Bob Vickaryous – The Right Choice for Democrat State Representative District 1

Bob Vickaryous has been a staple in Boundary County for decades. He is a second-generation, native born rancher of Bonners Ferry, and is running for Democrat Idaho Representative District 1.

Bob’s father started a cattle ranch in North Boundary County back in 1941. Today, Bob still runs the ranch with the assistance of his wife Mary. Together, Bob and Mary successfully run “Bob’s Lazy V Ranch”.

Why is Bob Running

Why is Bob running for the State Representative seat? He told Boundary.News that he wants to bring back the values the Democrat party was founded on. He says “It is time to bring back integrity to the party.”

Original Democrat Values

The Democratic Party, founded in the early 19th century, has devolved significantly over its history. Andrew Jackson was a major force in shaping the policies of the party. Here are some key aspects of the original values and focuses of the Democratic Party:

July 07, 1896

We, the Democrats of the United States in National Convention assembled, do reaffirm our allegiance to those great essential principles of justice and liberty, upon which our institutions are founded, and which the Democratic Party has advocated from Jefferson’s time to our own—freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of conscience, the preservation of personal rights, the equality of all citizens before the law, and the faithful observance of constitutional limitations.

During all these years the Democratic Party has resisted the tendency of selfish interests to the centralization of governmental power, and steadfastly maintained the integrity of the dual scheme of government established by the founders of this Republic of republics. Under its guidance and teachings the great principle of local self-government has found its best expression in the maintenance of the rights of the States and in its assertion of the necessity of confining the general government to the exercise of the powers granted by the Constitution of the United States.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees to every citizen the rights of civil and religious liberty. The Democratic Party has always been the exponent of political liberty and religious freedom, and it renews its obligations and reaffirms its devotion to these fundamental principles of the Constitution.

The Money Plank

Recognizing that the money question is paramount to all others at this time, we invite attention to the fact that the Federal Constitution named silver and gold together as the money metals of the United States, and that the first coinage law passed by Congress under the Constitution made the silver dollar the monetary unit and admitted gold to free coinage at a ratio based upon the silver-dollar unit.

We declare that the act of 1873 demonetizing silver without the knowledge or approval of the American people has resulted in the appreciation of gold and a corresponding fall in the prices of commodities produced by the people; a heavy increase in the burdens of taxation and of all debts, public and private; the enrichment of the money-lending class at home and abroad; the prostration of industry and impoverishment of the people.

We demand the free and unlimited coinage of both silver and gold at the present legal ratio of 16 to 1 without waiting for the aid or consent of any other nation. We demand that the standard silver dollar shall be a full legal tender, equally with gold, for all debts, public and private, and we favor such legislation as will prevent for the future the demonetization of any kind of legal-tender money by private contract.

We are opposed to the policy and practice of surrendering to the holders of the obligations of the United States the option reserved by law to the Government of redeeming such obligations in either silver coin or gold coin.

Interest-Bearing Bonds

We are opposed to the issuing of interest-bearing bonds of the United States in time of peace and condemn the trafficking with banking syndicates, which, in exchange for bonds and at an enormous profit to themselves, supply the Federal Treasury with gold to maintain the policy of gold monometallism.

Against National Banks

Congress alone has the power to coin and issue money, and President Jackson declared that this power could not be delegated to corporations or individuals. We therefore denounce the issuance of notes intended to circulate as money by National banks as in derogation of the Constitution, and we demand that all paper which is made a legal tender for public and private debts, or which is receivable for dues to the United States, shall be issued by the Government of the United States and shall be redeemable in coin.

Tariff Resolution

We hold that tariff duties should be levied for purposes of revenue, such duties to be so adjusted as to operate equally throughout the country, and not discriminate between class or section, and that taxation should be limited by the needs of the Government, honestly and economically administered.

Immigration and Arbitration

We hold that the most efficient way of protecting American labor is to prevent the importation of foreign pauper labor to compete with it in the home market, and that the value of the home market to our American farmers and artisans is greatly reduced by a vicious monetary system which depresses the prices of their products below the cost of production, and thus deprives them of the means of purchasing the products of our home manufactories; and as labor creates the wealth of the country, we demand the passage of such laws as may be necessary to protect it in all its rights.

We are in favor of the arbitration of differences between employers engaged in interstate commerce and their employees, and recommend such legislation as is necessary to carry out this principle.

Declare for Economy

We denounce the profligate waste of the money wrung from the people by oppressive taxation and the lavish appropriations of recent Republican Congresses, which have kept taxes high, while the labor that pays them is unemployed and the products of the people’s toil are depressed in price till they no longer repay the cost of production. We demand a return to that simplicity and economy which befits a Democratic Government, and a reduction in the number of useless offices, the salaries of which drain the substance of the people.

Federal Interference in Local Affairs

We denounce arbitrary interference by Federal authorities in local affairs as a violation of the Constitution of the United States, and a crime against free institutions, and we especially object to government by injunction as a new and highly dangerous form of oppression by which Federal Judges, in contempt of the laws of the States and rights of citizens, become at once legislators, judges and executioners; and we approve the bill passed at the last session of the United States Senate, and now pending in the House of Representatives, relative to contempts in Federal courts and providing for trials by jury in certain cases of contempt.

Pacific Railroad

No discrimination should be indulged in by the Government of the United States in favor of any of its debtors.

Civil-Service Laws

We are opposed to life tenure in the public service, except as provided in the Constitution. We favor appointments based on merit, fixed terms of office, and such an administration of the civil-service laws as will afford equal opportunities to all citizens of ascertained fitness.

Third-Term Resolution

We declare it to be the unwritten law of this Republic, established by custom and usage of 100 years, and sanctioned by the examples of the greatest and wisest of those who founded and have maintained our Government that no man should be eligible for a third term of the Presidential office.

Improvement of Waterways

The Federal Government should care for and improve the Mississippi River and other great waterways of the Republic, so as to secure for the interior States easy and cheap transportation to tidewater.


Confiding in the justice of our cause and the necessity of its success at the polls, we submit the foregoing declaration of principles and purposes to the considerate judgment of the American people. We invite the support of all citizens who approve them and who desire to have them made effective through legislation, for the relief of the people and the restoration of the country’s prosperity.


The bottom line is, if you love Boundary County and want someone who truly aligns with the founding ideas and policies of the Democrat Party, you should vote for Bob Vickaryous.

Oh… If you want some of the best beef in Boundary County, order some from Bob’s Lazy V Beef.


Bonners Ferry Turning into LGBQ Haven

Some people are going to agree with me and some are not. To the ones who don’t…I COULD CARE LESS !! My question to this community is, why would anybody in this community want to celebrate an anti- Christian event such as a three day pride event.
Personally, I could care less if you are gay, want to become a transgender, lesbian or just plain queer. My point is, why do these people feel the need to subject other people to such an immoral event. YES I SAID IMMORAL event.
I’m sure that that kind of behavior has been going on for a long time. My point is still the flaunting of it is a slap in the face of God fearing Christians, such as myself. In my opinion, that kind of behavior should best kept to who ever it pertains to and NOT subjected people of moral beliefs.
I also believe that for the Pearl to support this kind of event speaks volume of the lack of dignity and self worth which it was meant to provide. After living in this fine community for 30 plus years, I never would have imagined that such a thing would happen here. It is truly sad to that this community has lowered its standards and dignity to such levels.
I’ve read articles after articles complaining about the newcomers moving here and wrecking the good this community has to offer. Well….if this kind of thing gets a foot hold here, I promise you there will be more to come. Please wake up people!!!!
God Bless the Christians of this community !!!

Boundary County Sheriff Candidates Compared


The upcoming election will decide who the next Sheriff of Boundary County will be. We have arrived at a major crossroads in Boundary County, where the people need to decide if we want to escape the corruption, or if we will continue down that road. Several seats have been filled with Subversionists running unopposed. However, there are three candidates for Sheriff.

The voters have grown tired, and it shows. Fewer people are getting involved, and Conservatives are losing every election in 2022, 2023, and 2024. The corrupt have been winning left and right. It is time for us to vote for the most qualified candidate for Sheriff. If we fail to do our duty, the cartel known as “the good-ol-boy network” will continue strangling the citizens of this county. 


Last Thursday, March 21st, a “debate” was held at the Bonners Ferry High School. The Panhandle Republican Women’s group organized the event, with the help of several local businesses and subversionists who sponsored it. Although it was called a “debate”, it was nothing more than a question/answer session. However, it was a good event. You can watch the debate using this link: BOUNDARY COUNTY SHERIFF DEBATE 2024

Mary Fioravanti and Amy Roemelen were the moderators for this event.



Jon VanGesen clearly won the debate and stole the show. His presentation was natural, and powerful. He outlined his credentials and plan that the crowd understood and was excited about, based on the applause. After the debate, Mr VanGesen stood in the center of the room, while audience members joyfully surrounded him.


VanGesen with Citizen
VanGesen Speaking

Dave Schuman came in a solid “second”. He stood stoic, and had a strong presence on the floor. Mr Schuman answered some questions so honestly, that it surprised many audience members. I have known Dave for years, and have found him to be dedicated to this community. Additionally, I have found him to be one that sacrifices much of himself for his duty with the Sheriff’s Department. His grit and in-your-face style of honesty showed his character on the floor during the debate. It is important to note that I could hear that his mic was not calibrated/tuned to the same settings as the other two candidates’ mics. Whether it was on purpose, or by accident, I do not know. After the debate, Mr Schuman had several people at his booth that conversed with him.

Schuman and Citizen
Schuman Speaking

Travis Stolley came in far behind the other candidates. He stood in his spot and swayed back & forth. He failed to provide answers to most of the questions. He often went around in circles with his responses, and was unable to answer specifics about his qualifications. Most of his answers could be described using the term “doublespeak“. Mr Stolley went back to his booth after the debate. We were able to capture a nice photo of him, there. At the time we were there, there were no supporters talking to him.

Stolley at Booth
Stolley Speaking



Dave Schuman – Pros and Cons

Although Schuman has been consistently placed on the worst shifts, and often been treated with contempt by other members of the Sheriff’s Department, he has endured and overcome the adversity through his unbreakable fervor for his duty as a Deputy Sheriff. Shuman has extensive experience inside the Boundary County Sheriff’s Department, in addition to a full career working within Military Law Enforcement. Shuman’s biggest experience gap is lack of administrative skills. The following outlines some of the pros and cons of Dave Schuman:


  • 44 years of total experience (20 as military policeman, and 24 years with Boundary County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Wants to bring back integrity to the Department
  • Army Vet
  • JBS Member
  • Endorsements from local citizens, and law enforcement professionals
  • Holds several certifications
  • Constitutional based candidate
  • Dedicated to his duty
  • Received several commendations
  • Many of the corrupt Sheriff’s Department members said they will quit, if Schuman is elected. This says alot about his character. If the corrupt hate you, you must be doing something right


  • Ego Driven / Can be perceived as abrasive
  • Lacks Administrative experience that is required

Travis Stolley – Pros and Cons

Stolley is liked by many established members of the community. Although I have never met Travis, several people that I know have told me that he is a nice guy who really wants to do his part for the community. I have to say that that is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, the Sheriff needs certain qualifications, and Mr Stolley has zero qualifications to be Sheriff. Being a former standby deputy is not a qualification for Sheriff. One analogy reminds me of professional football, where a backup player fresh out of high school wants to be the coach of the team. It would be absurd to allow him to be the coach. Travis and his campaign have ignored requests by Boundary.News for an interview.

If you want to break the chains of corruption in this county, do not vote for Travis Stolley.


  • Former Marine
  • Has some experience in the Boundary County Police Department and the Sheriff’s Department
  • Constitutional based candidate
  • While on duty, Stolley has mishandled and “lost” key evidence that contained child pornography. He also did not file a report on the child porn case
  • He has failed to wear gloves while inside a murder scene
  • Lacks experience in any capacity relevant to being a Sheriff
  • Member of the Establishment, Old Boy Network (susceptible to corruption)
  • Will not answer questions about his resume
  • Does not respond well to questions
  • Relies too much on his “connections” in the community
  • Endorsed by the Bonners Ferry Herald, and 9b news, which are both local marxist news outlets
  • No website
  • Endorsed by the corrupt, local establishment and marxists
  • Stonewalled Boundary.News when asked for interview over the phone or in person
  • Campaign Facebook page is locked to where the public cannot view it
  • Suspicious entities have donated to his campaign. See the notes below in the Campaign Donations section

Jon VanGesen – Pros and Cons

Jon VanGesen’s entrance into the race caught most of us by surprise. To tell the truth, I was very skeptical of this individual that seemingly came out of left field. My only interactions with Mr VanGesen was a single phone interview. I tried several techniques in an effort to get a negative read on Jon. Although I did my best, I detected no signs of deception, and he passed the interview with zero red flags. During the debate, his demeanor and natural communication skills were quite impressive. I also tried to find gaps in his skill set and character history, but I failed to find anything that was noteworthy.


  • 35 years of experience as a Law Enforcement Professional. Is the most experienced in law enforcement
  • Leader and Administrator in numerous Supervisory and Administrative Positions
  • Holds several certifications
  • Brings a fresh perspective
  • Strong Communicator
  • Wants to bring better response times
  • Wants to modernize squad vehicles with Mobile Data Terminals
  • Wants to modernize online presence
  • Endorsed by several professionals in law enforcement
  • Received the most commendations out of all of the candidates
  • Constitutional based candidate


  • Fan of Jimmy Carter


We pulled the campaign donations data from the Sunshine Report. What we found, was a little strange. The dataset can be downloaded from Boundary.News here: CAMPAIGN DONATIONS DATA SET

NOTE: The Sunshine Report Database is going through a migration to a new site. The dataset we were able to get might not be up to date.


Travis Stolley’s campaign received money from suspicious sources, and has received more donations than the other candidates, combined. We also uncovered a history of financial problems. However, due to the amount of time that has passed, we will not outline the details. What did concern us, is that information about Travis Stolley is being scrubbed/removed from several online investigative sources. This almost always happens when a person asks for their information to be removed or made private on these sites.

The suspicious entity that donated $980.00 to his campaign is called “Boundary Educational Services International”. We looked into this organization and found it to be fake. It is registered in Wyoming as a business. However, there is no name associated with it, and when we checked their website, the phone numbers did not work, and the website looks like a typical NGO site that is setup with fake information. This entity donated twice totaling $980 to Stolley’s campaign. He also is listed as having $4500 in cash without explaining where it came from. In addition to this, several corrupt police officers donated to his campaign, along with several subversionists.


Dave Schuman’s campaign has received a few donations, and we found no issues with where the money comes from.


According to the dataset, VanGesen has not taken any donations. He appears to be financing his campaign with his own money. 


This election is the most important election in decades. The people of Boundary County need to start putting aside their feelings and start voting for the best candidates. Just because you have strong feelings about someone is not a good reason to vote for them. A Sheriff, in a county this size needs a Sheriff with good character, skills to do the job properly. Do your duty, and vote based on these things. 

Tell your friends to read this article. Share it with as many people as you can. Send it to friends through email and social media so that everyone can be informed about the candidates.

The Mike Weland That You Think You Know

This article shows how an immature, abusive, diabolical little man acts, in order to make himself feel bigger and more relevant than he actually is.

Mike Weland has been running a Marxist “news” outlet for many years in Boundary County. Weland often uses his platform to attack individuals in the community, in an attempt to destroy their character, just because he decides he does not like them. He has been doing this, for years, with zero accountability. 

Vulgar Comments

Weland has also been trolling Boundary.News ever since it came online in December of 2022. He has left several comments that were filled with vulgar filled tirades and personal attacks on our readers. I deleted most of Weland’s comments from Boundary.News, due to their extremely vulgar nature. 

Here is one that I actually approved:

“I look forward to the time you and your friends make a damned lick of sense. God amighty, boy! Play pussy, child …. Feel at home, coward. You would be pissed those you fear shit in your driveway. Play pussy, son. Don’t ever assume you think you intimidate me. Go take a nap.”

Threatening Emails

Several people have also forwarded me emails that Weland has sent them. This particular email threatens the person’s life, threatens sexual assault on the person’s wife, is vulgar, and insulting. Here are some snippets from one of the emails that Weland has sent to someone. I have included quotes below:

“So glad you concern yourself with me, boy. Play pussy, you insipid cunt, get fucked. Be glad I haven’t fucked your wife yet.

Come on over, boy. I won’t kill you, I promise.  (NOTE: Weland made a comment in another email that he would kill this person if this person showed up at his door)

I have no idea why I try to be polite. Guess I was just brought up that way. I have no idea why such execrable assholes as (name scrubbed) insist on playing pussy.

He just comes off looking stupid.

Instead of talking bullshit, boy, you ought be happy I’m not fucking your wife. ill graciously and without remorse splatter your miniature dick right out from betwixt your chicken legs, and I will smile and look you square in the face as I do it.  Do not fuck with me, son. You will be fucking with your life. And your life is damned cheap, boy. (Weland is clearly threatening the life of this individual)

Mike Weland

Publisher, 9B.News

(208) 295-1016

P.O. Box 1625

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805”

Manipulative and Unethical Behavior

Last week, I wrote an article about election issues in Boundary County, on Boundary.News. You can find that article here: Election Anomalies and Corruption in Boundary County

Shortly after I wrote the article, Adrienne Norris (AKA the Boundary County Watchman) received a call. The caller complained about my article, and scolded the Watchman for daring to share the article. Shortly after this call, I received an email from Mike Weland. On the surface, the email appeared to be a sincere attempt to get information for his attempt to rebut my article. I kindly and professionally responded. The next thing I knew, people were sending me links to an article written by Mike Weland, slamming my email response and the facts I presented in my article, in addition to personal attacks against me.

Here is the email from Mike Weland:

“From: Mike Weland <>

Subject: Election Anomalies and Corruption

Message Body:


I read with interest your recent article, “Election Anomalies and Corruption in Boundary County,” and I am working on an article of my own refuting, if I can, your contentions.

I’m writing to ask if you could provide clarification of the data you used and the statistical method used to arrive at the conclusions cited.

Also, if you could tell me a little of your qualifications, background and education in either election administration or statistical analysis, I would be grateful.

If there’s anything I haven’t raised you feel I should know or look into so as to write a fair, accurate and unbiased account, I would again be grateful.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mike Weland

Publisher, 9B.News

(208) 295-1016

6619 Kaniksu St., Room 19

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805”

My response was:

“Sent: Sunday, March 17, 2024 8:48 AM

To: ‘’ <>

Subject: RE: Boundary.News “Election Anomalies and Corruption”

Hello Mike,

Thank you for respectfully reaching out. I do appreciate your interest; please understand if I am skeptical of your intent.

The data sets I used are publicly available.

First, I received several pieces of information from a team of people that I work with.

Next, I ran queries against the data sets to get the numbers that I was looking for.

Next, I talked to a colleague who has a Master’s Degree in statistics, to answer questions, and provide direction on statistical anomalies.

Next, I followed up on the items that were discussed with my Statistics expert.

Next, I pulled archives from different public sources to verify key points.

To answer your questions about my education and expertise, here is the following:

As a reporter, you should know that reporters are not literally experts in every story or topic they write. Asking about my “qualifications” is nothing more than a set of “gotcha” questions; we both know this is the case. That said, I am willing to entertain your questions.

My background is a high-tech consultant. You can readily find my resume on LinkedIn, if you want to see my general qualifications. For the most part, I am a self-taught expert in many things. I am one of those people that find an interest, become an expert in that topic, and then move along to the next. I often rely on my professional colleagues to assist me in becoming skilled in this or that. I happen to have a professional history as an Analyst, among other things.

The most important thing I have learned, is to surround myself with people who are smarter and wiser that I am.

To be honest, I do not need a background in education, election administration, or statistical analysis. I did my research, ran my numbers, consulted with experts (when needed), and provided my findings.

Truly intelligent people do not use certifications, degrees or titles to prop themselves up and give themselves a false sense of accomplishment. As a hacker in the mid-90s, I went to college. What I found was that most of the teachers simply did not understand the real-world applications of the topics they had degrees in. They often lacked actual technical experience, and simply did not understand the methodologies that people actually use. I often found myself having to write papers on concepts outlining why the teachers were wrong. Note that I am not suggesting that colleges offer nothing of value. There are actually some very good teachers out there; there are simply not enough of them. Degrees literally mean nothing, today. They once meant a great deal, but not anymore. My first real mentor was the head network security architect for the Swedish Stock Exchange. He taught me very important lessons about how to use my skills in the best ways possible. Thanks to him, I came back the US and applied the lessons he taught me. This is how my career began.

On a side note, I have never seen you write anything that required actual investigation, or that is unbiased. My team and I are the first writers in this community that actually investigate problems in this community. Your responses to my writings thus far, have been nothing more than bashing sessions, or regurgitations of something already written by Emily. I have seen the pattern of you two literally copying one another.

One last thing to consider, in the past year or two, you were being badgered online from several individuals on social media and email. For some reason, you assumed those individuals were me. You then took it upon yourself to write several “articles” bashing me. You used your news platform as a weapon to attack me, for no reason. As it turned out, I was not the one who was badgering you. In fact, I was unaware you were being badgered. You see, when you attack the innocent, you bring serious problems upon yourself. I have never done anything to you.

In the last precious days that you have left, I would encourage you to repent, and start writing actual truth. Several people who have known you for decades have told me about how you have slowly descended from someone who was once decent, into the lifeless waste of humanity that you have become. Please understand that this is not me trying to attack you. I am just trying to encourage you to do some actual soul searching.


Mark Moseley”

Unethical Abuse of His Platform

In the article he wrote on his so-called “news” outlet, you can see that Mike Weland left out of his article much of my response to him. He cherry-picks things, in an effort to deceive the reader.

Mike Weland is guilty of these unethical behaviors as a “writer” / “reporter”.

  • Unethical Journalism – Mike Weland violated journalistic ethics. His actions are a form of unethical journalism. This is because it involves deception and a breach of professional courtesy, as well as intentionally misrepresenting my intentions and words.
  • Betrayal of Trust or Professional Betrayal – On a more interpersonal level, Weland’s actions are a betrayal of trust/professional betrayal, especially since I expected the exchange to contribute to constructive dialogue or accurate reporting rather than become the basis for a public attack.
  • Misleading or Deceptive Practices – More broadly, Mike Weland engaged in misleading/deceptive practices, particularly when there was an implied or explicit understanding that the request for clarification was in good faith and not for the purpose of personal attacks.
  • Ambush Journalism – While traditionally associated with confrontational interviews or surprise encounters to catch subjects off-guard, “ambush journalism” can be applied here. Mike Weland’s actions in using my honest responses as fodder for personal attacks, especially since he took my words out of context and misrepresented, make it a form of ambushing.

Each of these terms highlights different aspects of the behavior and its ethical or professional implications. Mike Weland has zero integrity. He perpetually goes against the rules of journalism. Either he does not understand the rules of integrity, or he simply does not care.

Mike Weland has a long history of slandering people, while using his “news” outlet as a weaponized platform to do so.

Weland also uses his disabilities as a weapon against those who should dare speak out against him. People are afraid of the backlash they may face, if they dare speak out against a disabled individual. He also likes to abuse his “veteran” status. I know a lot of really good people who are Vets; I also know some really evil individuals who are vets. Just because you are a vet, does not give you good status as a human being.

I also find it interesting that Weland wrote his hit piece very shortly after the the phone call. Circumstantial evidence suggests that someone put Weland up to writing the hit piece.

One last thing to note is that Mike Weland is now living in the Boundary County Community Restorium. It would be worth finding out if a single tax dollar subsidizes the facility. If so, I am wondering if it is legal for Mike Weland to run a business out of his room. His email signature shows his actual room address. It suggests that he is running his business from this location.


People in this county need to understand that Mike Weland cannot continue attempting to use his “news” platform to attempt to destroy people’s social standing, or character. He also cannot be allowed to threaten people’s lives, or threaten to sexually assault their wives.

We have several other key disturbing facts about Mike Weland that I have left out of this article. If required, at a later date, I may release this information. For now, it will be kept confidential.


Election Anomalies and Corruption in Boundary County

There is a trend in Boundary County Elections, where the elections are decided from the Absentee ballots. We have tracked this trend over the past 6 elections. This trend, alongside other anomalies surrounding our elections, the voters, and the people who are in charge of counting, has become, at minimum, a statistical improbability, and more likely, a statistical impossibility.

The following information was gathered by multiple individuals, independently. We will combine their findings and present a summary.


  • Signature Verification – Witnesses have come forward to say they have intentionally and unintentionally submitted different signatures on the voter registration form, and the ballot. These inconsistencies were overlooked or not checked by the County Clerk.
  • No Residence – Our investigators found several voter ID’s address that contained no residence, or dwelling.
  • Registration Dates – We found that there were voters that voted before they registered to vote.
  • Invalid Addresses – We found addresses that were nonexistent.
  • The number of Registered Democrats vs Republicans is vastly outside of normal parameters.
  • Absentee Ballots – Absentee ballots swing the election to Subversionists
  • Universal Mail-in Ballots – The 5/19/2020 election was the covid election, where Governor Brad Little  implemented universal mail in ballots. Our record shows that 100% (except one vote) was recorded as absentee. One of our investigators showed up in-person and voted normally that day. Many others also showed up to vote in-person. No desire to fix the record was offered by the County Clerks office.

Other Issues

The County Clerk’s office should be properly analyzing and updating the detailed records of registered voters. However, due to corruption, laziness, and/or incompetence, they have failed to do so. In fact, it has been the hard work of a few citizens that have taken it upon themselves to do the work. It took the citizens roughly 10 months and 100 email exchanges with the Clerk’s Office, to get the Clerk to do her job and provide a revised, “comprehensively updated election data set”. This new data set has 1900 names of voters that have been removed from the list. Here are some of the categories of voters that were removed from the list:

  • Deceased – 344
  • List maintenance purge – 719
  • Office correction – 14
  • Challenged – 201
  • Moved out of State/ County – 94
  • Duplicate voter – 57
  • Under conviction of felony – 17
  • Merged – 21

It is important that we point that our investigation has not found that any of the 1900 voters removed from the list were used for illegal vote casting.

Registered Republicans vs Democrats

In Boundary County, we have roughly 9639 registered voters. Statistically, it is impossible that legitimate Republican voters vs Democrat voters should have such a vast margin.

  • Republican – 6806
  • Democrat – 663
  • Libertarian – 91
  • Constitution – 71
  • Unaffiliated – 2008

The percentage of Democrats vs Republicans is:

  • Democrat – 9.7%
  • Republican – 89.3 %

As you can see, the percentage of Republican vs Democrat is an incredible margin. This is a statistical impossibility. So then, how do we explain this statistical impossibility?


The fact is, Boundary County was once a largely Democrat majority. Over the years, Conservatives have moved here and Conservative values have been slowly creeping into the County, over decades. However, this does not explain the huge marginal differences between registered party affiliations.

In order for the leftists to keep control over this county, the Democrats have conspired to switch their party affiliation and register as Republicans. By doing this, they knew that most people would see the “Republican” label and treat them as such. A simple action to switch parties by the Democrats has allowed them to undermine the very fabric of honest elections in Boundary County.

The leftists have managed to accomplish Total Subversion of the Boundary County political structure. They have taken over almost every elected position, and public service positions. Every organization from the Boundary County Republican Central Committee, County Clerk, Commissioners, City Council, Library Board, School Board, Planning and Zoning (and others) have been completely saturated with these Subversionists. They are literally running every single committee and public services department.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The Solution

1: Anonymous voting should not be allowed. Right now, votes cannot be properly validated by independent resources, due to not having access to the names of the individuals and the votes that were cast.

2: Stop Using Electronic Voting Machines. These machines are far too easily hacked using low-tech and electronic means

3: The County Clerk has proven to be, at minimum, incompetent in handling absentee ballots, or verifying signatures. The Clerk should be trained on these tasks, and then the Clerk should train anyone who asks, on the exact processes for these tasks

4: Identify and remove all Subversionists from all boards and positions. Conservatives need to get up, run for office and get on the boards


We need all of you to share this article and spread the word about these problems. We have reached an Apex in this county, where everything will be lost to the globalists and leftists, if we do not start taking action.

Taking a Stand Against Postal Junk Mail in North Idaho

In the picturesque region of Boundary County, residents have had enough of an onslaught of postal SPAM cluttering their mailboxes. From unwanted flyers to unscrupulous solicitations, the amount of junk mail has become intolerable. But the community is taking a stand against Postal SPAM and saying, “Enough is enough!”

With a shared determination to reclaim their mailboxes and preserve the sanctity of their postal service, local residents are fighting back against the relentless trash that ends up in our mailboxes.

The Impact of Postal SPAM on North Idaho Residents

Junk Mail has a significant impact on the lives of North Idaho residents. Not only does it clutter their mailboxes, but it also wastes their time, paper, and resources. The constant influx of unwanted flyers, advertisements, and solicitations can be overwhelming and frustrating.

For many residents, the invasion of our privacy is a major concern. Junk mail often contains personal information, which can leave individuals vulnerable to identity theft and other forms of fraud. Additionally, the sheer volume of junk mail can make it difficult for residents to identify important mail and correspondence, leading to missed opportunities or important documents being accidentally discarded.

There are several elderly people in our community that receive pounds of mail each day. It literally takes 15-60 minutes to sort through a single day’s mail for some elderly residents.

Current Regulations and Laws Regarding Postal SPAM

To combat the issue of postal SPAM, there are existing regulations and laws in place. The United States Postal Service (USPS) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) play vital roles in protecting citizens from unwanted and deceptive mailings.

The USPS has established rules and regulations that govern the mailing industry. They provide guidelines for what can and cannot be sent as bulk mail, as well as procedures for recipients to opt-out of receiving certain types of mail. The USPS also offers services, such as Informed Delivery, which allows residents to digitally preview their mail and manage their preferences.

The FTC, on the other hand, enforces laws related to deceptive and unfair business practices. They have implemented the CAN-SPAM Act, which regulates commercial email and imposes penalties on companies that violate its provisions. While the CAN-SPAM Act primarily focuses on electronic communications, the FTC also addresses mailings that contain false or misleading information.

Mail Truck Bursting With Junk Mail

Steps to Take to Reduce Postal SPAM

Both the USPS and the FTC provide resources and tools for individuals to reduce postal SPAM and protect their privacy. Here are some steps you can take to minimize unwanted mailings:

  1. Refuse unwanted mail and remove name from mailing lists – The USPS has an article that gives instructions on how to handle SPAM and unwanted mail. Here is a link to that article:
  2. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – The FTC has a solution on their website that reportedly stops most Postal SPAM. There is a small fee, and you have to register. The block is good for 10 years. Here is that link:
  3. Report violations – If you continue to receive unwanted mailings despite opting out, it is important to report the violations to the proper authorities. The USPS and the FTC have mechanisms in place for individuals to file complaints and provide them with the necessary information to take action against violators.
  4. Be cautious with personal information – Avoid sharing your personal information unnecessarily. Be cautious when providing your address, email, or phone number to businesses and organizations. By limiting the dissemination of your information, you can reduce the likelihood of receiving unwanted mailings.
  5. Use direct marketing opt-outs – Many companies offer opt-out services for their own mailing lists. Take advantage of these options to remove your name from their databases and reduce the number of targeted advertisements you receive.

The Importance of Reporting Postal SPAM to Authorities

Reporting postal SPAM to the proper authorities is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, it helps enforcement agencies identify patterns and trends in offending mailings. By reporting violations, you contribute to the collective effort of identifying and stopping deceptive practices.

Additionally, reporting SPAM can help protect other individuals from falling victim to scams or fraudulent activities. By providing information about suspicious mailings, you assist law enforcement in their efforts to prevent harm and hold perpetrators accountable.

Lastly, reporting violations can lead to stronger regulations and enforcement actions. When authorities receive numerous reports regarding a specific sender or type of mail, they are more likely to take action and implement measures to address the issue. Your report can make a difference in shaping policies and ensuring a safer and cleaner postal system.

The Power Individuals Have to Reduce Junk Mail

In North Idaho, residents have taken a stand against postal SPAM and are actively working towards a junk-free community. Through their collective efforts, they are reclaiming their mailboxes, safeguarding their privacy, and promoting sustainability.

By utilizing the resources and tools provided by the USPS, the FTC, and other organizations, individuals can take concrete steps to reduce the number of unwanted mailings they receive. Opting out, reporting violations, and supporting legislation for stronger regulations are all effective ways to combat the issue.

Together, we can create a North Idaho where mailboxes are filled with meaningful correspondence and where the integrity of the postal system is preserved. Let us join forces and make a difference, one mailbox at a time.

Happy Mailbox

History of Idaho’s Flood-Giants

The following story was originally published by Ancient American, Volume 6, Issue 41, page 9. I have rewritten much of this article, for easier reading and posterity.
All of the facts are in tact, as originally told, with edits to the language.
Shoshone Camp

Native Americans, such as the Shoshone preserve oral traditions which speak of a time, very long ago, when their ancestors came into conflict with giants that roamed the region, interfered with activities. These tribal accounts show some resemblance to biblical stories of a pre-flood world likewise inhabited by giants. For example, Genesis tells of the Nephilim and the Giants. The Dead Sea Scrolls affirm that these giants sprang from the union of fallen angels with the daughters of men. They were heavenly ‘watchers’ assigned to protect mankind, but were instead seduced to father a race of giants. These were fallen angels, “sons of God”, the Wnai Elohim (Job 38.7). Stories of giants are not confined to the Old Testament or Native American traditions, however. Although varied from region to region, their fundamental similarities present a haunting commonality. The giants had a thirst for blood, and, because of this thirst, were violently swept away by a great deluge. After the flood, we do not know how, but there was a second incursion of these creatures unleashed upon the Earth.

So-called “scientists”  often dismiss such stories as mere fables. They explain widespread belief in giants found among cultures around the planet as the result of a ‘collective unconscious,’ or universal fear of overwhelming forces beyond their control. These same conventional archaeologists likewise deny the occurrence of any natural catastrophe, such as a deluge, powerful enough to obliterate a previous world order. Geologists, however, continue to uncover more evidence establishing that truly cataclysmic flooding did indeed take, when areas inhabited by early human population centers in Europe and North America were overwhelmed by major pluvial events. The violence of these catastrophes and the ten or more millennia that separate their time from ours have obscured almost all physical evidence of that pre-diluvian era. But more imperishable than material artifacts are the tribal memories of peoples whose ancestors actually survived. Something of those memories may have survived in the Owyhee Country. There, a river, reputed to be one of the deepest on the North American continent, is surrounded by walls so steep that sunlight never penetrates to the banks far below. Near the headwaters of the Bruneau River stretches the legendary land of the giants who terrorized the Shoshone forefathers, frightening them from their ancestral hunting grounds.

These were found in the Pine Nut Mountains, along the Jarbridge River. Here, the huge Tsawhawbitts, evil spirits in superhuman form, ravaged the Indians. Their old stories tell that these giants possessed an appetite for human flesh, and could cross creeks with a single step, or scale mountains in few strides. They chased and captured people, putting hapless victims in huge baskets, which they carried to the mountaintop for cannibal feasts. Some Tsawhawbitts gazed from a single eye, and hopped around on one leg. They were sometimes observed high on the rocky peaks digging for unknown objects. People learned to stay far from these lofty crests, because the giants, in addition to their prodigious size, were known to exercise supernatural powers. They could paralyze their prey with a glance from their large red glowing eyes, then harpooning their quarry with razor sharp hooks. The natives so feared such peaks, that present-day natives still refer to central Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains as the Coapiccan Kahni or Giants House. A Shoshone version describes Tso’apittse, a rocky giant with pitchy hands that fed upon human flesh.


Tribal elders repeatedly warned their young to be careful around the pools of water at the springs, as these were dangerous areas inhabited by evil-spirited giants. Staring into the water, allowing one’s image to be reflected, would conjure the giants to the surface. Was this a mythic recollection of the titans supposedly overwhelmed in antiquity by the Great Flood? The Shoshone legend adds that the giants could be killed by fire or ice, but using these weapons took enormous courage and cunning. If a Tso’apittse was found in its deep mountain cave, a large fire was built at the entrance, and allowed to eventually burn inward until the giant was consumed or smoked-out. Other stories tell of the use of ice.

One night, a Tso’apittse kidnapped a little girl and promptly ate her. In its greed, the giant returned for her parents and added to its bag. The Tso’apittse soon found the father, chased and captured him, then put him in the basket. But on the way back to the mountain peak, the man escaped, and ran ahead to the cave. A freezing blizzard began outside, while he filled the cave’s entrance with trees and branches. When Tso’apittse returned, he tried to free the obstructing materials, but they were lodged in too tightly. During the night, the father could hear the giant whining. By morning, the sounds had ceased. The Tso’apittse was frozen to death. Tales such as these have been told and retold for unknown generations in tribal communities. Memories of events surrounding the evil giants lived on through oral tradition, which are still considered factual by many Native Americans.

Eastern Shoshone

The oral traditions were eventually memorialized into numerous rock petroglyphs throughout the Sawtooth Mountain area. So-called “scholars” often describe the petroglyphs as the meaningless scratching of bored Indians. Several anthropologists have used terms such as idle scrawls and doodles to characterize native rock art. But for a preliterate people, such images still resonate with tribal memories of a time in the very deep past, when giants and monsters were purged from the Earth by a Great Flood. These petroglyphs are their only memorials, preserved in the otherwise incomprehensible marks of ancient rock art, and the minds of those who maintain the old ways.”

Map Rock

Hatred and Intolerance is Not Just in the Cities, but Here in Our Community

Some of you know about the incident that occurred during campaign season a couple of years ago – my husband and I were accosted by an unhinged leftist nut (a retired local teacher!) while we were installing signs in town (at the property owner’s request). He spewed hatred and spittle while threatening and poking his finger in my husband’s chest, and we had to call the police.

Recently, a small group of about 10 of us stood outside Rep Sauter’s town hall, exercising our rights, quietly holding signs stating our dissatisfaction with his voting record. At one point a woman purposely barreled right into me, spinning me around.
I said: “What the heck?!”
She came back, put her hand on my shoulder, with a smirk on her face and in the most insincere voice said: “I’m sooooo sorrrrry.”
I said: “Get your hands off of me.”
She said, still in a totally disingenuous tone: “I was JUST apologizing.”
I said: “Don’t ever touch me.”

And did you see Rep. Heather Scott’s post on FaceBook last Sunday? She was returning south for this week’s session, flying from Spokane to Boise. As the guy who had sat behind her during the flight deplaned, he started to verbally assault her with extremely insulting comments. That is, until she turned on her camera and started recording!

These folks are very emboldened and want to get in your face. And as you know, there is no discussion, no civil discourse, no debate; it is either their way, or no way.

My point is that we are under attack, in a battle for everything for which we stand.

I bring these things to your attention so you are aware (in case there was any doubt!) that the hatred and intolerance is not just in the cities, but here in our community. Be safe out there.


Breaking the Chains – Boundary County’s Call to Action for Change

Boundary County, nestled in the scenic beauty of northern Idaho, has long been a haven for those seeking a tranquil lifestyle. However, developments of the past few decades suggests that the community’s tranquility may be at the cost of political stagnation, with local voters accused of failing their families through complacency and a reluctance to get involved in the affairs of the county. In this article, we explore the impact of voter complacency on local governance and discuss the potential role of newcomers in breaking the stranglehold of corruption on Boundary County.

The Consequences of Voter Complacency

One of the cornerstones of a thriving Republic, is an engaged and informed electorate. Unfortunately, in Boundary County, a growing sense of voter complacency and apathy has emerged, with many residents becoming disinterested or disillusioned with local politics. This lack of involvement has allowed a select few to maintain control over the county’s affairs, to the detriment of its residents.

Many Boundary County families have been adversely affected by this complacency. When people fail to actively participate in the voting process, they risk allowing those in power to make decisions that may not align with the best interests of the community. The impact of such decisions is felt by families struggling with inadequate resources and opportunities. If you are not part of the power structure club of Boundary County, you have extremely limited opportunity in this community. If you allow the current power structure to exist, they will continue to strangle those whom they see as “unfit”.


The Failure of the Citizens to Stop the Corruption

We have allowed a few corrupt families of this community, to continue their stranglehold over this county for decades. When given the opportunity to do something about it, the citizens have been apathetic. Apathy has taken over people’s willingness to fight for what is right. We are left with those who consistently complain, but fail to actually do anything about the unethical behavior of those who hold this county  in their grip. This behavior has allowed the corrupt to consolidate power in this community to the point that good people are in fear to do the right thing by displacing the corrupt.


The Outsider Perspective

While the local population may be hesitant to challenge the status quo, newcomers from other states could hold the key to revitalizing Boundary County’s political landscape. People relocating to the area often bring fresh perspectives, experiences, and a willingness to actively participate in civic life. This influx of new ideas and energy can challenge the existing power structures, providing an opportunity for positive change.

Newcomers, unburdened by historical allegiances and local power dynamics, can serve as a catalyst for transformation. By actively engaging in community affairs, these individuals can contribute to a more transparent political environment. In doing so, they may help dismantle the grip of corruption that has stifled Boundary County for too long.

Building Bridges for Change

Breaking the chains of complacency requires a concerted effort from both long-time residents and newcomers alike. Building bridges between these two groups is crucial for fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. Local organizations, community forums, and civic events can serve as platforms for dialogue and collaboration.

It is essential for residents, old and new, to recognize the common goal of creating a vibrant and prosperous Boundary County. By working together, we can challenge entrenched power structures, demand accountability, and ensure that the county’s policies reflect the diverse needs and aspirations of its residents.


Boundary County stands at a crossroads, where the choice between complacency and active engagement will shape its future. While the long-time residents bear a responsibility to reclaim their agency in local politics, newcomers bring a valuable infusion of fresh perspectives. By uniting and actively participating in civic life, the people of Boundary County can break free from the stranglehold of corruption and create a community that truly serves the best interests of all its residents.



The Nez Perce Hero and the Seven Devils of Idaho

Deep in the Hells Canyon, the jagged peaks tell a story of seven child-eating giants. According to the Nez Perce tribe, a cunning young man named Coyote tricked the giants into fiery pits, their petrified forms now forming the “Seven Devils” mountain range. This cautionary story reminds of protecting children and respecting the land’s hidden dangers.

It speaks of a time when Nephilim Giants known as the Seven Devils terrorized the Nez Perce people, and of a courageous hero who rose to defend his tribe.

These weren’t mythical creatures, but formidable foes – Nephilim Giants said to stand taller than the tallest pines, with appetites as vast as Hell’s Canyon itself. Their presence cast a shadow of fear over the Nez Perce, as children vanished without a trace, presumed snatched by these monsters.

Seven Devils Giant and Nez Perce Indian Tribe

According to tribal elders, a young man named Coyote emerged as the unlikely hero. Though not physically imposing, he was smart and brave. He studied the giants’ movements, observing their routines and vulnerabilities. His keen mind formulated a daring plan. NOTE: This event reminds us of a similar event in the Bible where David killed Goliath.

With the help of the tribespeople, Coyote went out to destroy the Nephilim Monsters. They dug seven deep pits, strategically placed along the giants’ usual path. These weren’t ordinary pits; they were filled with a potent mixture of boiling springs and volcanic rock, designed to trap the Seven Devil Giants.

When the time was right, Coyote lured the Seven Devils towards the prepared traps. Enticed by some clever trickery, the giants fell one by one into the searing pits, their roaring cries echoing through the canyons. The earth itself seemed to tremble as the giants met their fiery demise.

The battle wasn’t without cost. One giant, the largest and most fearsome, managed to escape the trap. In a final act of defiance, Coyote and a small group of warriors engaged the creature in a desperate struggle. Though outmatched by the creature, their courage prevailed. They managed to wound the giant mortally, sending it plummeting into the depths of the Snake River, where it vanished forever.

Hell’s Canyon

With the Seven Devils destroyed, peace returned to the Nez Perce people. The land, once shrouded in fear, now breathed a sigh of relief. And although the exact details of the battle may be lost to the mists of time, the towering peaks known as the Seven Devils Mountains stand as a permanent reminder of that fateful day when courage triumphed over monstrous odds.

This story, passed down through generations, isn’t just a legend of giants and heroes. It embodies the persistent and determined spirit of the Nez Perce people, their connection to the land, and their unwavering courage in the face of adversity. It’s a reminder that even the most daunting challenges can be overcome with cunning, bravery, and the unwavering support of a community. And as you stand amidst the grandeur of the Seven Devils Mountains, let the whispers of this legend carry you back to a time when heroes walked the earth, and Nephilim Giants once roamed the canyons.

Nez Perce Tribe Artwork

Jim Woodward – A Leftist Subversionist Registered as Republican

Jim Woodward is a former Idaho Senator from district 1. He is an enemy of the Conservatives of Boundary County. 

Although currently a registered Republican , Woodward is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is a registered Republican solely because his chances of success are significantly higher than running as a Democrat in North Idaho. The last election, Woodward lost to Scott Herndon, because of his disgraceful, leftist voting record. Woodward is running for office again, against Scott Herndon. He keeps saying things like “Herndon does not reflect Idaho values”. However, Woodward never actually goes into detail what he means by these comments. It is easy to understand someone who is a deceiver, if you carefully pay attention to what they say, how they say it, and what they leave out. Pay close attention to Woodward, and you will see that he is a true leftist.

Here is some of Woodward’s voting record, while he was previously in office:

  • VOTED to FORCE people to get COVID vaccines. VOTED NO on a bill that would prohibit vaccine requirements for COVID-19. He basically voted YES to force people to get COVID-19 vaccines. (bill S 1381). Here is the link to the bill that Woodward voted AGAINST
  • VOTED YES on a bill that appropriated 67 million dollars to the State Board of Education in 2022
  • Voted YES to give leftist Governor Brad Little more power to declare emergencies, and use the National Guard as he sees fit. (We all saw what happened with Brad Little and his abuse of power)
  • Voted NO on a bill that Specifies Voters Must be Issued a New Ballot of the Same Type they Originally Requested. 47 Republicans voted YES and 11 Democrats voted NO. (This encourages voter fraud)
  • VOTED NO on a bill that would Expand the Advanced Opportunities Program to Nonpublic School Students. This basically blocked private school and home-schooled students from gaining access to the same funds that public school students have access to. (Woodward obviously has disdain for families that home school their children, and believes that public school children are more important)
  • VOTED NO on a bill that Prohibits Transgender Female Students from Sports designated for Females. Basically, he voted FOR “transgender” men to participate in women’s sports. (H 500)
  • VOTED YES to send a bill to committee that would give illegal aliens access to get drivers licenses.
  • ABSTAINED from Voting on a bill that would exempt mothers who are breastfeeding from indecent exposure laws. (H 448). This is literally an attack on mothers.

We have audio of Jim Woodward literally saying that he does not care what his constituents think about his voting record, and that he will vote how he sees fit, regardless of what his constituents want. This comment literally means that he does not believe that he is there to work for the people. He is after his own interests, when he votes. During the conversation, Woodward goes on to say that if the people decide to vote him out, that is just fine and he has other things to do, anyway.

The audio, was recorded at an event back in 2021, in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. NOTE: There is also a transcript of the audio available.

Here is a link to that audio file:


Recently, Woodward sent out a mailer. You may have received one just like you see here. The mailer says absolutely nothing about his campaign, or beliefs.

Notice that this flier is literally saying that they are going to have meetings to tell people how to:

  • Change Party Affiliation – This is clearly to tell people how to change to Republican, so that all leftists can become subversionists.
  • Absentee Ballot Use – Note that there is a big problem in Boundary County, where the absentee ballots often “magically” win elections for the degenerate “good ol boys” of Boundary County.
Latest Woodward Mailer

There is a recent article published by a local Marxist newspaper that fawns over Woodward. If the local Marxists are promoting a candidate, then you can be sure that that candidate is not on the side of righteousness, or doing what is right.

It is important for all who read this article, to tell your friends to NOT vote for Jim Woodward. He is part of the “Good Old Boys” of Boundary County, and is a Subversionist Leftist that is only a registered Republican because he working to change Idaho back to the Democrat state it once was.

One final note… The Boundary County Republican groups are all run by subversionists. These groups are NOT run by conservatives, or God-Fearing people. Many of them are associated with Luciferian, Freemasonry organizations, or other groups.

Warn your friends about Jim Woodward. He is not on the side of light; he is on the side of darkness.

Giant Skeleton Discovered in 1910, in Lincoln County, Idaho

While looking through the Library of Congress archives, we stumbled upon an article from “The Rathdrum Tribune,” dated March 18, 1910.

This is that story, word for word.

Giant Skeleton Found

Unmoved, unseen and untouched for hundreds of years, or so long a period that it can only be estimated by historians, and hidden in the recesses of a deep cave 25 miles north Shoshone, Lincoln county, in southern Idaho, states a recent Boise report. The place has seldom been visited and is known to but a few, is the skeleton of a giant ten feet tall, evidently of prehistoric origin.

As corroborate proof they are now exhibiting the rusty and timeworn barrel of what appears to be an old and ancient make rifle or gun weighing between 25 and 30 pounds, resembling a flint lock rifle, and which they claim was picked up besides the skeleton.

The bones will be taken out of the cave at the earliest possible date and carefully packed and forwarded to the Smithsonian Institute.

Its appearance, it is believed by those who have seen the skeleton, will result in an invasion of the caves in that section of Idaho by students wishing to see knowledge of the earlier inhabitants of America.

The skull of this giant is twice as large as that of the average man. The shape would indicate that the giant had a massive head upon his broad shoulders and the large limb bones indicate the giant must have been a man of great strength and physical power.

The skeleton is very well preserved and was found far back in the chambers of the cave stretched at full length. Close by was the barrel of the rusty gun, which is of make unknown to those familiar with firearms and considered a genuine trophy by its possessors.

No reasonable theory can be advanced by the discoverers as to how the skeleton happened to be in the cave. Those who have looked into the facts believe that the skeleton represents one of a lost race probably unknown to historians in this day and age, which occupied the American continent long before the red skin held the country in his power.

Source: The Rathdrum tribune. (Rathdrum, Idaho), 18 March 1910.

Here is the direct link to the original newspaper article: Original Idaho Tribune Article at the Library of Congress

It is important to note that in the 1800s and early 1900s, there are hundreds of articles written about discoveries of giants, other creatures, and artifacts. A common occurrence with discoveries like these, is that the Smithsonian, or other government agencies converge on the site, and take the discoveries. The evidence then “disappears”, forever.


The Great Meteor Shower of 1833

The Great Meteor Storm of 1833 was a remarkable astronomical event that left a lasting impression on those who witnessed it, including residents in Idaho. This meteor shower, which occurred on the night of November 12th and into the morning of November 13th, 1833, was one of the most intense meteor showers ever recorded. Observers reported seeing as many as 50,000 to 200,000 meteors per hour at its peak. It was described as a night when “the stars showered down so thickly and fast that it looked as though every star in the heavens was falling.” Witnesses reported that the meteors continued to fall even as the sun rose the next morning, creating a remarkable and extraordinary sight.

Historically, this great meteor shower is one of the oldest known meteor showers, with records dating back to 902 AD when Chinese astronomers described a night where “stars fell as rain”. This event was also noted by observers in Egypt and Italy. The 1833 meteor shower was not the first of its kind, as similar events were recorded in 1630 and 1799. However, the 1833 shower was notable for its intensity and the widespread public attention it received.

The great meteor shower of 1833, has triggered several theories over time, some of which delve into the realms of the supernatural. One theory involves the belief that the meteor shower was more than just a celestial event; something ominous or evil was unleashed upon the Earth during this event.

This perspective can find some conceptual validation in ancient texts and theologies. For instance, the Book of Enoch, an ancient Scriptural work, discusses the concept of fallen angels. In this text, stars and luminaries are defined as angels or spiritual beings. Enoch defines stars as angels, giving a celestial body a dual role as both a physical and a spiritual entity.

Connecting this ancient interpretation to the 1833 meteor shower, one could speculate that the event was not merely a natural phenomenon but a manifestation of something more profound and possibly malevolent. The sheer scale and unexpectedness of the meteor shower, appearing to some as stars (or angels, following Enoch’s definitions) falling from the heavens en-masse, could be interpreted as a sign of a heavenly upheaval or the descent of these celestial beings to Earth.

This idea aligns with certain narratives where significant celestial events are seen as omens, warnings, or judgement. The falling of stars (or angels) could represent a disruption in the heavenly order, celestial rebellion or falling from grace, echoing the stories of fallen angels.

In this context, this so-called “Leonid’s” meteor shower could be viewed as more than just an astronomical event. It takes on a theological role, suggesting a moment when the boundary between the celestial and the earthly was blurred, potentially unleashing unknown forces or entities into the world. Shortly after this meteor shower, significant events occurred around the world. Some of these events and trends began in the United States. Events such as the American Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, periods of great upheaval and wars, rise of the occult, and religious cults.

Regardless of one’s spiritual beliefs, these ideas provide an interesting view of certain historical events and natural phenomena. It underscores the human tendency to seek meaning and answers from great celestial events.


WEF Claims Farming and Fishing Are “Ecocide” and Demands It Be Recognized as a “Serious Crime”


In recent years, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN) have been the subject of growing scrutiny and criticism. Their agendas, often promoting the takeover and destruction of humanity, have raised concerns among conservatives and libertarians. One such proposition that has sparked outrage is the call to label farming as a “serious crime.” This article delves into the anti-human agenda of the WEF and the UN, examining the implications of such a declaration and the potential consequences for people, food production, and individual liberties.

Boundary County Commissioner Tim Bertling Supports the UN and WEF Agendas

It is important to note that Boundary County Commissioner Tim Bertling is a known supporter of the UN and WEF agendas. One of the mailers that his election campaign sent out shows how his opponent, Steve Fioravanti was “against” the UN, as if it was a negative thing to be against the UN and WEF. The UN Agenda 2030 heavily involves the WEF. The campaign flier criticizes Steve Fioravanti for being against UN Agenda 2030.  Here is the flier:

Bertling Flier

The World Economic Forum’s Summit in Davos

The annual meeting of the WEF in Davos, Switzerland, serves as a platform for unelected globalist elites to create and shape policies that impact various aspects of society. At the latest summit, Jojo Mehta, the founder of “Stop Ecocide Now,” made a shocking statement, equating farming and fishing to “genocide.” Mehta argued that these essential industries should be considered as serious crimes, asserting that it is immoral to profit from them. Her statement can be found here:

Schwab and Mehta at WEF

The Push for Ecocide as a Serious Crime

Mehta’s assertion that farming and fishing should be labeled as “serious crimes” reveals a deep-seated disdain for human activities that sustain our existence. Her argument stems from the belief that nature should be prioritized over human needs and the economic viability of agricultural and fishing industries. Mehta contends that our society has ingrained habits of neglecting the importance of preserving nature, emphasizing the need to address the alleged “mass damage and destruction of nature” caused by farming and fishing.

The Devil’s Argument

While human rights violations such as mass murder and genocide are internationally recognized as serious crimes, Mehta argues that there is no equivalent in the environmental space. She highlights the distinction between intent-driven crimes like genocide and the unintended side effects of activities such as farming and fishing. According to Mehta, the lack of awareness regarding the collateral damage caused by these industries necessitates the recognition of “ecocide” as a serious crime.

Demon at the WEF

Social Media Outrage and Criticism

Unsurprisingly, Mehta’s comments ignited a firestorm on social media, with many individuals expressing their outrage and skepticism towards her dark proposition. Critics drew parallels between Mehta’s call for labeling farming as a serious crime and the WEF’s broader agenda, which includes the anti-human concepts of “Net Zero” and “decarbonization.” These agendas promote anti-human sentiments and undermine the livelihoods of farmers, fishermen, and miners.

The Impact on Farmers and Food Production

Labeling farming as a serious crime would have dire consequences for farmers around the world. Agriculture is the backbone of societies, providing sustenance and ensuring food availability for billions of people. Treating farming as a criminal activity would not only stigmatize farmers but also hinder their ability to feed the global population. This dark proposition fails to consider the complexities of food production and the significant role farmers play in sustaining our communities.

Threats to Individual Liberties

The push to criminalize farming raises concerns about the erosion of individual liberties. Farmers have long been regarded as stewards of the land, providing for their communities. Criminalizing their activities would not only infringe upon their rights but also set a dangerous precedent for governmental control over individual rights such as food. Such measures could pave the way for further encroachments on personal freedoms and the rise of a nanny state.

Greta at the UN

The WEF and UN: A Question of Authority and Agenda

Critics argue that the WEF and the UN are acting beyond their mandate by advocating for anti-human measures like declaring farming a serious crime. Their increasing involvement in matters that infringe upon individual liberties and impose burdensome regulations is viewed as a self-imposed, illegal “authority”..

Hitler Schwab Hybrid at the WEF


The World Economic Forum’s proposition to label farming as a “serious crime” is a radical and evil approach to environmental conservation. The UN and WEF should be disbanded, and the so-called “elites” should stop interfering in the lives of everyone else.


Is the New 9b Going to Continue to Censor Conservatives?

It has come to my attention that 9B News has been sold and has a new editor. Congratulations. I’m wondering if the new owner is going to censor people as much or worst than Mr. Weland did. A person I know recently commented about an article by Clarice McKenny. (1-18-2024), as of this time(1-20-2024), still no posting of it. Is this to be expected? That person stipulated concerns about the invasion happening to our country. With the borders wide open and millions of people being let in, it’s just a matter of time before it effects Boundary County. Canada is already felling the negative impact.

Crying Out in Desperation: Urgent Appeal for Assistance and Exposure of Corruption in Boundary County

The following letter was sent to Boundary.News. We have condensed the letter and redacted it for privacy.

Dear Boundary.News,

I am writing to you today with an urgent plea for assistance in exposing the pervasive corruption of the Boundary County prosecutor. I have firsthand experience with the unethical practices employed by  Andrakay Pluid, and believe your commitment to truthful reporting makes you the ideal person to bring them to light.

Firstly, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your dedication to journalistic integrity. Your willingness to expose the truth is invaluable in holding institutions accountable.

As a citizen of Bonners Ferry, I witnessed disturbing realities within our police department and prosecutor’s office, particularly targeting individuals aged 20 to 30. A 2018 law change requiring pro se litigants to possess law school-level knowledge has created an environment where individuals are severely disadvantaged without legal representation.

Despite pursuing a law degree myself, I chose to use my skills to research and advocate for the legal needs of those less fortunate, especially young people unfairly targeted by the system. Unfortunately, my efforts to help others have been met with retaliation and false claims, culminating in the shutdown of my services.

This began with a simple request for press coverage for a hearing regarding my daughter’s false DUI charges. Instead of justice, we faced further harassment and intimidation from the very system that was supposed to protect us. This is just one example of how the legal system has become weaponized against individuals, often starting with minor offenses and escalating to felonies, sometimes leading to tragic outcomes. I personally witnessed the devastating impact of this on a young man who, unable to bear the relentless pressure and injustice perpetuated against him by these corrupt officials, tragically took his own life.

My services are being shut down based solely on fabricated claims and deceitful tactics, motivated solely by silencing my efforts to help others and expose the truth. I implore you to consider the accounts I can provide, including one involving Ms. Pluid’s dismissal of her cousin’s reckless driving admission and subsequent cover-up. My daughter’s dismissed charge still remains on her record, while the real offenders walk free.

Exposing this widespread corruption is crucial to ensure that justice prevails and that our legal system serves the people it is meant to protect. I urgently request your assistance in bringing this matter to light. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss these matters further. Your support in holding this system accountable is desperately needed.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(Redacted Name)

Letter to Senator Chuck Winder

The following letters were written by local political activist, Steve Fioravanti. Steve, and a very small handful of people in Boundary County have been working for years, to make a difference in our community. Unfortunately, it is only a handful of people who actually try to make a real, righteous impact on our community. Thank you, Steve, for your efforts.

The 2024 Idaho election season is officially underway.  Idaho Senator Chuck Winder, President Pro Tempore, has drawn first blood.  The link below will give you a quick recap on what Winder and his cronies are up to.

Each citizen of Idaho has a choice.  You can ignore this egregious behavior from this megalomaniac, which will only embolden him to continue to act as a petty tyrant.  Or, you can give him a piece of your mind.  I chose the latter and I’ve included a draft of my letter to him in this communication to you.

There is a concerted effort underway to flip our great state permanently to the Left.  The question is, what are you going to do about it?

November 19, 2023

Senator Chuck Winder
5528 N Ebbetts Avenue
Boise, ID 83713

Dear Senator Winder:

I have read your letter to my representative, Senator Scott Herndon, dated November 6, 2023. In your letter you requested that Senator Herndon apologize to all the members of JFAC regarding an article he posted.

Before I launch into my feelings over this matter, I would like to personally thank you for your past service to our country as a naval aviator. I have learned through my career that it is always best to lead with a positive before addressing any behavior that needs correction.

With that said, I would now like to address your actions. First, Senator Herndon is my duly elected representative. He has represented the citizens of our district in a very professional manner. Secondly, it is his God-given right to exercise his First Amendment. The simple fact that you are attempting to micromanage what one of our representatives can or cannot say is quite simply an egregious abuse of your position. Let me remind you that Senator Herndon is my representative, not yours.
Since my first draft of this letter, I have also learned that you have targeted Senators Zuiderveld & Lenney by removing them from their respective committee leadership positions. As President Pro Tempore, you have obviously allowed your leadership position to go to your head and you are now acting like a petty tyrant dictator.

Since we are entering campaign season, it is blatantly obvious what you are doing in your attempt to smear the good names of our elected representatives. You and the corrupt establishment running our state legislature are complicit in these crimes against the good citizens of Idaho. All one must do is look at who is filling your campaign coffer to understand who you are beholden to, and it is not the citizens of Idaho.
I am calling for your immediate resignation as you are no longer capable of upholding your oath of office. Should your conscience impel you to make the right decision and resign, I will be one of the first to send you a congratulatory retirement greeting card.


Steve Fioravanti
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

The FCC’s Epic Fail: A Monumental Letdown in the Battle Against Spam and Scam Calls


In an era where communication is king, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proven to be the court jester of the telecommunications realm. While the FCC claims to champion the interests of American citizens, its abysmal failure to curb the rampant onslaught of spam and scam calls has left the public vulnerable and disillusioned.

The Broken Promise

Back in August of 2022, the FCC posted on their website a promise to stop the plague of spam and scam calls. That promise can be found here: FCC Promise to stop SPAM and SCAM calls.  The FCC’s promise to protect consumers from intrusive and malicious phone calls has turned out to be nothing more than a hollow pledge. Americans are bombarded daily with an incessant barrage of spam calls, telemarketers, and fraudulent schemes that the FCC seems impotent to address. The very agency tasked with safeguarding the nation’s communication networks has become a symbol of bureaucratic ineptitude.

Regulatory Inaction

Despite mounting complaints and pleas from citizens nationwide, the FCC has failed to implement meaningful regulations to stem the tide of spam and scam calls. The Do Not Call Registry, a feeble attempt at a solution, has become a laughingstock as scammers exploit legal loopholes and outsmart the outdated system. The FCC’s lackadaisical approach to updating and enforcing regulations is nothing short of an endorsement for the unscrupulous actors plaguing American phone lines.

Technological Advancements Ignored

As technology races ahead, the FCC remains stuck in a bygone era, seemingly oblivious to the innovative solutions available to combat spam and scam calls. While private entities and app developers have stepped up with creative and effective tools, the FCC languishes in bureaucratic red tape, showcasing a stunning disregard for the well-being of the American people.

The Cost of Inaction

The toll of the FCC’s inaction is not just measured in inconvenience; it’s a direct assault on the security and trust of American citizens. From the vulnerable elderly who fall victim to scams to the busy professional constantly interrupted by unsolicited calls, the FCC’s failure to act has real-life consequences. The financial losses, emotional distress, and erosion of trust are the true costs of the FCC’s negligence.

Corporate Collusion

Rumors and whispers of corporate influence within the FCC have long swirled, and the agency’s failure to address the spam and scam call epidemic only fuels suspicions. Whether it’s the influence of powerful telecom giants or a lack of will to take on the challenge, the FCC’s coziness with industry interests leaves the average citizen at the mercy of unscrupulous telemarketers and fraudsters.


The FCC’s inability to protect Americans from the scourge of spam and scam calls is a stark indictment of its effectiveness and commitment to public welfare. As citizens continue to be held hostage by the ceaseless barrage of unwanted calls, the FCC remains a toothless watchdog, failing to fulfill its duty to the very people it purports to serve. It’s high time for a reckoning, a call for accountability, and a demand for an FCC that prioritizes the interests of the people over bureaucratic inertia and industry influence. We encourage you to call the FCC and let them know that they need to do their job. Their phone number is 888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322)

Considerations Regarding War

Events are being planned to honor US veterans. While I appreciate being honored I would like to make a few comments on the misuse of our military which is responsible for so many veterans.

Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex and his concerns have been proven valid. He said” The potential for disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” All we have to do is follow the money and see who benefits to understand why we have perpetual wars in the name of peace. We are always told of course that our military is being used to promote “freedom and democracy” when the exact opposite is true.

With the exception of Donald Trump every administration from Lyndon Johnson’s to the present has been doing the bidding of this cabal which is the military industrial complex. While I recognize that Just War principles do exist and should be followed by all Nations ,it should also be understood that since the creation of the military industrial complex the military  is used to commit legalized mass murder for the purpose of profit and control. Our recent involvement with Ukraine and now Israel is no exception. It’s War for the sake of war with no end in sight, with our Congress thumping on the Bible to justify looting the public treasury to commit more mass murder.

It’s time to say enough to this madness by letting our Congress know that you have had enough of illegal unconstitutional warfare. Foreign aid is in violation of the Constitution. Appropriating money with no congressional oversight  without first securing our borders is criminally insane.


The “First” Patriot Whistleblower, Before Snowden

In 1970, a US Army captain went rogue after he discovered that the military was conducting surveillance on dissidents across the country, thus sparking the first effort in modern times to tame US intelligence.

In 1968, almost half a century before the world heard the name of Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who blew the whistle on a US-run global surveillance system, Christopher Pyle, an Army captain who taught law at the Army’s intelligence school at Fort Holabird, Maryland, was about to do something no less memorable.

After Pyle had concluded one of his popular lectures on civil disorder, which focused on how the military could better quell riots in those highly volatile times, a military officer directly involved in such operations approached him with the request for a meeting. Several days later, Pyle was escorted into a large warehouse facility that once had been used to assemble railroad engines. In his 2006 book, No Place to Hide, Robert O’Harrow described what happened next.

“Pyle walked into the cage, where an officer showed him books containing mug shots. He looked in the first volume and saw a familiar face. It was Ralph David Abernathy, Martin Luther King’s assistant. Officers called the books the ‘black list.’”

“Outside the cage, Pyle saw more than a dozen teletype machines. The head of the CONUS [acronym for Continental United States] intelligence section told him they were spitting out reports from some fifteen hundred Army operatives about demonstrations with twenty people or more. Pyle was starting to understand how naive he’d been. He began formulating a plan. He would be getting out of the Army soon. He could tell the world about what was going on. When he joined the Army he took an oath to defend the country against all enemies, here and abroad. In his mind now, that included the Army’s intelligence operation. They turned in their security badges and left the building.”

And thus was born one of the most consequential whistleblowers of the post-World War II era.

In January 1970, Pyle, now a full-fledged private citizen, penned an article for the Washington Monthly entitled, ‘CONUS Intelligence: The Army Watches Civilian Politics.’ The explosive opening paragraph said it all: “[t]he U.S. Army has been closely watching civilian political activity within the United States. Nearly 1,000 plainclothes investigators … keep track of political protests of all kinds – from Klan rallies in North Carolina to anti-war speeches at Harvard.”

Immediately, some US media swung into action as journalists began hounding the Department of Defense and the US Army to determine the veracity of the claims. Given Pyle’s extreme proximity to the subject matter at hand, however, it soon became clear that Uncle Sam got caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

Pyle’s revelations were enough to prompt Congress, as well as a slew of litigation lawyers, to sit up and take notice. The chair of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Senator Samuel James Ervin, a self-described “country lawyer” from North Carolina, worked together with Pyle to investigate and expose the clandestine domestic spying program.

Pyle and Ervin eventually spent countless hours delivering testimony before various congressional meetings over a span of several years. The first fruit of their labors came with passage of the Privacy Act of 1974. Signed into law by President Gerald R. Ford on December 31, 1974, the legislation states: “No agency shall disclose any record which is contained in a system of records by any means of communication to any person, or to another agency, except pursuant to a written request by, or with the prior written consent of, the individual to whom the record pertains…” In other words, although the law didn’t actually stop the US Army or intelligence agencies from infiltrating civil action groups and public demonstrations, it did hamper the feds from disclosing the identities of the activists without their foreknowledge.

To this end, Pyle served as a consultant for three Congressional committees: the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights on the Judiciary Committee (1971-1974), the Committee on Government Operations (1974), and the Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities (1975).

According to Pyle, as a result of those successful investigations, “the entire US Army Intelligence Command was abolished and all of its files were burned.” For his actions, Pyle ended up on then-President Richard Nixon’s notorious “Enemies List.”

Given the severity of their overall findings, however, the congressional investigations triggered by the US Army captain did not stop there.

1975, the ‘Year of Intelligence’  

On January 27, 1975, by a vote of 82 to 4, the US Senate created the so-called Church Committee, chaired by Democrat Senator Frank Church, to further examine abuses by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The House carried out its own set of investigations with the Pike Commission and the Rockefeller Commission, thereby prompting the media to label 1975 as the ‘Year of Intelligence,’ and not in a way that was flattering to the intelligence community.

Pyle lent his expertise to the ambitious Church Committee, headed by Iowa Senator Frank Church, which discovered a number of questionable, unethical and outright illegal activities by the CIA between 1959 and 1973. Detailed in a series of reports dubbed the ‘Family Jewels‘, these activities included conducting physical surveillance on journalists, amassing files on nearly 10,000 Americans connected to the antiwar movement, funding behavior modification research on unwitting subjects, and plots to assassinate foreign leaders, including Cuban President Fidel Castro and DR Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba.

The most impactful discovery made by the Church Committee, however, was that of Project SHAMROCK. Started in 1940 during World War II and running into the 1970s, the NSA was given secret authority to access all incoming, outgoing, and transiting telegrams via the Western Union and its associates RCA and ITT. At the peak of Project SHAMROCK, 150,000 messages were captured and analyzed by NSA personnel in a month. The pertinent information contained in these messages was then forwarded to other intelligence agencies, including the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and the Department of Defense. This formed the basis of the so-called ‘Watch List’ of the 1970s that included thousands of American citizens, including high-ranking politicians, celebrities, academics and antiwar activists.

The findings led Senator Frank Church to conclude that Project SHAMROCK was “probably the largest government interception program affecting Americans ever undertaken.”

Based on the recommendations of the Church Committee, Congress passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978. Under FISA, the government is required to obtain warrants to conduct electronic surveillance against individuals from a special court. Such a warrant requires “probable cause to believe” that the surveillance target is a foreign government or organization, or an agent thereof, “engaging in clandestine intelligence activities or international terrorism,” as per a Department of Justice (DOJ) clarification.

Yet, as we shall see, even this minor legislative hurdle would prove too cumbersome for the Bush administration in its war on terror.

Privacy in the age of terrorism

The tireless work of the Church Commission was put to a test in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as US lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle were prepared to sacrifice citizens’ privacy in the name of national security. Thus, less than one week after three hijacked aircraft toppled the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon, killing some 3,000 people in the process, one of the most comprehensive plans for conducting surveillance on American civilians and individuals worldwide – the USA PATRIOT ACT (an acronym for ‘Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act’) – was already being disseminated to members of Congress.

Arguably the most controversial part of the Patriot Act is contained in Section 215 of the 342-page document, which calls for sweeping government powers against private and public enterprises, individuals, and personal privacy. Most crucially, Section 215 did away with the requirement that the target of the records search be a non-US citizen and “an agent of a foreign power.” American citizens were now legitimate targets as well.

In the Senate, the Patriot Act passed in a 99 – 1 vote. The only senator to vote against it was Wisconsin Democrat Russell Feingold. “There is no doubt,” he declared on the Senate floor before the historic vote, “that if we lived in a police state, it would be easier to catch terrorists…But that would not be a country in which we would want to live.”

Even with this widening of surveillance powers, then-US President George W. Bush, as part of the global ‘War on Terror’ that he declared following the events of 9/11, ordered the NSA to tap the communications of an untold number of people in the US, including citizens, without the warrants demanded by the FISA court – despite the fact that between 1979 and 2005, only four out of over 15,000 warrant requests were rejected by the FISA court.

Christopher Pyle, who was still committed to his cause over 30 years after he chose to become a whistleblower, labeled Bush “a criminal” for violating the FISA law and suggested that he should be impeached.

“The Constitution says he must take care that all laws be faithfully executed, not just the ones he likes,” Pyle said during an interview in 2005. “The statute says … that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is the exclusive law governing these international intercepts, and he violated it anyway. And the law also says that any person who violates that law is guilty of a felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. By the plain meaning of the law, the President is a criminal.”

More recently, Christopher Pyle, 83, who now works as Professor Emeritus of Politics at Mount Holyoke College, spoke out on behalf of Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor turned whistleblower who revealed a massive global intelligence program run by the so-called Five Eyes, a once-secretive intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

“He’s just an ordinary American,” Pyle explained in 2013. “He’s trying to start a debate in this nation over something that is critically important. He should be respected for that and taken at face value and we should move on to the big issues, including the corruption of our system that is done by massive secrecy and by massive amounts of money and politics.”


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