrification of their fleets.
  • Sustainable supply chain: The automotive industry is also focusing on creating a so-called “sustainable supply chain” by sourcing raw materials from sources that are ESG approved, and promoting ESG practices in their supply chain.
  • Social responsibility: Automobile companies are also emphasizing their social responsibility by promoting “diversity and inclusion”, “supporting their communities” through ESG mandates, and “improving working conditions for their employees and suppliers”.
  • Circular economy: The circular economy concept is ESG mandated in the automotive industry, where companies are forced to create a closed-loop system for materials and products.

The automotive industry sector is facing several ESG challenges, which are posing a threat to the industry, in general. The ESG mandates have ended up in the United States EPA and the Department of Transportation.

Towns like Bonners Ferry will not survive, once the automobile industry goes full ESG.

The EPA and DoT have put so many rules and regulations on the automobile industry, they are unable to simply manufacture economic vehicles that are reliable. Impossible emissions requirements, sensors for everything, electronics requirements, among other things have mad it impossible to keep vehicle prices to a reasonable level. This falls in line with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) plan for use to own nothing.

If the United States found itself in a real war, where invasion was possible, we would be helpless. All we would be left with is battery operated vehicles that could not assist in the movement of goods or people throughout the nation. All we would have left are the old, reliable vehicles that are more than a decade old.

Why are our elected officials allowing the United Nations and World Economic Forum to rule over us? This country was founded by people that were willing to die while fighting for liberty. Where are the people like that, today?

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