Giant Skeleton Discovered in 1910, in Lincoln County, Idaho

While looking through the Library of Congress archives, we stumbled upon an article from “The Rathdrum Tribune,” dated March 18, 1910.

This is that story, word for word.

Giant Skeleton Found

Unmoved, unseen and untouched for hundreds of years, or so long a period that it can only be estimated by historians, and hidden in the recesses of a deep cave 25 miles north Shoshone, Lincoln county, in southern Idaho, states a recent Boise report. The place has seldom been visited and is known to but a few, is the skeleton of a giant ten feet tall, evidently of prehistoric origin.

As corroborate proof they are now exhibiting the rusty and timeworn barrel of what appears to be an old and ancient make rifle or gun weighing between 25 and 30 pounds, resembling a flint lock rifle, and which they claim was picked up besides the skeleton.

The bones will be taken out of the cave at the earliest possible date and carefully packed and forwarded to the Smithsonian Institute.

Its appearance, it is believed by those who have seen the skeleton, will result in an invasion of the caves in that section of Idaho by students wishing to see knowledge of the earlier inhabitants of America.

The skull of this giant is twice as large as that of the average man. The shape would indicate that the giant had a massive head upon his broad shoulders and the large limb bones indicate the giant must have been a man of great strength and physical power.

The skeleton is very well preserved and was found far back in the chambers of the cave stretched at full length. Close by was the barrel of the rusty gun, which is of make unknown to those familiar with firearms and considered a genuine trophy by its possessors.

No reasonable theory can be advanced by the discoverers as to how the skeleton happened to be in the cave. Those who have looked into the facts believe that the skeleton represents one of a lost race probably unknown to historians in this day and age, which occupied the American continent long before the red skin held the country in his power.

Source: The Rathdrum tribune. (Rathdrum, Idaho), 18 March 1910.

Here is the direct link to the original newspaper article: Original Idaho Tribune Article at the Library of Congress

It is important to note that in the 1800s and early 1900s, there are hundreds of articles written about discoveries of giants, other creatures, and artifacts. A common occurrence with discoveries like these, is that the Smithsonian, or other government agencies converge on the site, and take the discoveries. The evidence then “disappears”, forever.

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