The Nez Perce Hero and the Seven Devils of Idaho


Deep in the Hells Canyon, the jagged peaks tell a story of seven child-eating giants. According to the Nez Perce tribe, a cunning young man named Coyote tricked the giants into fiery pits, their petrified forms now forming the “Seven Devils” mountain range. This cautionary story reminds of protecting children and respecting the land’s hidden dangers.

It speaks of a time when Nephilim Giants known as the Seven Devils terrorized the Nez Perce people, and of a courageous hero who rose to defend his tribe.

These weren’t mythical creatures, but formidable foes – Nephilim Giants said to stand taller than the tallest pines, with appetites as vast as Hell’s Canyon itself. Their presence cast a shadow of fear over the Nez Perce, as children vanished without a trace, presumed snatched by these monsters.

Seven Devils Giant and Nez Perce Indian Tribe

According to tribal elders, a young man named Coyote emerged as the unlikely hero. Though not physically imposing, he was smart and brave. He studied the giants’ movements, observing their routines and vulnerabilities. His keen mind formulated a daring plan. NOTE: This event reminds us of a similar event in the Bible where David killed Goliath.

With the help of the tribespeople, Coyote went out to destroy the Nephilim Monsters. They dug seven deep pits, strategically placed along the giants’ usual path. These weren’t ordinary pits; they were filled with a potent mixture of boiling springs and volcanic rock, designed to trap the Seven Devil Giants.

When the time was right, Coyote lured the Seven Devils towards the prepared traps. Enticed by some clever trickery, the giants fell one by one into the searing pits, their roaring cries echoing through the canyons. The earth itself seemed to tremble as the giants met their fiery demise.

The battle wasn’t without cost. One giant, the largest and most fearsome, managed to escape the trap. In a final act of defiance, Coyote and a small group of warriors engaged the creature in a desperate struggle. Though outmatched by the creature, their courage prevailed. They managed to wound the giant mortally, sending it plummeting into the depths of the Snake River, where it vanished forever.

Hell’s Canyon

With the Seven Devils destroyed, peace returned to the Nez Perce people. The land, once shrouded in fear, now breathed a sigh of relief. And although the exact details of the battle may be lost to the mists of time, the towering peaks known as the Seven Devils Mountains stand as a permanent reminder of that fateful day when courage triumphed over monstrous odds.

This story, passed down through generations, isn’t just a legend of giants and heroes. It embodies the persistent and determined spirit of the Nez Perce people, their connection to the land, and their unwavering courage in the face of adversity. It’s a reminder that even the most daunting challenges can be overcome with cunning, bravery, and the unwavering support of a community. And as you stand amidst the grandeur of the Seven Devils Mountains, let the whispers of this legend carry you back to a time when heroes walked the earth, and Nephilim Giants once roamed the canyons.

Nez Perce Tribe Artwork

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  1. I grew up in Walla Walla, but had never heard this Nez Perce folklore/history. Very interesting, thank you for sharing.

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